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Due May 2005?

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cab Sat 28-Aug-04 19:56:14

OK I know it's VERY early days folks but someone's got to start this thread sometime. Due date between May 4 and May 9. Any other takers?

Azure Sun 29-Aug-04 10:30:01

A May thread already! I'm on the due April 2005 thread. Many congratulations Cab! I hope you are joined soon by lots of people from the "Anyone ttc..." thread.

cab Sun 29-Aug-04 10:41:45

Cheers Azure hope you earlier birds are all doing well.

Flossam Tue 31-Aug-04 09:59:03

Congratulations Cab! Can't believe May babies are expected already! A lovely time of year to have a baby!

cab Tue 31-Aug-04 10:18:21

Thanks Flossam. Keep popping on to see if I've got any company yet, but reckon others must have more patience. (AF was only due yesterday ).

MINNIE1 Tue 31-Aug-04 11:11:41

Hi Cab
I will have to keep an eye on this one... Best of luck....

Twiga Tue 31-Aug-04 11:27:11

Hi, just nipping across from tcc9 to say congratulations ! Hopefully not long before some folk migrate over here from there properly. Take care x

jnbsmum Tue 31-Aug-04 14:57:52

Congratulations cab. Hope your feeling ok. You may have someone else to join you. I started another thread over on chat about having a faint posotive test this morn. If my calculations are correct and the test was posotive and things go ok. (If you read the other thread you'll understand) Then i'll be joining you for may 05 myself

cab Tue 31-Aug-04 15:48:46

Ta Minnie, Twiga and jnb. And CONGRATULATIONS jnb . Am off to find this other thread to find your story - is it ttc?
p.s. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you minnie and twiga!

cab Tue 31-Aug-04 16:10:10

jnb - should have read your post properly. have replied on your thread.

Angeliz Tue 31-Aug-04 16:11:37

WOW, Congratulations all:)
I'm on the February thread and each time i see a new month started i feel a little closer:)

Twiglett Tue 31-Aug-04 16:15:57

message withdrawn

Angeliz Tue 31-Aug-04 16:27:40

LOL Twiglett, very sharp!

Twiglett Tue 31-Aug-04 16:31:27

message withdrawn

jnbsmum Tue 31-Aug-04 17:47:25

I will keep you posted on the results. If alls well then The second may 05 mum is ME

Seabird Wed 01-Sep-04 08:06:58

Huge congratulations cab and jnbsmum

cab - I started the Due in April 05 thread 3 days before AF was due!

cab Wed 01-Sep-04 08:13:15

Cheers Angeliz, Twiglet and Seabird. Loved the 4th.
How are you doing jnb?

jnbsmum Wed 01-Sep-04 10:02:35

I had a second posotive test this morn so it looks pretty certain. I'm gonna have to get the ok from the docs first if its ok to carry on. But hopefully things should be fine

smellymelly Wed 01-Sep-04 10:39:23

Hi cab - Fantastic news, I hope everything goes really well for you!! :):)

cab Wed 01-Sep-04 23:03:28

Thanks smelly - I'll be looking in on the Jan thread to keep up with your news too.
That's great news jnb - has your husband calmed down yet? Best of luck with the docs. I assume he'll have to refer you to get the cyst re-evaluated? What size is it? Someone I know was advised to take very large doses of follic acid while pregnant - I think because of a large cyst? Might be worth checking up on? Shall be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

tex111 Thu 02-Sep-04 09:03:29

Hi Cab, I responded to your message on the TTC board. Thanks very much. Glad to see you're starting the May board and hopefully I'll be able to join you! Will know in ten days or so. How are you feeling? Any symptoms yet? Best of luck to you!

cab Thu 02-Sep-04 09:28:19

Hi Tex, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Not a lot of symptoms yet - just tired, bigger boobs and a bit of nausea in the evenings.

hana Thu 02-Sep-04 10:39:11

congrats ladies! May due in December so I guess it's looming closer and closer.....
hope you have lots of ladies from ttc joining you very soon! Lots of luck for a wonderful pregnancy!

cab Fri 03-Sep-04 08:37:39

Ta Hana - hope you're doing fine yourself!

tex111 Sat 04-Sep-04 21:35:19

.....whispering... I think I got a bfp this morning. Very light and very early, just 8dpo but DH saw the line too. I'm going to take a test every morning now and just hope they get darker. I'm hoping to join you guys in a few days if all goes well!

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