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Pregnancy Yoga in Fulham?

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Rubyshoos Mon 18-Jun-07 17:32:39

Hello everyone, I'm new to Mumsnet and I was wondering if anyone in South West London (preferably Fulham) knew of any pregnancy yoga classes. I've googled it but don't seem to have come up with much - all my friends rave about doing yoga when pregnant and I'm keen to try it. Any help much appreciated!

jem1969 Mon 18-Jun-07 17:36:30

Hi- I know they do it at the Sivananda centre in Putney on a Saturday morning. I've never managed to make it myself but it is meant to be good. (Try searching the 'pregnancy' thread)

TheBlonde Mon 18-Jun-07 17:44:23

this site lists pg yoga classes birthlight

Ozz Thu 04-Oct-07 10:23:02

Hi Rubyshoos, in case you are still looking. meandmybaby on fulham road does have them- just opposite C&W hospital. I have been going to their classes for the past 2 months, and it feels good.

imjin100 Mon 08-Oct-07 14:31:03

Ozz - have tried googling with no joy - do you by any chance have a web address/phone number for your place?

luludoula Thu 15-Nov-07 22:24:34

Message withdrawn

luludoula Thu 15-Nov-07 22:26:39

p.s excuse the typos, i have mislaid my specs and am very sleepy! x L

funnypeculiar Thu 15-Nov-07 22:32:35

If lulus class doesn't work out for some reason, I went to a brilliant class in Southfields - appleyoga - run by Geri Halliwell's old yoga teacher. I know that isn't much of a recommendation in itself, but it was a wonderful class. Covered lots of brilliant breathing & positions for labour, as well as lots of stuff preparing your body/relaxing. It was more 'spiritual'/esoteric than my usual yoga classes (eg we did chanting & chakras) but I have to say, it totally worked for me

I ended up giving birth 4 weeks early, before I'd got to any other classes, and their tips (esp breathing made a real difference to my labour, I'm sure (first labour g&a plus breathing, second one breathing alone smile)

funnypeculiar Thu 15-Nov-07 22:35:33

I used to live on munster road, lulu smile

QuintessentialShadow Thu 15-Nov-07 22:36:50


Luludoula, Do you know Todays Healthcare? It is on the corner of Fulham Palace Road and Lillie Road. It is a little white tudor style cottage. It is a chiropractic practice. Gary Russel is a fab chiropractor, he is doing a grand job with SPD, and has a pilates studio with machines. Can truly recommend him to anybody who needs to strenghten their core muscles after pregnancy and if suffering from SPD.

luludoula Thu 15-Nov-07 23:26:06

thanks for that- i don't know today's healthcare and it's always good to hear personal recommendations. would also love to direct anyone with spd to the

night night (wink)

luludoula Thu 15-Nov-07 23:28:04

errr, that was meant to be a smiley . . . . .

casting Mon 26-Jul-10 18:39:28

Message withdrawn

LeylaFellows Thu 13-Dec-12 14:18:13

Purely Pregnant is going to be offering a pregnancy yoga classes at Fulham Library on Fulham Road on Thursday evenings from 18:30-19:30. I've done a class with the teacher, Dipa and it was really wonderful. I'd highly recommend her - their website is Hope that helps!

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