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Due in July Part Five - The Final Furlong

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Caroline1852 Mon 11-Jun-07 10:21:07

We have run out of space on the other thread.

Kyte Mon 11-Jun-07 10:49:47

Our nursery is a bit of a dumping ground at the moment, too. It's partly because the LO will sleep in our room for the first few months ans partly because we're not sure what to do with the 9 months plus car seat (which is huge) because the garage roof leaks and we have no ladder to get into our loft! Oh and also because we have so many 0-3 month clothes that we're running out of space for them. Well at least it means less washing

I'm really enjoying our NCT classes at the moment. I've realised after only 1 week off work that I really do need adult company a few times during the week. I'm going to find out about local baby groups etc so that I've always got something we can go to if I just need to get out of the house.

Also, the LO has been making me contentedly this week. Lots more little feet movements, especially when I put my hands on my stomach, but very few of the "you're in my way / stop crampimg my style" kicks. And sometimes it will play with my bola (chime) necklace, by tapping where the necklace is chiming, as I move it around my stomach. Very cute. Not sure that it means the LO is clever, though, may just be telling me to be quiet

madmumNika Mon 11-Jun-07 10:51:10

Hello ladies, can't believe we're on our fifth thread! Do you think this one will last until we've all had our littles ones?!

Tried to catch up a bit from the last thread but we're been away for 3 days & was offline for a bit beforehand so sorry haven't managed to keep on top of all our chat!

Just after a bit of advice/experiences. At 34 weeks how much swelling did you have/have you got? Over the past 4 days my ankles & feet have suddenly ballooned, and hands too. Am a bit worried about PE 'cos of my history so midwife is coming out to check my BP this afternoon (on the insistence of DP who worries even more than me!). At my last check BP was up for me (134/94- usually 120/80) but I don't have any other PE symptoms so hoping the swelling is just 'normal' pregnancy oedema. I'm out of the heat & it's not quite as hot in NI as it sounds like in England...

Otherwise we are doing last scan baby was growing pretty well & amniotic fluid now at normal levels (yey!)- plus placenta & blood flow all good. Have had friends over to stay since Thurs so we decided to all rent a cottage in Donegal (NW Ireland) and it was a beautiful weekend- DS had lots of attention too so he loved it!

Hope you are all well & the week is a good one! xxxxx

Caroline1852 Mon 11-Jun-07 11:12:00

Last night had the best night's sleep in a week.... first night of not going walkabout in the middle of the night owing to LO disco dancing!
I am going to spend this week trying to get organised for the new arrival, catching up on all ironing and giving the house a really good spring clean. I think I am going to splash out and ask my cleaner to come a second time each week from next week and til baby is a couple of months old - it is only money isn't it and will make for a more relaxed me. Better for everyone as I really feel much brighter when things are clean and orderly in the house, I hate that out of control feeling of something needing doing but just not having the energy to do it.... frustrating!). I had a complete meltdown on Saturday night as the house was a mess in the evening (DS2 just returned from a school trip with bags and bags of muddy smelly kit and shoes) and I just needed to cook supper, eat, get the children off to the shower and get myself off to bed. Am just useless from 6.30pm onwards these days.

Myfairone Mon 11-Jun-07 13:03:42

Caroline - I too am completely useless past 6.30! I have all good intentions of doing stuff but it just doesn't happen!

Melissa - Sorry to hear your Mum was insensitive. I am sure that the room is fine! If you like it then don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Well my weekend improved (Thankfully!) My DH got over his little tantrum and apologised for being insensitive. My SIL had her baby (3 and half weeks early!!! OMG!), she had a boy weighing 7lb 10oz and both are well!

I am counting the days to finish work and then plan on doing all my jobs...the list is growing by the day!

Big hugs to all.

bubble78 Mon 11-Jun-07 13:47:47

not posted on here in ages but i have been trying to keep up with posts..

this hot weather is killing me spend as much time as poss sat in front of the fan ( has anyone any good tips on what is safe to use on itchy skin when pg? its mainly my tummy where the stretch marks are and my legs cause there hot)

hope everyone is keeping ok i keep getting little pains like period type pains today but fingers crossed its nothing im too hot to go into labour

Justaboutmanaging Mon 11-Jun-07 13:48:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jamantha Mon 11-Jun-07 13:58:31

madmumnika - am now 35 weeks and over past week my ankles have been quite elephantine! Hope yours is just oedema and not PE (I think mine is)

Melissa - sure your room is just fine, and regardless of what your Mum says it's not like baby's are known for passing comment on interior design are they? And of course you've got to store stuff somewhere! Our nursery-to-be is a right mess at the moment. FIL is doing carpentry in there today and all sorts of stuff is in storage on other side of room. Am of you having finished work by the way. I'm technically still working, but am on the sofa at the moment, trying to do some work and ignore the pain from UTI and ear infection, neither of which are going away. Got different lot of antibiotics this morning, so fingers crossed.

Jamantha Mon 11-Jun-07 14:00:19

Oh, found out yesterday that friend of friend had her LO 5 weeks early last week. Eek, I've only got 5 weeks to go on paper, could be me next!

abgirl Mon 11-Jun-07 14:12:49

Hi All, mmnika am glad to hear you've got to 34 weeks and hope the swelling is just normal pregnancy oedema. At 36+3 I am feeling the size of a small whale and can't wait to see the consultant on friday to book my elective c section! Have suddenly got very uncomfortable and think the baby may have dropped down into my pelvis a bit so you never know it may all start happening before the elective c section date (would be very pleased to go into labour right now - can you tell? )

Caroline am very re your cleaner and would definitely get one for a few months now if I could afford it!

bubble78 am slathering on the bio-oil with glee at the moment though old c section scar still quite tight and itchy now. Have also been recommended Palmer's Cocoa butter but I don't like the smell!

Kyte Mon 11-Jun-07 14:52:53

Bubble - I use E45 lotion for my itchy skin in the daytime. It's lovely and works all day without being a problem for my sensitive skin. I use vaseline at night but boy does it make my nighties greasy!

MadmumNika - I (34+4) get a little swelling of hands and feet in the eveings or if I've been on my feet / sat vertically too long - especially when on my birth ball I've taken my wedding ring off now because a few days ago it almost got stuck after being on the birth ball in the hot weather, not drinking enough and eating salty foods...Checked with the midwife and she's very happy that this is normal at this stage, especially as I have no protein in urine or any of the other PE symptoms. I was a bit(!) worried about it until I spoke to her, though

Oh, can anyone tell me: if it says in my notes that the baby is "ceph" and its head is "free" - does this mean that the head is not engaged but the baby's head is sitting on my bladder with it's feet in my ribs? I'm starting to get of those of you who've been told the head is partially engaged but hey, I've still got a month to go

Jamantha Mon 11-Jun-07 15:05:58

I'm down as "ceph" and "free" too Kyte - head down but not engaged as far as I understand it

Cakehead Mon 11-Jun-07 15:06:06

Hello everyone,
yes Kyte, I think 'free' means that it hasn't engaged yet; that it hasn't dropped into place.
I saw my consultant last week and as my baby is still breech - and I'm 37 and a half weeks - he's booked a c-section for 28th June. Feels really odd as DD was an easy birth and very uncomplicated and suddenly this seems quite complex! And very odd to pick your baby's birthday from a doctor's diary! Takes a bit of the magic away, somehow. DD was 10 days early though, so in my head I'm sort of thinking it could be any time from next week. So maybe we'll get a surprise one way or another. They've told me that if I think labour's starting, they'll take me in, scan again and do the section then. I've told DH not to be without his mobile now, as they don't tend to hang around once they've got a space in theatre!

Catz Mon 11-Jun-07 16:55:08

Hi, I was moaning a few days ago about midwife telling me baby was small " because you are still working" and referred me to hosp... just got back from an afternoon at hosp having scans, doppler test on cord etc. Every single measurement is above the 50 percentile and scan said she was measuring 6lb 8 already (although that's pretty unreliable too - was told there is an error of up to 17lb on it!). Ironically I will now have to work for longer to catch up with everything I missed this afternoon! Nice to see baby again though and check that still seems to be a girl and in the right place.

Oh and my mw had also said that a pool was out and I'd have to have continuous monitoring because of a small bleed - asked hospital mw whether it would cause any probs and she said not at all, assuming all was OK up until labour no problems with using pool etc. Can now start to feel positive about it all again.

madmumNika Mon 11-Jun-07 17:05:47

Hello again, unfortunately midwife is worried about my swelling...and BP is up too So have been asked to go to the hospital for more checks now... it's 1.5 hr drive away so could be a long night. I am terrified. Leaving DS is the hardest. Fingers crossed everything comes back ok.

Catz- really glad all is ok with you & LO

Love to you all & bumps, take it easy xxx

Caroline1852 Mon 11-Jun-07 17:08:28

Catz - glad all is well with your scans and pool not out of the reckoning for you. Wish I could be a fly on the wall as you tell your lovely MW .
I walked into town today with DD is pushchair as I do most days to run (actually waddle!) a few errands. It is about a mile there and a mile back. I spent far longer in town than I intended and came over all tired (had been mooching round for a couple of hours) and phoned DP to come and get us in the car as he has a day off today.

Caroline1852 Mon 11-Jun-07 17:09:40

madmumnika - very best of luck Cx

Kyte Mon 11-Jun-07 17:36:05

madmumnika - ((hugs))

Catz Mon 11-Jun-07 17:50:19

Hope all is well madmumnika.

Justaboutmanaging Mon 11-Jun-07 18:01:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jamantha Mon 11-Jun-07 18:03:56

madmumnika - hope all is well. fingers crossed for you.

catz- huzzah for you and hope all continues to get better from here on

typhoonsmum Mon 11-Jun-07 18:11:48

Good Luck Madmumnika

The GTT came back clear. So as a treat I bought myself a big box of CHOCOLATE!

Have this really horrible rib ache on my left side. It used to only come at night but now it is there all day as well. I know it is just things getting bigger but itis really uncomfortable. I can't sleep as it is too hot at night and my ribs hurt.


weddingcake Mon 11-Jun-07 18:15:31

Madmumnika - keeping everything crossed for you.

I am totally in awe of those of you who are still working in this heat especially those with a commute. I'm finding it hard enough and I'm still on virtual bed rest so can spend a lot of time in front of my fan. Had to go out to see gp this afternoon though and am now swollen to grotesque proportions and feel like I might melt!

Myfairone Mon 11-Jun-07 18:16:06

Madmum - Good luck, I hope all goes well.

Catz - Don't you just want to phone the other midwife and do the whole 'nah, nah, nah, nah, nahhhhhh!' She worried you for no reason at all! So glad that all is well!

Cakehead - Hope all goes well. I know it must be odd to pick the birthday but I guess at least you can get prepared and not have to worry about 'when its going to happen'!

I came home from work early today. Have been getting hot flushes all day (which were really embarassing when I was at a client site) the very young guy I was meeting asked I was okay and needed a drink...felt like telling him I needed a bath towel to dry off!

Big hugs to all and I hope that everyone sleeps well tonight in this heat!

Stigaloid Mon 11-Jun-07 18:40:41

Catz - so glad to hear all is well with your LO.

Jamantha - i know of 4 people who have given birth early so far now - all 5-3 weeks ahead of time! Am hoping that LO comes a little early as in this heat being pregnant is starting to become less fun!

MadmumNika - my hands started swelling up lately but spoke to mid-wife and she said that's normal in hot weather and late pregnancy. If you are worried though then definitely see a Mid-wife or Dr. Hope all is okay.

Had hectic weekend with family this one just gone and our luck continues to be off. Mum bought a pram in the sale in December for us and gave it to us yesterday - although there is an obvious manufacturer's fault with it (pram hood doesn't have the corresponding poppers to attach it to pram) and i have no idea if we will be able to swap it or not. Grrrr. 3 weeks to go and now no car, so mode of transport for us, and now no pram - so no mode of transport for baby. I am going to try and call Mama's and Papa's to see what they can do but with the pram being 6 months old (although not used at all) i am doubting much luck. Argh!

On the plus side - first day of maternity leave today and being able to have a cat nap in the afternoon was heaven. Hooray!

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