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Hypnobirthing Course Derbyshire

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seavas Thu 01-Aug-19 08:12:45

Hi. I’m looking for recommendations for a hypnobirthing course or something with a similar approach to help me prepare for a more mindful birth. Ideally located around Chesterfield / Matlock area but can travel a bit further. I’ve found one but the tone of the website isn’t quite what I was hoping for. Thank you!

TequilaMockingbird0 Thu 01-Aug-19 08:39:31

Can't help on courses you actually attend in person but I'd recommend The Positive Birth Company's online course hugely. Definitely worth a look into.
I got just as much out of that (£35 or so) than I got from a 2 day course in London at one of the top hypnobirthing courses for £300.

seavas Thu 01-Aug-19 08:50:18

Thanks I will look into that. I guess I wanted to attend a course to make sure I actually do it... not always that great at self study!

TequilaMockingbird0 Thu 01-Aug-19 08:51:40

It's videos of between 3-10 minutes long so really easy to dip in and out of, I didn't find it hard to make myself focus!
If it gives you the motivation to read a book too, I'd recommend The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill. It's the best thing I've ever read about birth and pregnancy.

seavas Thu 01-Aug-19 12:59:36

Fab! Somebody else recommended that book, too. It must be good!

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