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Due in June - TA your baby WILL be here soon!

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bumperlicious Sun 17-Jun-07 15:26:21

Just in case we get locked out without realising!

foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 15:29:22

Already? Blimey, its all those babies being born!

trendaverter Sun 17-Jun-07 15:31:42


foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 15:39:57

Well done Bumper. Liking the title

Oh, it will TA!

Wonder how Pingu is doing?

foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 15:43:38

HA HA HA couldn't figure out why I could smell my lunch still - checked the floor, my top, my lap

just found some potato with chilli down my bra

trendaverter Sun 17-Jun-07 15:48:37

Chilli in your bra... brings new meaning to combining food and sex

Ugh I feel a bit sick, no idea why.

trendaverter Sun 17-Jun-07 15:50:39

Yeah the title made me chuckle

Tell you what though, if I haven't given birth by the next new thread I think I ought to get a whole forum named after me

Do you think babies are like moths though? Maybe all I need is a maglite.

bumperlicious Sun 17-Jun-07 16:35:30

Sorry TA, hope you don't mind about the title !

Foxy, glad it's not just me who's bra also doubles a placemat!

Just had a small panic attack - my internet was down, couldn't get on to MN for an hour!

TA I'm sure I read something somewhere about using a light to try and turn breech babies...maybe it will encourage it to come out...follow the light baby, follow the light!

trendaverter Sun 17-Jun-07 16:37:30

I think everyone is hiding

Well I am off to be monitored in a mo. Decided finally not to be induced tonight, What it does mean is that every morning I will wake up as miserable as sin but by 11am I should cheer up

So off to the sunny climes of the Royal Berkshire to have 2 big belts strapped to my stretch marks! Yay! Back in a while

trendaverter Sun 17-Jun-07 16:41:28

Of course I don't mind, I think it's funny

My bra is handy too, I keep the scraps as snacks for later.

DH just helped me clean the whole house, bless, perhaps he is hoping that if he helps me nest then a baby will come out sooner

Back later! xx

bumperlicious Sun 17-Jun-07 16:53:28

Good luck TA! xxx

foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 17:28:26

Good luck TA!

What a panic Bumper! No MN for an hour <<shudders>>

I hung myself over my birthing ball and listened to the CD again. I'm beginning to get a bit dependent on it to relax I thing!

5 hours of peace to go...

5 hours until I can kiss my children

foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 17:28:52

I thing?? i think, dur!

bumperlicious Sun 17-Jun-07 17:38:44

Aww, sweet foxy! Good to know you've missed them! Glad the CD has worked out for you. If the post natal recovery one is any good I'll send you that too.

foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 17:48:07

Thanks Bumper, you are kind!

yes, I'm quite an old softy really (although I'll still be screaming at them tomorrow evening, I'm sure )

doggus Sun 17-Jun-07 18:32:19

Good luck trendaverter, hope the baby comes along naturally soon.

Has anyone else got the unable to eat thing - I am starving but can only eat little bits at a time or I am massively bloated. Most unlike me, as I am renowned for my great greed.

I saw my stepfather today, for the first time in ten days and he told me I was even bigger (in a nice way). Does the bump stop growing ever?!

bumperlicious Sun 17-Jun-07 18:52:20

I wish doggus - I think I am storing up energy with the amount I am eating! I know what you mean about getting bigger. Royal mail have offered me my own post code!

daisyboo Sun 17-Jun-07 18:59:01

yes doggus....after you've given birth!!

LoL at you not dragging your bawling children around the supermarket bumper....what are you gonna do with them?.....tie them on a leash outside with the doggies?

oh I'm feeling witty and ascerbic thi evening....

went to est est est for fathers day tea....LO was great, sleeping alll the way through starter and main, and waking up before we had ordered pud. we were sat at a corner table, but I just didn't have the guts to whip my norks out and get her latched on......instead we went for the screaming baby on the 10 minute journey home!......what a coward I am

she's fed and happy now!

Bumper...i know they do that EC in rural china.... baby clothes have a hole/flap in the crotch, but.....what a faff, isn't that why nappies were invented in the first place. each to their own as TA said!

bumperlicious Sun 17-Jun-07 19:31:24

DH and I always say that one of us will look after the baby and one of us can do the shopping (I love it and he hates it anyway!) - no "I told you so's" in a few months though!

riabutterflew Sun 17-Jun-07 19:33:25

My sister (mainly her DH actually) was priceless before they had kids ("ours will NEVER watch teletubbies/have tantrums" etc etc, based on what my other sister - the childcare professional - did with her kids who were quite happy.) Pah and Bollocks. My nephews sits in the car and recites entire videos to entertain himself on journeys, my niece cries all the time and they can both tantrum for Britain.

Sadly we are all human and so are our kids (well, I think so - most people's are). It's all down to how we handle a situation rather than the situation not happening at all. And, just so you don't think I'm being superioir and preachy (cos I'm not), I usually handle the situation VERY BADLY!

Also, I had a wonderfully behaved DS1 until he went to school and it's been downhill ever since (all the way to borstal I expect). All we can do is try our best...

riabutterflew Sun 17-Jun-07 19:36:25

Ooo er. A bit deep for me that, best go back to being flippant and cleaning things!

My boys were pefectly behaved for their gps at lunch, and ate everything and it was "delicious". They were even good when their cousins came.

Some days are so much better than others aren't they?

trendaverter Sun 17-Jun-07 19:43:07

evening all!

Wonder how Pingu is?
Well I had my monitoring, they put me on for 1.5 hours, UGH because LO wanted to play the whole time and they needed to see a sleep pattern too. Note to self - eat something beforehand tomorrow, LO tends to be quieter when I am not hungry.

Anyway, everything was fine, inducement for tonight duly cancelled and I am well on my way for Friday.

Actually I feel really happy and positive this evening, even about the prospect of being induced friday, I feel at ease with the whole situation now and quite content. I think I really wasn't ready for intervention tonight though.

When I am on here at 7am all weepy and depressed because I didn't give birth in the night, please point me back to my glowing happiness in this post

daisyboo Sun 17-Jun-07 19:44:45

MysticredRanger has been positively horrible all bloody day.....he's roared and bellowed since he got out of bed, hasn't listened to anything DH and I have said and kept running away when we were out. Then he had the most almighty tantrum at bath-time (he was relatively well behaved in the restaurant thankfully) and how DH didn't drown him I have no idea.

Mind you, I've had a farking awful headache all afternoon which lifted temporarily with ibuprofen, but is now back with a vengeance. Thought it might be a side effect of the anti-biotics or ADs, but have just realised its more likely to be a withdrawal from the codeine tablets I've been taking since the operation! Gawd, now I know how junkies feel....I'm positively rattling from all of these pills I'm popping!

foxybrown Sun 17-Jun-07 19:48:35

Ria, I think your words are very true and wise, and yes! to the whole school thing. Its a bad influence!

Am glad you are at ease TA, that's very important. Sounds like you have made wise decisions, taken control and have the support from your hospital. Brilliant!!

Bumper - two words - internet shopping. Don't take children to supermarkets, its not fair on them, you or other shoppers!!

riabutterflew Sun 17-Jun-07 19:49:12

Am pleased you are happier TA. Maybe things will start if you aren't worrying too?

My MW mentioned two more weeks today, don't know if it was just something to say or if she knows something I don't. I was due today by my scan or Tuesday by the plastic dial thingy that the consultant looked at. As it was an antibiotic induced accident I couldn't say! Don't know how DH will cope with another fortnight! (I don't fancy being much more uncomfortable either).

I find nights the hardest, worrying if I will wake up in the night in labour and having to sort the GPs in the middle of the night for the boys and having to leave them when they're asleep. It would be far more convenient to deliver them to the GPs during the day and then they can put them to bed at their house etc. Silly really.

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