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Due May 2020 (thread 3)

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sao81 Mon 21-Oct-19 11:27:22

Carrying on from thread 2!

Sunshine8888 Tue 05-Nov-19 16:59:12

Fab news @helensss, must be so nice to see baby again! I’m struggling with the wait for the 20 week scan ☹️

@mrsf1204 I totally understand, I was so nervous before my scan too. Hope you have a lovely, positive experience tomorrow xx

Emmacb82 Tue 05-Nov-19 17:40:08

Glad all went well @Helensss hopefully you can relax a bit now.

Purple29 Tue 05-Nov-19 17:56:56

So after having my private scan last week I have found some light pink discharge when I wipe. Dont want to panic too much and have my nhs scan on friday. No cramping or anything. Friday cant come quick enough now!!! Not sure what to do.

kstann Tue 05-Nov-19 17:57:18

Hey, I have just popped on and haven't read all the latest feed but I just saw your post.

I wasn't sure which hospital originally and I spoke with my midwife about this. She said you're entitled to change if you want, the only issues you may come across is that the hospital you then choose, if it's later in the pregnancy maybe full to capacity for babies due in May. The other thing is if you go out of county then you'll be required to book in again and have bloods ect re done as they can't share information across county's.

You need to feel comfortable where you are birthing, don't let them make you feel as if you're not entitled to change xx

kstann Tue 05-Nov-19 17:57:34

@Lady7978 that post was for you x

fluffyunicorns86 Tue 05-Nov-19 18:04:59

Thank you ladies. I just cant carry on and dont see mental health consultant until January so I am going to just let all my worries out to midwife next week and hope she can reassure me about things.

@Helensss glad all went well today for you.

I am struggling to wait for 20 week scan so I am looking at maybe booking a 16 week scan if not I may have a scan before my stitch is put in.

Helensss Tue 05-Nov-19 18:12:34

Thanks everyone 😊😊 @Sunshine8888 it is a long wait but you hear the heartbeat at 16 weeks in your midwife appointment so something to look forward to xx

@mrsf1204 I was so nervous for mine too! will be thinking of you 💕

Helensss Tue 05-Nov-19 18:14:40

@Purple29 I had this quite a few times and all turned out ok,
I think you’re in quite a good position given your healthy scan last night,’just three more days! X

Helensss Tue 05-Nov-19 18:15:03

@Purple29 last week sorry

Purple29 Tue 05-Nov-19 18:30:34

@Helensss I know your right, I phoned midwife and she said to see how it goes overnight and if it gets any heavier to call back!! Maybe a restless night tonight!!

Glad everything was ok for you today.

november90 Tue 05-Nov-19 19:39:15

So just had my private scan and it was so lovely! She really took her time and I saw the little one wriggling around like crazy! Literally doing cartwheels! She said she could predict the gender and I've put my scan on a few Facebook groups and literally everyone is saying the same thing!....... a little BOY! Two boys!!!! How lucky am I 😊💖

Clairesoph Tue 05-Nov-19 20:31:37

@november90 aaah what a lovely experience to have! Im defo gonna treat myself to a private scan between this and my 20 week. Never done it before but it sounds very worthwhile! Eeek two little boys to cause chaos together, Im also secretly hoping for another blue one (although of course healthy baby is priority!) xxx

MCL10 Tue 05-Nov-19 21:51:54

Hi all, new to the thread here.

First time pregnancy, and at my harmony test scan (30 October, dated 11+3) we found out it's TWINS! Identical ones too, which is super exciting but also high-risk so now I'm a bundle of nerves. Also got a call today to say they couldn't get enough of a DNA sample from my bloods for the harmony test so they have to re-draw bloods next week. The person from the clinic started by saying "unfortunately" and I nearly had a heart attack (expecting her to say "unfortunately it's high probability") but she just said unfortunately they couldn't test so we need to re-draw. I felt like having a rant at her for her poor word choice but was also so relieved!

I have my 12 week scan (which will actually be at 13+1) next Monday and I cannot wait for it!

Mostly I feel pregnancy is a right mess with the head and I don't think I'll ever relax about it! Especially with the higher risk with identical twins I'm very nervous about telling my family the news because what if it all goes wrong. I've had a good few cries about this! I wish I could focus on the positives and the chances of everything going right! I'm not usually very pessimistic but I find myself thinking 'this is too good to be true' kind of a thing.

I understand (will find out more next Monday) that because identical twins we'll get extra care and many more scans, which I think will be very useful for my peace of mind. Anyone any experience of this?

I have also gone totally off veg! Usually broccoli is my go-to veg but I can't even think of it now. My Mum does a great kale baked in the oven with soy sauce so I've been eating lots of that as a green leafy alternative. Other than that all I want is pasta and apples! The only upside is I've kind of gone off chocolate which is bizarre because I usually eat it every day.

Moongirl10 Tue 05-Nov-19 22:06:43

@MCL10 oh how wonderful! Identical twins congrats! I’m craving chocolate. I’m not a sweet tooth kind of person at all normally. I’m also craving lots and lots of fruit.

woollycat Wed 06-Nov-19 06:33:38

Glad to read all these positive notes here, and that people are getting further reassurances.

I am 11+3 today and for the first time in 6 weeks I felt completely normal yesterday. There was no nausea at all, I had lots of energy and no other annoying symptoms. I just thought I'd share this to give some hope that things will get better. I had awful nausea and sickness from week 6 and frankly doubted how I'd get through it. I know some bad days will probably still come but it was so nice having a totally normal day. And in general the last few days had been much better. Looking forward to my scan now on Monday!

For those still suffering from nausea and sickness - hang in there! I have hope now that it will get better!

Clairesoph Wed 06-Nov-19 07:08:33

@mrsf1204 thinking of you today! Keep busy and 5.30 will fly round. I have everything crossed for you, you will be fine! Im feeling the nerves this morning too, im so worried theyll scan me and say ive just eaten too much and there never was a baby 😂

Nutsty25 Wed 06-Nov-19 07:22:16

I had my 12 week scan yesterday and all was well 😊😊 thinking I was 13 weeks yesterday and dating at 13 + 2 and now due 10th May!

However I have been fairly lucky in not being too sick or feeling too bad however this week I am struggling and having to have time off work, only had half a day yesterday and barely made it through! Doesn’t help that I’m only a temp because of redundancy and feel like I’m letting people down!

MCL10 Wed 06-Nov-19 07:32:53

@Moongirl10 Thank you! Yes enjoy that chocolate! Twirl is usually my go-to! grin
I'm also on the fruit train, strawberries, kiwis, apples, can't get enough! I presume it's a good thing and providing lots of fibre and vitamins to babies!

@woollycat My symptoms have stopped also (I didn't have very bad ones tbf), probably around 10 weeks. It's great but also strange because it's easier to forget I'm pregnant now without the constant reminders!

woollycat Wed 06-Nov-19 08:02:13

@MCL10 oh yeah, yesterday I had forgotten for the most part that I am pregnant! No bump yet either - if anything I have lost 5kg due to the sickness!

facevalue Wed 06-Nov-19 08:09:05

@woollycat i had an awful day yesterday headache and sickness ( ? maybe migraine) all day then in the evening i was so low and weepy. my DD was unwell after nursery fever cough and sore throat so i was up all night and this morning her temp 39.5 so calpol again and no nursery!

i asked hubby to stay home too 🥵 i'm tired and can't do this all day too ( i did let him go to bed early last night and i slept i other room with DD) so hopefully he will have energy 🤕

Raindancer411 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:43:23

Still feeling sick but hoping it may improve (nearly 12 weeks now). Meant to be having my flu jab Friday but woke up with itchy bumps this morning. Got a GP appointment later

helpasisterout Wed 06-Nov-19 10:59:55

Thought I was feeling better at 11w4d then was up at 4am having the most painful and disgusting stomach acid type vomit... the joys!

Seem to also be waking up at 3am and not being able to go back to sleep.. just trying to take it all as good signs that everything's ok in there.. 1 week today until scan!

Clairesoph Wed 06-Nov-19 17:02:24

Successful scan! Healthy baby, measuring 11+4 due May 23rd! SO exciting and very real now!!!! 🥳

Desto Wed 06-Nov-19 17:09:25

How exciting twins 😊 I'm a twin and also identical they will have such a special bond good luck xxx

Desto Wed 06-Nov-19 17:16:43

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow still feeling nauseous not as bad as I was but still there! Also this pregnancy is my 3rd and my stomach has gone massive already and mid solid! Very strange because with my previous 2 didn't start showing until 16weeks has anyone else started showing also weight gain from 61.5kg before pregnancy to 64kg and that's with me being violently sick for most days feel like I'm more 5 months belly atm anyone else showing ??

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