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October 2019!

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Peaky1 Tue 22-Jan-19 10:35:54

Hi all

I'm just setting up a thread to mingle with all the other due date threads in the antenatal section 😊

My stats
Age 39
BFP at 10dpo today!
Due date approx 6th Oct
Already have 2 boys aged 6 and 3

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all!!

DustyDoorframes Tue 22-Jan-19 22:47:56

Hah I'm slower off the mark than you! I've just found out too, but I'm due 29th sept. The September thread is pretty busy, can I hide here?
All going well this one will be my third too, I've a 5 year old and a two year old- though they will be 6 and 3 by the time it all kicks off.

Glitterandunicorns Wed 23-Jan-19 14:56:25

Afternoon ladies!
So after years of two and a half years of trying (and a miscarriage along the way), it seems that I've finally got a BFP!

Here are my stats:
Age 38
BFP at 14DPO today (I didn't even mean to test- I just thought I may as well! I'd been having spotting but was due on today and nothing really happened!)
Due date approx 3rd October
We've got one DS who is almost 3.

I couldn't be any more anxious about this. Literally, last night we agreed that we would start IVF after having every test under the sun and no problems being found. I can't wait for DH to come home so I can tell him!

flossie80 Wed 23-Jan-19 21:09:18

Hello! Excited to be posting. I’ve just found out we’re expecting again.
Age 36
Due date approx 6th Oct
Already have a gorgeous dd who is 16 months.

Figuringitout Wed 23-Jan-19 22:18:11

@Peaky1 I recognise you from the other thread (2ww one).
Hi everyone else!
I’m 36, got a due date of October 1st and have 2 DC who will be 4 and 8 by the time it gets to October.
I feel like this might be a very long 9 months! How is everyone feeling? My boobs are sore and I am starting to feel a little queasy and lightheaded. I’m also bone tired but am recovering from a really awful virus that has been hanging around since just after Christmas.

Peaky1 Wed 23-Jan-19 22:35:32

Evening all!!

How exciting is this?! Loving reading all of your posts. Quiet today as Wednesdays are a long work day for me (I'm a paeds physio) and then theatre rehearsal on the evening so I'm glad to be in bed!

Wowzers! @Glitterandunicorns that is some length of time you've been trying! So pleased for you all.

Nice to recognise some usernames from the conception threads too 🙋🏻‍♀️

IcyToes Wed 23-Jan-19 23:05:55


Congratulations all on your pregnancies!

I'm 37 and have one DS who is also 16 months @flossie80.

I'm also due late September @DustyDoorframes but found I felt really behind the September boards.

I wondered if everyone here had seen the October 2019 thread on the pregnancy boards too? Worth a look, seems like a lovely bunch. x

Peaky1 Thu 24-Jan-19 11:04:30

@IcyToes yes I'm on that one too. Was searching around and wondered why there wasn't one here too. I guess it's a good chance to find more people to chat too!

How are you all feeling? I'm relieved to have a day off work today. Currently sat in costa enjoying a coffee and some people watching before the errands recommence!

Thankfully my cramps have dialled down to just mild. I was getting concerned that AF was on its way or I must have twins or something with the symptoms coming too early!! 😂😂😱

I'm not even due AF until Saturday but the test line is getting stronger each day. Was trying to post it but I guess I've already spammed other threads with my FRER pic today 😳😂😂. Apparently you're only allowed to post 6 pics a day! I need to have a word with myself 😳

Glitterandunicorns Thu 24-Jan-19 12:02:52

Afternoon ladies.
I'm getting a bit concerned. I have had a few instances of spotting (pink) and super low level cramps. TMI- the spotting seems to be mostly after a poo.
Can someone please help me to stop panicking? After trying for this baby for two and a half years, the thought of losing it is horrific.

IcyToes Thu 24-Jan-19 14:09:46

@Glitterandunicorns spotting at this stage is really common as well as mild cramps while your little blastocyst gets comfy.

I had spotting between 5 and 6 weeks with my son.

Severe cramping or heavy bleeding should always be. Checked out though.

If in doubt, give your GP or community midwife a ring for reassurance x

Glitterandunicorns Thu 24-Jan-19 14:35:48

Thank you, @IcyToes. I figured that because I'm only 4 weeks pregnant, there's probably nothing they could do anyway, but I'm praying it stops!
Thank you for the reassurance; it's much appreciated! x

loveMyWeeDog Thu 24-Jan-19 18:22:07

Hi everyone, I just got a positive test yesterday. It was a big surprise and also my daughters 21st Birthday so a huge age gap!

My stats: BFP yesterday after AF was 5 days late

I’m 39 and I have one dd ages 21.

My due date is approximately 29th September but I was feeling behind in the September 2019 threads.

So excited and look forward to sharing the journey with you all x

Peaky1 Thu 24-Jan-19 23:45:04

Aaah congrats and welcome @loveMyWeeDog ! Exciting times for us all 😁

@Glitterandunicorns how are you getting on?

Glitterandunicorns Fri 25-Jan-19 08:32:17

Congratulations, @loveMyWeeDog! What a lovely surprise!

Hi @Peaky1. I spotted a tiny bit yesterday, but again it was only after I'd been to the toilet, so I'm really hoping it's nothing to worry about. I've had no pains with it (touch wood), so hopefully it'll all be fine.

I did another test this morning and it looks to be a tiny bit darker (although I'm well aware that that doesn't really mean anything!)

I'm only 4+1 today, but it's fair to say that I already feel a bit nauseous in the mornings. I wonder that's just psychosomatic though? I didn't think people usually got symptoms so early.

I hope you're all doing well ladies!

Widdendream77 Fri 25-Jan-19 10:16:17

Hi ladies, I’m hopefully due 3rd October with number 2, I’m 41 with a 5 year old dd who will turn 6 on the 1st October 😂. I’ve had recurrent miscarriages while trying for over three years but have various medication now so hopefully this will be a take home baby! Hopefully will get to know you all and enjoy this exciting journey xx

Peaky1 Fri 25-Jan-19 13:47:45

Fingers crossed @Glitterandunicorns . I felt nauseous on Wednesday morning and freaked out a bit as I never had that until at least 6-7 weeks with my boys. Not had it since then though! Not my fave part of this business 😏

Welcome @Widdendream77! Fantastic that you have a BFP after a lot of waiting and heart ache it seems. How are you getting on?

I'm going to continue my running and PT sessions (leg day yesterday...ouchie) so my biggest symptom is angry quads! Just a general awareness of lower abdomen now. I'm due period tomorrow but my test is nice and clear so I'm not concerned 😅

Glitterandunicorns Fri 25-Jan-19 13:51:50

Congratulations @Widdendream77! It sounds like you've had a difficult journey til now. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy. thanks

Peaky1 Fri 25-Jan-19 19:40:44

I'm still not officially due until tomorrow and have been using ICs that are very hit and miss indeed! I got a neg and a positive today! Thankfully I've been using FRERs that are more trustworthy but I can see how all this testing messes with your head!

I've just done a clear blue digital that has confirmed 1-2 weeks so I will now (try to) step away from the sticks!

Widdendream77 Fri 25-Jan-19 19:59:52

Thanks ladies. I have to say I feel nauseous but I’m sure it’s all in my head plus a bit migrainy! Well done peaky for stepping away from poas. I have only done the one- a frer and I’m sticking with that as I’ve wasted way too much money on sticks over the years, plus I don’t want to freak out- I’m going into this thinking what will be will be, it’ll work out or not and it’s in the stars🤩. Glitter and unicorns I had a bit of spotting from 9dpo and loads 12 and 13dpo- I thought af was starting, but it’s mafically disappeared since bfp😀. I’m starting steroids tomorrow to support this pregnancy, spent an hour at gps getting it this afternoon so not looking forward to that but hey ho. Have a good weekend all xx

Widdendream77 Fri 25-Jan-19 20:00:16

Magically not mafically🤪

Peaky1 Sat 26-Jan-19 11:38:21

Ooh how do the steroids help? I've not heard of that before.

Period is due today so I can officially get excited! Yay! No sign at all 🥳🥳.

I told my slimming world group this morning too as I'd rather get the support and tips for when the sickness starts. Just going to get some celebratory cake in the cafe today and then it's time to focus on NOT using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat what I want like I did with the other 2 😳

Peaky1 Sat 26-Jan-19 11:39:49

I think that I might create a Facebook group as there is another October thread over in the pregnancy section and that way we could all join up for those that want to.

KnobJockey Sat 26-Jan-19 13:06:59

Hi guys, congratulations!

I'm over on the September board, due the 19th September, but was just having a nosy round and have seen @loveMyWeeDog post and wanted to say hi. Pretty much everyone else seems to be first baby or smallish age gap, whereas I will be 34 with a 15 year age gap. So have that weird mixture of knowing what hard times are to come, but at the same time not having a clue as it was so long ago. But at least I'm not 18 any more and trying to cope with a newborn alone, so that's got to be better! So, anyway, just wanted to say hi as very large age gaps seem to be fairly rare around here.

Peaky1 Sat 26-Jan-19 13:15:41

Welcome @KnobJockey ! That is the best name on Mumsnet I think I've ever seen 😂😂😂. I tip my hat to you!

Exciting times for you then! I felt pretty clueless all over again when I had my second with just a 2.5 year gap so I have no excuses there 😳.

No matter on due dates, we're all pregnant 😁. How are you getting on?

KnobJockey Sat 26-Jan-19 13:24:36

Thanks, DP saw it once and I didn't know how to explain it to him, other than sometimes it's the only word that will do!

I'm 6+1, the morning (all day) sickness is just kicking in, although it's not making me actually sick, just lots of retching. My boobs feel like they're about to explode, although that's slightly better today, I'm shattered but can't sleep and I have the nose of a bloodhound. It's a glamorous game this pregnancy lark, isn't it? 😂

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