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December 2018 Babies - Thread #5 - The Births

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MagicalCreatures Fri 30-Nov-18 18:42:05

Hi girls.
Here’s the new thread.
I’ll upload the spreadsheet again too.
Let’s get these baby’s out.

MagicalCreatures Fri 30-Nov-18 18:43:14

Athers666 Fri 30-Nov-18 18:51:26

Whoop to new thread! MC enjoy your last day at work!

kaytees Fri 30-Nov-18 19:19:40

Oh hi shiny new thread! Hope the last day goes well @MagicalCreatures - I finished today and am already curled up on sofa watching terrible Christmas films.

Baby is only 1/5 engaged so reckon I've got awhile - section booked for 21st if he doesn't come any earlier!

MagicalCreatures Fri 30-Nov-18 19:24:01

Thanks girls
@kaytees 1/5 is more then 3/5 when it comes to the head engaging 😁
Your bubbas really low down.
I thought the same but looked it up and apparently it’s done by how much head can be felt ‘above’ the pubic bone or something. So if your 1/5 engaged it means that they can o it feel 1/5 of the head above the public bone x

kaytees Fri 30-Nov-18 19:35:52

@MagicalCreatures ah yes I remember this confusion from my first! My notes say 4/5 palpable so I think this means I'm less engaged than you - I think! Though I have hideous sharp pains there so I suspect he's wriggling down again.

balalalala Fri 30-Nov-18 19:37:56

My midwife said that different ones do it either way round so could actually mean either! Helpful! I was told mine was 3/5 about 4 weeks ago however my chiropractor said yesterday she doesn't think he's engaged at all so must be going in and out! Hope you're all doing OK!

Athers666 Fri 30-Nov-18 20:04:17

This is getting way too real. I'm getting very scared now! Can't wait to meet baby but also very worried about getting him here safely. Plus I'm just so uncomfortable now that I really can't do anything at all so I'm just lying around worrying!😂

MagicalCreatures Fri 30-Nov-18 20:04:51

@kaytees @balalalala ahhh that’s so annoying and confusing. I’ve just dug out my notes to look now and yes it says 3/5ths Palp.
Looks like more googling is in order x

December2018 Fri 30-Nov-18 21:03:34

Ohhhh sparkly new thread! 😍

Well I've been having really bad period pains and back ache for a couple of hours, no pattern but they're just there all the time, I'm now sat in a bath hoping they either go away so I can sleep or turn into something painfully wonderful!

The pains in my back are making me feel quite sick too, I've no idea if my little mans head is engaged or not... I'll have to have a look in my notes lol
I wish these bumps came with a little window so we could check our babbas are all good and see what's happening 😂

0lgaDaPolga Fri 30-Nov-18 21:15:36

Ooh thanks for the new thread. So exciting the babies are starting to arrive now. I’ve had a lot of Braxton Hicks this evening but I think it’s just because I’ve not drank enough today. They’re only lasting about 30 seconds and not regular so I’m not going to get my hopes up.

AGirlinLondon Fri 30-Nov-18 21:53:50

My friend who is an obstetrician has advised me to broadly ignore the palp measurement as first timers move all the time and sometimes don’t fully engage til labour. I’ve been as engaged as 2/5 then the next time (less than 12 hours later when I went in to hospital in an emergency) was 4/5. Also depends on the person doing the exam. Perhaps more down to effacement?

SunshineSnowflakesDaydreams Sat 01-Dec-18 00:24:42

Thanks for starting the new thread!
I had an appointment this week and was told baby was not engaged at all 😞 I'm 38 weeks today. Should I be expecting it to happen soon or am I going to have another over overdue baby?!?

emwithme Sat 01-Dec-18 13:30:33

Thanks for the new thread. Matilda still doesn't like being on her back or not touching me (she will tolerate DH!) so I am mainly running on coffee and short naps. She's now 3 days old, the blues are hitting and the milk isn't here yet so I'm sobbing in frustration that she's working so hard on my boobs for effectively nothing. I know she's "priming the pump" but damn hormones!

Had midwife check yesterday, she is a little jaundiced but only to the level where she needs monitoring, no need for light therapy at this point.

AGirlinLondon Sat 01-Dec-18 17:35:48

Aw @emwithme we are with you!! Thinking of you x

MagicalCreatures Sat 01-Dec-18 18:49:30

@emwithme awww darling. You know what. One of my best friends who has 2 DD (her most recent is 4 months old) has warned me that apparently day 3 and day 5 after childbirth are meant to be the worst, hormonaly, for us mums. Those are the days that the hormones drop in a Way that it’s like having a whole years worth of PMT in a day. It’s completely normal to feel blue. We’re all here with you.
And it must be frustrating that the milk hasn’t come in yet. I’m sure your midwife is reassuring you that it will. Your doing a fab job persisting with it.

@SunshineSnowflakesDaydreams a friend of mines baby was fully engaged for 3 weeks prior to her due date and her midwife kept telling her she won’t make her due date. She went 4 days overdue. X

Athers666 Sat 01-Dec-18 19:09:45

Matilda is so sweet! Emwithme I hope you're alright you poor thing.
So I've been in absolute agony with my rib pain for weeks and I haven't been able to sit in a chair without extreme discomfort. Anyway, today all of a sudden he has dislodged his feet and the pain has melted away. I'm currently sitting up and not having to lie flat! Feels amazing, but, maybe means he is potentially coming soon and is making his way further downwards?! I sort of hope so but I'm also scared!

Athers666 Sat 01-Dec-18 19:12:28

@December2018 did your pains turn in to anything? Hope you're ok!.

kaytees Sat 01-Dec-18 19:35:09

Oh @emwithme I can hear what a wonderful job you're doing - even if you feel totally wrecked (I hope the coffee is strong!). I agree with @MagicalCreatures, it's totally normal for days 3-5 to be an emotional minefield and classically it's usually when your milk appears too. Everyone is different though. If she's getting good practice In before the milk comes it will be so much easier for her and you to feed properly when it does.

With my first my milk came in on day 4 and coincided with a trip to a&e as he stopped breathing, so my hormones totally took over and I was a sobbing mess to the poor triage nurse - totally down to those hormones.

0lgaDaPolga Sun 02-Dec-18 10:19:49

Oh man I remember days 3-5 post partum last time and they were brutal. Half the time I didn’t even know why I was crying and the other half of the time I was crying over the smallest things. It’s a really hard time! 40+3 here today and nothing yet. I’ve taken my son to soft play (my husband is chasing him around while I am sat at the side) and I’ve been getting some tightenings/braxton Hicks) but nothing regular. I’m sure it will be at least another week for me.

December2018 Sun 02-Dec-18 11:57:38

Ohhhh olga!
It's getting exiting now! I can't wait to see all these beautiful little babbas!
Well my cramps and back pain didn't turn out to be anything... I'm still very round and uncomfortable, in a way I'm quite grateful tho because we are having ceilings replaced and plastered this week, so hopefully the dust will have time to settle and I can paint and re decorate.... the timing is just brilliant lol
.... I can't stop looking at Matilda!... she's just gorgeous! X

December2018 Sun 02-Dec-18 12:00:29

emwithme we got your back girl!!
You sound like your doing amazing... and as long as the coffee is strong, you will get there, where all only human at the end of the day.... lots of loves and mummy support your way xxxx
And a virtual coffee made with love ☕️

balalalala Sun 02-Dec-18 12:23:54

I too remember crying for no reason and then crying more because I realised it was for no reason! Sending a hand hold!

Toddler has been full on this morning. We've cleared up the garden of leaves and baked a cake. Hopefully she's just dropping off to sleep now! Then we're heading to the in laws so I can sit and drink tea for the afternoon while they chase her round! Then I've informed dh we have 'plans' tonight as this baby needs to get a move on!

DoAsDreamersDo Sun 02-Dec-18 16:11:04

Ooh a new thread! I wasn’t v active on the last one, but it’s getting rather exciting now with the babies now arriving. I’m a few days off my due date (I’m due on Thursday) but had some interesting pains last night, which made me rethink my “I don’t want an epidural” plan 😂

Cakelaur Sun 02-Dec-18 21:04:14

Hi ladies!! How we all doing??

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