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August '07 - One down, one on the way and still waiting for the expected mass POP !

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tokentotty Tue 31-Jul-07 11:54:45

How's this for our new thread ladies....??

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 11:59:03

oh very nice!

bananabump Tue 31-Jul-07 12:01:21

Hooray! Always love a new thread. Great title TT!


mum2george Tue 31-Jul-07 12:01:25

I like it TT!

Banana, I've gone off it too, but think its more to do with this bloody infection. Peeing every 20 mins, night and day, and feeling like the baby is hitting my bladder with a hammer is so not sexy! Am so pleased about your MIL & Brother and that you are feeling so good today.

Think that Washy is having a surprise, can't wait to hear from her.

bananabump Tue 31-Jul-07 12:03:30

Thanks chuck! sorry to hear you're still suffering with your bladder infection, talk about rotten timing!

Aaw, washy's baby is a surprise? that makes it even more exciting. I bet it's a boy!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 31-Jul-07 12:06:29

Just posted on other thread, then see this!

great title TT!

Banana - my poor Dh hasnt "had it" for ..................... are you ready for this ....................................................
33 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a missed miscarrage last year so there was no way i was letting him cme near me, then i had a bleed in this pg so we both said no until i was at a safe stage, then after 14 weeks i felt like crap and now, well im massive and we struggle and give up! i owe him BIG TIME when im up to it again!!

mum2george Tue 31-Jul-07 12:07:05

Babymad, what are your plans for your DC's if you do go into labour?

I've been a bit on edge myself over it recently as we moved house to be near our in-laws but FIL (the only one who can drive) has been away for a few days and then they both go away on Thus for 10 days.

Luckily, DH has decided to take some time off so am ok today. In-laws eh? Had a bit of a rant a couple of weeks ago about them going away but having looked back on how much help they were after having DS have decided its better that they do go away. A present of The New Contented Baby Book didn't help family relations much!

BabyMadandBIGbump Tue 31-Jul-07 12:46:37

Love the new tread!!!!!

mum2george MW said that if it's night time they'll be in bed so not a problem but in the day my MIL (I like my MIL more than my own mother not spoken to my mother for over 2 years) is going to look after them for me dont know where maybe here or she may take them to her house.

Feeling alittle better after a little cry, 2 friends have popped round today which was nice, one has asked if she could take DS#2 (5 yrs) to "west midland safari park" for the day on Thursday I said that fine he'll love that, she has a DS in the same class at school and are really good friends, she was having a good feel of bump and sharing with me want she went though with her ds#2 which was nice to have a chat with a grown up! Also my gran is having both DC all day tomorrow so I might not feel so stressed for the next 2 days, worrying about going into labour on my own with no one but 2 DC around I really don't fancy "2 man-wives" IYSWIM, even though DS#2 would love that, seem as though he sat me down and told me how babies are made and where they come out [worried look]!

back soon!

Uki Tue 31-Jul-07 12:57:11

WOW Spunky new thread, Thanks TT
but I never did get to ask "who is carol someone or other anyway?????"
Forgive me I am the Aussie.

Totally agree with babymad and pink, I'm over it too, I mean can it get any harder to turn over in bed and put socks on, this bump is way out there, My poor Ob is probably going to cop it on Thursday as I'm still suffering with diarrea, bladder weakness and nasty cough and i just feel so weak. I'm sure there is nothing he can do for me, but i need to moan...

bananabump-glad to hear the MIL situation got sorted out dh's can be so rubbish (and stubborn)at just expressing things to their families.
I haven't been up to much either IYKWIM i feel 101 years old, but also think maybe we should because there is that lovely 6 weeks or more of healing, not mentioning if you need stitches

on that depressing note, hurry up babies

SweetyDarling Tue 31-Jul-07 13:02:03

Uki, I had to ask as well (go to google images and have a look) - you'll recognize her when you see her. Apprently she hosts/used to host Countdown, hence the relevance to the title.

SweetyDarling Tue 31-Jul-07 13:03:55

Congratulations Wash!!!!
Welcome little George!! What a lovely name!
Let's see some photos!

mum2george Tue 31-Jul-07 13:08:57

Sweety, where have you heard about Wash? A DS named George, thats lovely and seems somehow familar

growingbagpuss Tue 31-Jul-07 13:10:38

BLoody hell... i was only off for a bit doing some garden ing(decided upon making life as unpleasant as poss for LO.. so she decides to come out) and then my mother rang (for an hour... again).. you have started a new thread and everything.

Congratualtions WASHY!! way to go - lets hope all our births are as short and produce lovely yummy babies........... SOON!!

Pink - I think we made it to about 20 weeks with sex - but he'd also had a bout 8 weeks of nothing after my appendix op where everything ached a bit so over all, not far off your record... we had over done it a bit TTC though so he's had more than his ration!! He did actually manage to show a bit of interest and erm... a quick fiddle the other morning when we were DS free.. which was very nice and reminded me of what I'm missing!!

growingbagpuss Tue 31-Jul-07 13:11:10

Washy posted on the other thread... after you lot had buggered off over here!!

stretchmarks Tue 31-Jul-07 13:11:26

Congratulations Wash on the birth of George.

SweetyDarling Tue 31-Jul-07 13:11:37

She's on the old thread - lost and confused it would seem. Have pointed her in the right direction now, so hopefully she'll work it out soon!

bananabump Tue 31-Jul-07 13:14:33

For anyone who missed it:

By Washersaurus on Tue 31-Jul-07 12:54:24
Hi everyone - we are home!

George Francis was born at 7.40pm last night with suprising 'ease', he is a little lad, only weighing in a 7lb5 which made it all a bit easier.

mum2george Tue 31-Jul-07 13:16:26

Ooooh, hadn't checked on the other thread, have been to busy ranting on one of the pregnancy ones

Thats so fab Wash, am so pleased for you. Hope you are both ok this morning and that your aren't feeling too sore.

Come on LO, surely its our turn soon!

SweetyDarling Tue 31-Jul-07 13:17:21

What is average for a baby these days? I wouldn't have thought 7lbs 5 was small? Or was Wash expecting a whopper?

SweetyDarling Tue 31-Jul-07 13:19:21

I woke up yesterday, and while I was still in that groggy half asleep stage i thought "urgh I think I've got a dodgey tummy!". Took me a few secs to remember I'm pregnant!

Washersaurus Tue 31-Jul-07 13:24:37

I have found you all now my post-birth haziness slowly clearing

Does it mean I can be mum2georgetoo now?

I will sort out some photo's from DH's camera for you all to admire.

BTW I was expecting a 9lb something baby so 7lb something was a LOVELY suprise!!

SweetyDarling Tue 31-Jul-07 13:28:44

Any juicey details?

Uki Tue 31-Jul-07 13:35:33

CONGRATULATIONS to washersaurous and Welcome little George.

Is that DS2???
Wow they were a bit out on the size then eh?

growingbagpuss Tue 31-Jul-07 13:44:35

I dreampt the other night that I went passed (can't decide how to spell.. past/ passed) a mirror and had a lovely flat, toned, brown tummy, rather than the shiny, stripy bowling ball I have now..... now is that a dream, or just nature being v cruel?

bananabump Tue 31-Jul-07 13:47:54

Maybe it's a vision of the future? <optimistic>

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