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anyone pregnant and over 40?

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teejay Mon 11-Jun-07 13:40:20

There must be a few of us?

fitnforty Thu 06-Sep-07 19:29:24

Hi all, I'm having my first in March when i'll have just turned 41. Never wanted kids until my bodyclock kicked me about last year and sorted me out

Had the NT scan and went from a 1 in 65 risk to a 1 in 1340 with the bloods combined which is great as i didn't want to risk an amnio!

Have no intention of participating in sports days - that's what my DH toyboy (he's 33!) should do to support me in my old age

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 23-Sep-07 23:25:41

Hi everyone

Still feeling lousy but 30 weeks now and baby kicking like mad

So tired and hoping that its pregnancy related as I am going to need energy for this one and dd.

mmk Thu 27-Sep-07 20:31:52

Over 40?? and the rest!! I'm not pregnant now, but had a baby at 43, and one at 45. Second is now 5 months old. I'm loving it!

mmk Thu 27-Sep-07 20:33:35

forgot to say, I had no probs at all with either of my pregnancies, and got pregnant via fantastic clinic in Russia. Very good and very cheap.

ChantillyLace Thu 27-Sep-07 20:55:52

Hi bit late joining this htread but I turned 40 just after dd3 was born.

DDs 1 & 2 are from 1st marriage and are 20 and 18. DD3 is turning 4 in December.

I had a great pregnancy and had no qualms about being an older mum. UNderstand the grandparent thing but my FIL is only 61, my mum is 71 but very young for her age. My father and MIL both died from cancer so they would not have been around anyway.

My only setback with having a baby later in life has been how difficult it is to lose the weight this time!!!!!sad

We chose not to have any tests and decided we would just deal with it. Thankfully we were lucky and after an easy pregnancy and very easy birth she's making us pay for it now! What an attitude!!shock

Kayron Sat 06-Oct-07 03:39:41

Ladies, I just miscarried 3 days ago; the day before my 50th birthday. Imagine my shock when I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. Youngest children are 18 year old twins that were conceived through ART artificial insemination using husband sperm my eggs. Divorced and no birth control for 20 years and pregnant at 50! My fiance of 4 years is 53; never married, no children. He was so happy. Now---since I know this is possible I am considering actually trying. But I feel as though I must be crazy! My periods are like clock work and I am in good health as far as I know. I was told at the hospital all the nurses were taking bets and thought I was 42 max. So--I am a young 50. However, I am concerned with all of the risk I am reading about for both baby and mother at this advanced age.

riddyha Thu 31-Jan-08 11:55:55

Hi, I know this thread is a bit old now, but is anyone else a new Mum to be and in their 40s? I am and could do with some support!

OldieButGoldie Fri 01-Feb-08 15:30:07

Me too Riddyha.
I'm 46 and due on 25th of this month. How old are you? I would love to find someone the same age as me or, even better, older! grin

Flibbertyjibbet Fri 01-Feb-08 15:34:13

Teejay you missed me off your list!
I'm 45 and have ds1 3yo (was 42) and DS2 20m (was 43).

I always come on these threads and say 'look at meeeeee! If I can then anyone can!!'

Only downside is I live in a place with high teenage pregnancies and am often mistaken for my sons' grandmother. That REALLY hurts. Especially as I look young for my age!

riddyha Fri 01-Feb-08 16:58:20

Thanks for replying, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only over 40 out there. I'll be 41 when it's due in mid September. I'm really nervous about the risks and al the tests that I've read about. I've got my first midwife appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully it should all become clear after that.

hedgepig Fri 01-Feb-08 19:23:09

I'm 41 and a 1/2, just found out I am pg which makes me due in October. petrified of mc with every twinge. I'm totally Kn***ed Glad to here there are some more "mature" mumsnetters on the pg threads. Riddyha is this your 1st?

riddyha Sun 03-Feb-08 08:54:02

Hi Hedgepig. Yup this is my first. We'd been trying for a couple of years, but had thought that nothing was going to happen. Now it has it still doesn't seem really. Got horrible nausea especially when i'm hungry, and some smells are sooo strong they make me gag. I'm due on 17th September.
Meant to be going swimming this morning (good exercise apparently) but just feel like slobbing around!

shabster Sun 03-Feb-08 09:15:52

I had my 4th DS when I was almost 41. He was my healthiest pregnancy - we had a 1:180 chance of downs and I had the amneocentisis. Everything was fine but the four week wait for the results was awful,

WHERE IS TRIPLET! She has just the best older mums story.

liahgen Sun 03-Feb-08 10:17:36

Hi ladies,

Here I am 4 pages in. Is it ok to join you?
Am not pg at mo cos am currently breastfeeding 5th child, (9mths)who I gave birth to at 40.

Will be 42 in Sept, and I am desperate for another but dh dithers between ok, yeah sure why not, to as mentioned before, too restrictive, no life as we get older etc etc

My eldest is 13, then 10, 4 and half, 3 in April, and Little Annie who will be 1 in May.

triplets Mon 04-Feb-08 23:32:48

Triplets bows in............Hi Shabster, you have soon got around on here! Well most of you probably know my story by now, I was 2 months off of my 46th birthday when I had my naughty lovely trio, 2 boys and a girl. Life was much easier 10 yrs ago when they were born, we are permanently exhausted and broke, but its good!

jabberwocky Tue 05-Feb-08 01:38:21

Can I join too? I had ds2 at age 41. He is 1.2 now. Ds1 is 4.5 and I feel tired a LOT! I don't know how those of you with 3, 4, and 5 dcs keep up envy

liahgen Tue 05-Feb-08 11:42:24

are any of us that are not pg comtemplating or actively trying for more?

Or is that just me? ... lol wink

hedgepig Wed 06-Feb-08 21:46:08

I'm here bored of waiting and I'm only 6 weeks! it is going to be a long 9 months. I had my son at 37 and I feel so much more tired this time or maybe I don't have the luxury of snoozing everynight I get home from work.

riddyha Thu 07-Feb-08 13:15:12

Tiredness seems to be a common sympton. I'm really lucky in that I only work part time(supply teaching) so I can have days when I do very little. Somedays I've got loads of energy and then the next day I can feel really lethargic.

I met my midwife for the first time on Tuesday. She didn't weigh me or even take my blood pressure, she just went through the long green form and filled that in. She did speak about screening. I don't think I can bear to wait until 16 weeks to have the blood test for Downs. So we've decided to go to The Fetal Medicine Centre in London to have a nuchal scan and blood test done, during week 12. I'll feel a lot happier when that's out of the way. We have only told closest family at the moment but if everything's OK then we can tell friends then. Appparently you get the results at the consultation. So, fingers and toes crossed!!

hedgepig Thu 07-Feb-08 20:34:44

riddyha I had a nuchal with my 1st son and that with the blood tests was very reassuring they will be able to tell you what the nuchal shows at the consultaion but I think they may have to process the bloods over a few days. Do you live in London or will it be a long trip?
My friend who as 37 when she had her daughter just went straight to an amnio because she wanted to know for certain but it seemed a bit drastic to me. I was sick for the 1st time today which bizzarely was a positive for me cos it shows I have lots of hormones, I will not be saying this next week if I am as sick as I was last time grin
I have told a couple of friend and will tell my parents next week, I decided if I was going to mc I wanted my close mates to know why I was so miserable.

Angielfc Mon 11-Feb-08 17:12:46

Hi, Just found this thread....I'm 44 and 21 weeks pregnant with my 4th and last. Nice to see other similar aged mums to be!

sophiesmiles Tue 19-Feb-08 06:42:37

I also just found this thread, I'm 44 and pregnant with dd number 2, I hope this isnt my last grin

Angielfc Wed 20-Feb-08 10:41:14

Hi there, It's very quiet on here. I'm also having a girl, I have a 3 year old too so it will be nice for her. When are you due?

hedgepig Thu 21-Feb-08 15:06:32

it is quite, but nice to see other moms of a similar age. The ttc thread over 40 was quite too, maybe we all too much else to do than post.
I'm a bit stressed at the mement I had bleeding last week which stopped but it has stated again, my Dr has arranged a scan for me tomorrow so I will know more then.

Angielfc Fri 22-Feb-08 08:54:03

Hi Hedgepig, sorry to hear about the bleeding, I hope everythings ok. How many weeks are you? Wishing you all the best at your scan today!

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