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NCT or Baby and Bump Club?

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user1469082767 Sun 13-Oct-19 07:07:47

Hi there, I’m new to all this. After a few years of TTC at 39 we had a successful round of IVF and I’m now 14+1.

I’m looking into antenatal classes in London and would love some advice of others who have signed up to NCT and BABC as really not sure which one to go with!

Thanks so much.

Agitetur Sun 13-Oct-19 10:08:37

Congratulations on your happy exciting!
Tbh the classes are much of a muchness,doesn’t matter who the provider is
NCT is a bit of a middle class match agency for mums. Plenty folk talking about schools & house prices
Do also Join the antenatal class the GP offers

Clayplease Mon 14-Oct-19 22:23:55

Congratulations!! I think antenatal classes are a really good idea. I was living in London for my first and it turned out to be a lifeline for me. 2 of the girls I'm still close to 9 years later. I know it depends who you meet, but I really thought NCT was well worth the money. However I have no experience of the other class. Basically I'd say it's Hyde really important to find some people having first babies at the same time as you, no matter how you find them. Good luck with it all ❤️

crankyotter Tue 15-Oct-19 16:24:23

Congratulations! I'm also in London and did NCT and this group of women totally kept me sane/got me out and about regularly while on mat leave. It was a very middle class in tone and also the type of people that attend (they recommended getting a cleaner and buying freezer food in from cook for first couple of weeks post birth) but everyone in our group was really lovely and non judgemental of each other's parenting styles. I'd advise doing it so that you have a ready made network rather than the course content it's self which is probably the same wherever you go - although NCT do promote breastfeeding pretty hard and there should have been more info on formula feeding imo as all in our group used formula at one point or another despite the fact we all planned on breastfeeding. I looked into bump and baby club and was put off by the size of the groups.

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