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1st ante natel

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sophieandbelly Thu 09-Aug-07 09:45:29

ive got my first class this afternoon we only get 2 in berkshire, not sure what to expect baby num 1, iam hoping its not going to b full of these earth mothers that make u feel bad for bottle feading or epidurals!!!
starting to panic about labour now 32+5wks r they likely to tell me anything that i havnt already read?? one good thing tho is that no work!! iam a hairdresser and have found most people negative bout my pregnancy (especially my boss) why do people feel the need to tell u all there bad experiances?? why not just say congarts and b done with it ars*holes

sarahlou1uk Thu 09-Aug-07 09:52:18

You've probably read about all that they are going to tell you! When I went with dh (nearly 5 years ago now) they just showed us round a delivery suite and the pool room (which I ended up using). Lots of talk about breast feeding and a video of an actual birth which made dh squirm! Showed you the tools which they might have to use on you, eg forceps, tool for breaking waters, etc. Pain relief options - what you need to know about certain drugs.
Also ran through a cs just in case of emergency and what they would do. Pretty basic stuff really, but put the wrong way and it could scare you off!
Every hospital is different and has a different way of showing mums & dads around. Second time around - no need to bother with these classes as you've already done it once before!

sarahlou1uk Thu 09-Aug-07 09:53:09

Oh, and ignore the t*ats.
Enjoy your rest while you can!

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