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September 2019 babies?

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abi2790 Thu 27-Dec-18 14:30:35

Do we have any September due dates yet?

This one came as a big shock for me. I had my coil out on 30th November and must have conceived pretty much straight away. Considering it took quite a long time to get DD, the BFP was a big shock!

This one will be my third!

waiting4arainbow Thu 27-Dec-18 15:43:53

Me! Just found out today.. 5 days before af is due so I'm not holding my breathe just yet as last two were ectopic but it was a strong line considering how early I took it so hoping that's a good sign!
When did you find out?

Tefiti2 Thu 27-Dec-18 15:49:20

Hi @abby2790! Congratulations :-) I found out on Christmas Day! We have been trying for #2 for a year and I’ve had two early MCs so I’m very very anxious, trying to trust my body though!
By my calculations me EDD is 1st Sept, when is yours?

Florencenotflo Thu 27-Dec-18 16:39:54

Hey, can I join. I found out very early! I can only have been 10dpo. But due date calculator is saying EDD of 01/09/2019. I also had a MMC in March this year so nervously happy at the moment. Lines are getting darker on tests which is reassuring even though I know it doesn't mean anything.

Is anyone having a private reassurance scan? I didn't think I would (only because the cheapest I've found around here is £90) but I'm thinking of using my Christmas money! I don't know if I can wait until 12 weeks. I know it wouldn't change the outcome if anything bad was to happen, but I'd rather have a scan before telling anyone. We haven't told anyone yet.

peaches19 Thu 27-Dec-18 16:50:19

Hi ladies, nervously joining this one after a chemical pregnancy last month! Found out today, tested just before Christmas and got BFN so enjoyed the wine perhaps a bit too much... fingers crossed all will be ok.

My EDD is currently 3 September.

@florencenotflo I think I’ll have a scan around 7 weeks - I did with my first DC and it was lovely to see the heartbeat. We started telling v close friends and family after that. I know there are no guarantees all will be ok that early but it is such a long time to wait until the 12 week one!!

Erin4000 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:53:18

Hi, due date is 1 September for me. Nervous due to previous MMC. Will have an early scan at about 8 weeks assuming all still okay at that point.

Florencenotflo Thu 27-Dec-18 18:03:18

I did that with my Dd @peaches19 I got so drunk on the Saturday and found out on the Thursday I was pregnant!

DH doesn't see the point in the early scan, he said it's not long until the 12 week one and it won't change anything. But he understands how much I'm worrying, just looking at when we can go though. Our local one seems to be booked up or limited availability. Might have to go further afield.

You don't get early scans on the nhs do you?

HJWT Thu 27-Dec-18 18:20:25

@Florencenotflo if you have had a MMC do the NHS not offer a scan at 8 weeks at your hospital? Ask you GP x

Erin4000 Thu 27-Dec-18 18:23:40

I asked my GP about the early scan because of the MMC and she agreed I could have one. It’s definately worth asking.

Lbwestf123 Thu 27-Dec-18 18:26:22

Me! Best Christmas present ever 😍

Florencenotflo Thu 27-Dec-18 18:53:26

Thank you @HJWT I wouldn't have even asked to be honest. I've got my booking in on 7th January so I will ask then.

Tefiti2 Thu 27-Dec-18 19:14:38

Hi @florencenotflo lovely to see we have the same EDD :-) I am very fortunate that I had a pre existing gynae app today so I told her of my pregnancy and she immediately referred me for an early scan at 8 weeks, it’s much closer than 12 weeks so fingers crossed we get there smile I hope your midwife is as accommodating!
How is everyone feeling symptom wise?

waiting4arainbow Thu 27-Dec-18 19:31:17

Because of my history I'll get a scan as early as 6 weeks to rule out another ectopic so if you've had a previous mc I would definitely ask x

abi2790 Thu 27-Dec-18 21:15:43

Congratulations ladies. I had a very early bfp on Christmas eve with edd of approx 6th September. I think that will change on scan day though as I'm not entirely sure when my period started.

Florencenotflo Thu 27-Dec-18 21:22:34

I'm slightly unsure of my dates too @abi2790 . I didn't really take much notice of my period last month. I don't know why, I usually make a note. I know we went away on 28th Nov and it had stopped by then. I just can't remember exactly when it started 

I've been lucky so far @Tefiti2 . Some mild nausea, I've had heartburn a couple of times, my boobs are killing me and tiredness. But I have a nearly 3 year old so I don't think the tiredness is pregnancy related! I was very lucky with dd, no sickness just terrible heartburn. I was a bit annoyed last week when I got heartburn again, I think I got to at least 20weeks before it started before!

What about everyone else?

abi2790 Thu 27-Dec-18 21:29:42

@florencenotflo I'm with you on the heartburn. In both my previous pregnancies I had it really bad but it started much later! I also have one really sore boob (exactly the same with dd!) and the tiredness has really hit me.
Tmi but is anybody else suffering with a funny tummy? I don't remember having this problem so early on! It could be something to do with the crappy food I've been eating over Christmas though!

Florencenotflo Thu 27-Dec-18 21:38:01

I haven't had the dodgy belly, no @abi2790
But with all the other delightful pregnancy symptoms and side effects it wouldn't be surprising would it!!

abi2790 Thu 27-Dec-18 21:38:26

Also is anybody getting any back pain yet? I have a lot of cramping in my lower back and legs

Tefiti2 Thu 27-Dec-18 21:49:44

I’ve felt lots of pinching and stretching the last few days, near my hips and lower down! As well as sore boobs (although they’re okay in the morning as the day goes on they get worse) and starving in the morning although can’t stand the thought of food!

Itsalwayssunny Fri 28-Dec-18 02:09:56

Tentatively dipping my toe in here. Got my bfp yesterday and AF is due today so very early days. No real symptoms yet other than sore boobs. Edd based on lmp is 05.09.19 but I imagine it'll move as I usually ovulate late!

Pigeonwings Fri 28-Dec-18 06:47:27

Hello! Tentatively joining after a positive on Christmas Eve. Nervous after a previous mmc at my 12 week scan so I will have an early scan as I can’t go through that again! Will try and get to 8/9 weeks which seems an age away. I have a DD who is 15 months.

Pigeonwings Fri 28-Dec-18 06:55:12

And my EDD is also 1st September!

SJR86 Fri 28-Dec-18 07:51:23

Can I join too? I had a positive test on Christmas Day, think EDD of 2nd September. I had a MMC at 12 weeks earlier this year so I'm planning on seeing if I can get an early scan through my GP, if not we will have to get a private one as I don't think I can wait until 12 weeks again.
Excited but anxious to be here again!

Tefiti2 Fri 28-Dec-18 08:00:13

Congratulations @sjr86, @itsslwayssunny and @pigeonwings - sorry so many of you are here following a loss, it’s really hard. Is anyone else a little bit obsessed with testing?

abi2790 Fri 28-Dec-18 08:04:53

I'm so sorry so many of you have your bfp following a loss. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you all x

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