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13 weeks pregnant and bleeding

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Mummy2be95 Thu 26-Sep-19 18:49:07

So yesterday I went for my dating scan, all was absolutely fine healthy jiggly baby who wouldn’t sit still, healthy heart beat went away feeling satisfied and relaxed, this morning I woke up to bleeding, only one lot of blood but enough to drip into my toilet bright red blood, after that when I was wiping it became less and less until just slight pink discharge and now nothing. Anyway I rang the ward I went to yesterday and explained and they booked me straight in for another scan. 6 hour wait which felt like forever, scan again shows baby is fine and moving around again and heart beat fine with no blood near baby and no cause for concern. But they couldn’t explain bleeding and just told me to come back if bleeding continues but they’re not concerns about baby, BUT I am. I feel slightly traumatised by seeing the blood and how I felt and worrying it may happen again with different outcomes. It comforts me that baby is fine but with no explanation other than “it can happen sometimes” and it’s normal is just sitting wrong. I’m just looking for reassurance and maybe people who have been through this also? This is my first very planned and very wanted baby and I already feel so attached. Thankyou!

Cmagic7 Thu 26-Sep-19 19:16:40

That must have been very worrying for you! But it is a normal part of pregnancies for some people and if it was something to be concerned about, the staff would have taken different actions. It's also completely normal to be worried. The amount of frantic googling I did when I was pregnant was crazy!

Mummy2be95 Thu 26-Sep-19 19:44:54

Thankyou Cmagic7 I have done a lot of research and it does seem to be normal which is reassuring! Also reassuring to know it’s nothing to do with baby! Just darn anxieties!

kmmm0 Fri 18-Oct-19 19:35:34

Hi MummytoBe, that happened to my sister-in-law a few times throughout her pregnancy- the hospital checked and said the blood definitely wasn't coming from the placenta, they reckoned it might have been a burst blood vessel elsewhere- and she had a healthy, full term little boy (big now though- over 2!). Wanted you to hear a positive story, hope that's reassuring X

MatildaCat Fri 18-Oct-19 20:00:58

When I was pregnant first time I didn't bleed at all and now pregnant 2nd time and have bled 4 times since 26 weeks - it's so scary particularly when they can't explain why it's happening. At the 4th bleed I had a speculum exam with the Dr and she said she could see I have ectropian of the cervix (I think that's what it's called). It means some softer cells have moved from the inside to the outside of the cervix and can cause bleeding. Apparently it is incredibly common and actually nothing to do with the pregnancy. Hopefully that's all yours is!

Tamtam86 Sun 10-Nov-19 13:25:04

I had a lot of bleeding in both my pregnancies, the first one was a huge bleed at 11 weeks and then bled like a period until 19 weeks, that baby is now a happy healthy 18 month old. I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 2, I had two huge bleeds very early on, at 5 and 7 weeks (gushing blood with huge clots) but again baby was fine and all has carried on as normal with the pregnancy so far. Although it's VERY stressful it does seem to be fairly common.

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