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Bumpety Bump- Feb 2008

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samsmam Fri 29-Jun-07 19:33:01

Here you go........

CountTo10 Fri 29-Jun-07 19:42:52

Yipeee!!! Can't beleive we're on a new thread already!!

Hope everyone's well. We're probably biting the bust and just telling everyone next week, I can't hide indoors forever but none of my clothes fit me and I'm getting sooo uncomfortable trying to squeeze into things!!!

bubblesbabe Fri 29-Jun-07 19:43:33

Back again - hope everyone else finds us!

CountTo10 Fri 29-Jun-07 19:52:46

Thought I'd bring our roll call over!!

agr4y - 1 Feb.
beansprout - 1st Feb. ds, 2yrs 7mo
CountTo10 - 1st Feb. ds, 2yrs 7mo
Fillyjonk, ? Feb. ds 3.5 dd 22 months
Gingermumi - 1st Feb. DD1 19 years 2mths and dd2 16years 1mnth
Leesmum - 1st Feb. ds, 2yrs 7mo
VictorVictoria, 1st feb. ds almost 2.
Miniandme - 2nd february. DS 11 yrs, ds 9 yrs, dd almost 5.
Egg - 2 Feb TWINS . DS 16 months
Bristols - 2 Feb. DS 9 months
Alkar - 3 Feb
Slacker - 3rd Feb. 3xDS 12,10&6, DD 3
Holty – 6th Feb , first one
dearbeatrice - 7 Feb, first baby
lljkk - 7 Feb, DS7, DD5, DS3.
Basilbrush - 7 Feb, DS 16 months
rozzy raspberry - 9th Feb. DS1 4yrs 6mo, DS2 2yrs 7mo
indignatio - 9th(ish) Feb. DS 4;11
ThursdayNext - 9th Feb. DS 2yrs
jo9977 - 11 Feb, first one
Loonyballoony - 12th Feb. DD 2yrs 7mon
freddie327 - 13th Feb. First one.
Bessie123 - 13th Feb. First one.
tadpolemummy - 14th Feb. DS 2 years 2 months
Manamana - 15th Feb. DS 21mo
pobletsmum - 15th Feb. DS1 2yrs
Bluepanda - 16th Feb, first one
Mymissus - 18th Feb first one
rosequartz - feb 19 ? dd 6.5yrs; ds 5.5yrs; ds 4.5yrs; dd 3.5yrs; dd 2yrs.4mnths; ds 1yr. 3mnths.
Bubblesbabe - feb 19 ds 12; dd 10; ds 5
violeta - feb 20, first one
morningglory - feb 21, ds 3y7mo
wotsits - 21 Feb, DD 11 months
Redbush - feb 22nd dd 14mths
Lexie100 - feb 24 dd 20 mths
Gybegirl - feb 24 dd 15 mths
cheechymunchy - 25 Feb ds2.4yrs
Scully - 26 Feb dd 5; dd 18mths
princessllama-feb 27 dd 8months
samsmam - feb 29th (leap year!) dd 8 months

Egg Fri 29-Jun-07 20:55:18

Hello on our new thread! How exciting. I am signing off now as will be going to bed soon then off earlyish in the morning. Tis true everyone seems very happy today .

Countto10 - biting the bust??? hehee.

Thanks for nice comments about Winchester. We have only been once but it is lovely, and lots of nice parks etc for DS to run around in.

Hope everyone has a lovely week, am sure I will sneak a look in while at the inlaws!

CountTo10 Fri 29-Jun-07 21:00:12

Ha ha god if someone bit my bust I might just commit murder!! I keep having to fend off ds who uses me much the same way you would a climbing frame and he always manages to get his elbow right into the most painful part of my boobs!!

Redbush Fri 29-Jun-07 21:12:12

Just had major pig-out!! so at this rate I will be busting out of my jeans very soon. Must stop eating SO much!! Also discarded bra for the evening - MMmm maybe things are starting to grow now!!! First time I've ever been on a thread that has continued onto a new one - quite exciting! Is that sad???

Egg Fri 29-Jun-07 21:16:24

Sorry back again (not managed to turn computer off yet). I get changed into PJs by 7pm, so much more comfortable all round . Have had jeans unbuttoned all day, no idea what i am going to do while away for the week, esp at inlaws family gathering on Sunday where no-one except inlaws themselves, plus me and DH, will know I am pg. Think I will take a tent to wear .

leesmum Fri 29-Jun-07 21:18:59

Gosh haven't you lot been busy, i've just got back from hospital and thought i would try and catch up with all the news.

Firstly thanks for all positive and caring thoughts about dad, it means a lot. He is a lot better and not pluged into any machines anymore (thank god) so for now he is loads better but fingers crossed for a complete recovery.

I've not had chance to read all messages just skimmed through, but welcome to all the ladies due in feb, there's loads of us now, i think its fab. v. exciting.

Take care everyone, have a relaxing weekend.

Redbush Fri 29-Jun-07 21:22:22

SO glad that you have some better news leesmum - must have reduced the stress somewhat - have you been able to tell your mum and dad your lovely news yet? Hope you'll have the chance to have a relaxing weekend - you must really need it! Take care of you! x

gingermumi Fri 29-Jun-07 21:56:15

Hey ladies. Managed to work out what to do but did post on old thread cos im not too bright with this kind of thing!

Feeling crap again, most i could manage was supermarket and sofa today. I think i might have said, but i did my degree at King Alfs in Winchester - it's a lovely place. Not too far from me so still visit sometimes. Glad i'm not the only one daft enough to get pregnant over 40!

Leesmum - so glad there's an improvement with your dad, you must feel a little less stressed.

mutha2beagain Fri 29-Jun-07 23:49:36

Egg I live in North London which may explain the rush for places at the NCT class - this is the territory where the mums book their ceasareans at the beginning of the month to ensure that their kids get put down on those posh school waiting lists ahead of the queue!!!

Gingermumi - I too am a 41 year old mum and have no idea how pregnancy is going to take its toll on my old body - whatever happens it will be morbidly fascinating....

Can't believe how much I'm swinging between extreme hunger and pure nausea. Just went out for dinner with my husband for some tapas - felt like ordering the entire menu and then could only manage the salad and the olives and bread - the reality of chorizo in red wine was quite a different story.

Off to bed having escaped from a party early - people did notice that I wasn't drinking. Don't know how much longer I can keep this up for.

Goodnight all.

beansprout Sat 30-Jun-07 04:54:13

Hi everyone. Am off for 2 weeks today so take care of yourselves and see you when I get back

leesmum Sat 30-Jun-07 12:20:59

good morning everyone.has anyone NOT woke up to yet More rain.

Hope you are feeling well and if not ms has got to be a good thing really has'nt it?

I got my 12 week scan date through this morning, it's wed 18th july at 9 in the morning, i'm excited because it's not that far off but a bit worried because i won't be happy until i see "chunk" on the screen with a nice big heartbeat..

have a great wet weekend ladies.

pobletsmum Sat 30-Jun-07 15:03:00

I wondered why the thread had so few messages in my 'threads I'm watching'...thanks samsmum for sorting us out.

mutha2beagin - LOL @ mums booking caesareans. The sa thing is it probably does happen What did you use as an excuse for not drinking at the party?

egg & beansprout - if you read this, have a great time away

Hi to everyone else!

I'm part of the 'eat-like-a-horse-to-stop-the-nausea' brigade (I did put on 4st when having DS). It's just about 3pm, and today I have eaten...

2 digestive biscuits & cup of tea (before getting out of bed!)
2 1/2 pieces of toast, butter & honey (avoided honey last time due to risk of some bug or another - anyone else avoiding it?)
glass of orange juice
1/2 beef tomato with a few bits of mozzarella
4 pieces of chocolate
egg mayonnaise sandwich (egg mayo from a tub - should I be avoiding this too?)
about to have another 1/2 egg mayo sandwich & an apple

I'm conscious that this is WAY too much, and mostly unhealthy but what can I do? Beanie must be hungry!

Would love to see other people's food diaries.

Be back later...

pobletsmum Sat 30-Jun-07 15:05:40

leesmum - forgot to say that I'm gld to hear your Dad is a little better now.

Did you say ms has to be a good thing? It's hard to remember that at 2am & 4am, but I suppose it does mean all the hormones are doing their thing.

leesmum Sat 30-Jun-07 17:01:14

hi pobletsmum, i too have had a couple of nights where i have woke up heaving!!
its horrid isn't it.

mutha2beagain Sat 30-Jun-07 17:20:10

Pobletsmum I too am having a day where the only thing to do is to eat one thing after another. Here is my list

1 toasted bagel with cream cheese
1 mini pack dry cornflakes
3 orange chocolate biscuits
1 bowl cherries
1 spring roll from chinese takeaway - that's all I could manage before stomach turned - not plain enough obviously
1 bowl strawberries
at least 5 cups of tea

Have lolled around in bed with my dressing gown on. Rain doesn't help and dh took ds off to Shrek this afternoon so slept for 3 hours. DS thinks I'm really ill and keeps feeling my forehead - bless him!

Just used the I'm driving excuse at the party for not drinking wine last night - but can't hold out much longer with my wiley old mum friends. If scan next week is OK (9 weeks) then I might bring myself to let the cat out of the bag...

Bye for now and back to the fridge!

leesmum Sat 30-Jun-07 20:14:02

Pobletsmum and Mutha2beagain i am very impressed with your food diaries, i seem to be enjoying anything a bit spicy more than usual, anyway here's what i've scoffed today.

Large bowl bran flakes
apple & strawberries
(this is where it went wrong)
meat&potato pastie
jam do-nut
caramel slice
cheese&onion sandwich
salt & vinegar crisps
half of ds buttons
and at about 10.30 i will be mostly eating chicken tikka kebab on pitta with chips and onion bhajis.

That looks truly disgusting when it's wrote down like that...but i'm sill having it!!

Redbush Sat 30-Jun-07 21:25:43

Thanks for making me feel better leesmum - the other food lists looked very righteous to me after what I've eaten today!!

Bowl cornflakes
Coffee (decaf of course)and chocolate muffin
2 pieces of toast
slice of chocolate cake
2 chocolate biscuits
quiche and salad
and about to go and eat a BIG cookie. Actually having written it down I haven't eaten anything healthy apart from the salad I do usually eat a reasonable amount of fruit!

Cookie calling!!

gingermumi Sat 30-Jun-07 21:30:08


Great to see more 'oldies', actually don't care about my age anymore! Clearly i'm not some freek but just another pregnant mum! Was quite worried about what people would think but have now realised it's no big deal these days. We all have hopes, fears, problems etc. what ever age you are.

Am also having to eat constantly to try to keep nausea at bay (not always a success - have been sick three times today. It's making my throat sore ). Don't think i'll list what i've eaten (too scarey), does it count if you bring it back up anyway?! am going to have to go and get something now as nausea creeping up again.

Egg and beansprout - have a good time!

rozzyraspberry Sun 01-Jul-07 08:53:40

Morning everyone.

I'm really struggling with tiredness at the moment. Finding it really hard to cope with 2 very energetic small boys - doesn't help that they got up at 5.30 this morning. At the moment I can hear lots of giggling and banging coming from upstairs but can't be bothered going to see what's going on - at least they're having a good time!

So it's now July. By the end of this month quite a few of us should have had our first scans - definitely something to look forward to.

Hope the rest of you enjoy your Sunday!

mutha2beagain Sun 01-Jul-07 09:48:24


Sorry to hear some of you are feeling so rough. I haven't got as far as being sick - that must be the worst.

Roll on the end of the first trimester I say: may the sickness subside, the tiredness end, and may we have the relief of knowing that we've passed the first crucial hurdle with healthy scan results - and that our babes are all right!

Wishing you all a mellow day

bubblesbabe Sun 01-Jul-07 10:44:56

Morning all. Not suffering too much at the moment but am waiting for it to kick in! With my other 3 I was so sick and it seemed to start from the moment of conception but here I am at 6+5 and all I'm getting is the odd bit of nausea - worrying!!

lljkk Sun 01-Jul-07 14:53:49

Bubbles: sickness kicks in later in some pregnancies than others, I've found. I didn't get it bad until 8 weeks last 2 pgs and then it was debilitating until 16 wks+.

I can't even read what other people are listing as their pig-out days earlier; just thinking about the fact they wrote all that makes me want to heave!

Managed a nice walk today though on heathland, saw some skylarks.

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