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Ringing in the New Year & 2nd trimester - July 2019!

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wombatron Mon 31-Dec-18 15:21:25

New home and new thread to start 2019.

@AIDE2424 @cravingmilkshake @HchyScott @ReginaPhalange89 - will tag more when I go back to remember.

Bring on the fake Prosecco and bed by 10pm tonight!

BirthdayKake Mon 31-Dec-18 15:22:50

Hello! Place marking smile

wombatron Mon 31-Dec-18 15:24:37

I was about to get you @BirthdayKake !

@RoseBud2016 @Michelle0507 @Trying2bemum

Hopefully more will follow grin

AIDE2424 Mon 31-Dec-18 15:30:43

Marking my place ❤️

Michelle0507 Mon 31-Dec-18 15:31:33

Hey hey ladies.

Jxtina86 Mon 31-Dec-18 15:35:31

Thanks for the new thread- we're racing through them! Loved all the bump photos on the last one. DH reckons I'm getting one but I think it's just bloat/Christmas food!

HchyScott Mon 31-Dec-18 15:41:56

@Michelle0507 yay, so glad the scan went well! I feel you on the needle phobia, I’m dreading all the needles to come 🙈🙈🙈

ReginaPhalange89 Mon 31-Dec-18 15:43:49

Can't believe how many threads we've gone through already! I seen one for January babies I'm sure was only on thread 3 😂😂

BirthdayKake Mon 31-Dec-18 15:48:15

Ahh sorry wombatron, I panicked 😂

Regina I think some people fuck off to Facebook and don't use the antenatal threads on Mumsnet anymore. I hope you lot don't do that! I don't even have Facebook! Ha

Jxtina86 Mon 31-Dec-18 15:50:51

@BirthdayKake no Facebook here either so I'll be sticking around!

wombatron Mon 31-Dec-18 16:02:26

Nooo I like to be anonymous- hence why I am here. Perhaps if some of us are nearby we could do a meet post July 2019 but I'm quite happy imagining what yer all look like grin

Trying2bemum Mon 31-Dec-18 16:06:27

Helloooooo. I'm not on Facebook 😬

Trying2bemum Mon 31-Dec-18 16:07:54

Glad to hear your scan went well @Michelle0507 ☺️

TwinkleDay Mon 31-Dec-18 16:11:05

Happy new year ladies... we have just arrived to in laws to have the grand reveal.. told them OH getting a promotion... and me ... and them (one of which is retired) and then handed them a grandparents to be new year card and another frame same as my parents.. and then we will do sister in law tommorow.. when there are lots of people over to bring in the new year. . . Lovely 14 + 4 and in the maternity gear 😍🥰😘

Jammyx Mon 31-Dec-18 16:28:22

Hello again smile

Glad your scan went well Michelle
Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year x

mrsof20118 Mon 31-Dec-18 16:52:04

Back on the July board as my dates have shifted from 1st August to 30th July even though I'm sure as it's my first I'll be late.
Happy New year to you all x

BirthdayKake Mon 31-Dec-18 16:56:15

Haha a meet up sounds good - but I bet none of you live near me! No one on here seems to sad I'm a Lincolnshire girl (born in London though!)

mrsof20118 Mon 31-Dec-18 17:00:34

@BirthdayKake originally from Lincolnshire but living in the south west now.

BirthdayKake Mon 31-Dec-18 17:15:52

Aww you should've stayed, just for the purposes of this thread 😂 which part did you live in? I'm about half an hour from the gorgeous Cleethorpes! Been here for about a year now.

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Mon 31-Dec-18 17:40:14

New thread already!

Onestep2 Mon 31-Dec-18 17:46:48

Marking my place.

Been quiet recently as been crazy busy!! Had guy in measuring up for new kitchen and bathroom and been visiting showrooms picking worktops and tiles and splashbacks glaore!! Cannot wait to get started. Bring on the chaos!!!

I am in ma pjs already. Chinese has been phoned...

Happy New year when it comes ❤

BirthdayKake Mon 31-Dec-18 17:49:18

Ahhh so jealous Onestep2! We have a gross old fashioned bathroom but I can't see us ever having the funds to redo it!

Capybaras Mon 31-Dec-18 17:54:26

OMG these threads are moving so quickly!

Lovely to see people's bumps. I ordered loads of mat wear from topshop and ASOS and I'm still looking questionably tubby in the dresses. Can't wait till I pop and am obviously pregnant!

Going to our friends tonight for food, drinks and games so should be fun!

Hope everyone has a lovely NYE!

Michelle0507 Mon 31-Dec-18 18:05:32

Oh how you've grown!

I'm in Derbyshire and nobody tends to be from there or have even heard of us. Cleethropes isn't a million miles - haven't been for years.

Any needle phobic people highly recommend the numbing cream, it isn't cheap but you only need a bit. Had a phleb doing it not MW so it was better although she took one look and her face said it all followed by you've got narrow veins, oh I know.

BirthdayKake Mon 31-Dec-18 18:13:32

Beautiful pics Michelle! I'm fine with needles tbh. But then I do have big juicy veins! A midwife's dream!

It's good to be able to let the kids play on the beach, nice free fun!

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