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Due In New Year - other thread got too big!

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pussycatmomma Thu 07-Jun-07 18:37:18

Hi ladies cant post a link to the other as apparantly it is too big to accept new messages....but this is the new one anyway. Will just copy and paste my last message on the old thread...hang on...

pussycatmomma Thu 07-Jun-07 18:38:50

hi everyone................
thank you so much for lovely messages,
all is well
Am so very relieved. The ladies at the early preg unit place were really kind and nice. I had a tummy scan and they could see the baby but not the heartbeat clearly. I was then allowed to go for a wee (had a full bladder for scan as asked) and then they did the vaginal scan and saw everything Tiny little scrap of a thing but with its little beating heart
Cried all the way through, of course, done nothing but cry on and off since last night, the panic, the fear, and now the sheer relief of everything being ok for now.
They are going to do another scan in 2 weeks, just for my own reassurance i think. They said the bleeding was caused by a small haemorage(sp?) lyiing near the sac but it is away from the baby and not related to the baby in any way. They said i might get some more bleeding as it comes away, but also that the remaining blood may get reabsorbed into my body.
This is going to be a truly terrifying 9 months ladies....
But for now, all well and I am just going to chill out this evening.
Thank goodness for this thread!!!!!
thank you for listening to my waffle everyone

pussycatmomma Thu 07-Jun-07 18:39:37

just wanted you all to know x
And thanks to coriander for letting me know old thread too big to take messages

trace2 Thu 07-Jun-07 19:02:21

hi pussycat just read this glad you ok, you need to rest as i said! take care i will be thinking of you

trace2 Thu 07-Jun-07 19:03:30

oh pussycat please send your mob number by e-mail to me so next week when i go in jon can text you when i have bubs

pussycatmomma Thu 07-Jun-07 19:08:23

hiya trace.....It was so very terrifying. So unexpected just to go for a wee and there be blood there, but Thank the Lord that it seems to be ok. Will email my mobile. How are you my love?? thought you may have gone in by now. Thinking of you sweetie xxx

laughalot Thu 07-Jun-07 19:19:12

Hi pussycat

Just wanted to let you know that I ended up at the EPU with both my children and everything turned out fine, I had exactly the same thing with lauren, they are really nice there arent they. Take it easy and you must promise to come into work and see me soon I start back on 11th july only wendesdays and thursdays though.

pussycatmomma Thu 07-Jun-07 19:30:43

hi lotta sweetie , yes the ladies were really kind. What stage did you go in with Lauren? Did you have any more bleeding after that first initial time? I am scared of it happening again but at least will have an idea what it is about. I walked past your shop yesterday, saw a blonde lady and thought it might have been you - good job i didnt pop in Is your name claire too? I dont want to come in and ask for laughalot!! xx

Coriander73 Thu 07-Jun-07 20:50:21

PCM FWIW, I bled on & off for about 4 weeks...but once I had the scan & started getting MS I was more reassured.. Think positive & conserve your energy..don't get hung up on anything else other than looking after yourself

Trace, going in??

laughalot Thu 07-Jun-07 20:53:04

Hee hee yes I am claire but there are two of us I am the blond one. I went in at 6 weeks with Aidan and Lauren 7 weeks exactly same as you and with both I only had the one off bleed. Just remember to take it easy xxxxxxx

MamaMaiasaura Thu 07-Jun-07 21:01:00

Fantastic news so glad scan all ok. Think small bleeds are fairly common (implantation??) I had a small one show on my scan but nothing has come out so reckon i re-asbsorbed mine.

Midwife called me again today Am seeing her on Thursday next week. Will be 10+5, what do you reckon my chances are of hearing heartbeat? She said appoitnemtn will last around 40 minutes didnt remember last one taking so long but that was in 1999! (ds was born in 2000)

<<waves to everyone else>>

This thread has been sooo busy. I think it is fab!

plummymummy Thu 07-Jun-07 21:42:54

Fantastic news pussycatmomma Bet you are so relieved. Have a lovely evening x

gingeme Thu 07-Jun-07 23:03:34

Oh phew I found you all.
Great news pussycatmomma.
Just a quick question is anyone else getting a kind of ache just above their belly button? Ive never had this before. Maybe its just my old stretched out tummy muscles saying'oh no not again'.
The bobby fairy visited yesterday and they are OUCH! today. Still feeling knackered but the hayfever wasnt too bad today. Well thats about it. Glad all you ladies are doing ok

beller Fri 08-Jun-07 07:34:38

thats fantastic new Pussycattomomma!! Must be such a relief!
My sister leant me a dvd called "In the womb"...It shows from conception to birth...oh my really excited and was talking to beany as I was watching it when they got to 10 weeks. It was totally amazing,and would really recommend it, will try and find out where my sister got it from.
Hope everyone is well today...Its friday!!!!!

BeckyAu Fri 08-Jun-07 09:54:47

Pussycatmomma - I am so pleased for you that's great news

How is everyone feeling? Earlier in the week I felt so exhausted with really sore boobs but yesterday and today I feel more fine than I have since I found out I was pregnant (am 8 weeks 4 days). I'm worried that something may be wrong with beanie and that's why I'm fine because beanie's not growing anymore. I may be oanicking with no reason but I'd really like to hear if this has happened to anyone else?

Sorry for the panic - just so glad you're all there for me to ask! Thanks ladies xxx

gingeme Fri 08-Jun-07 10:04:06

Dont worry Becky I feel better some days and not so good other days. Like yesterday I didnt even feel pregnant except for sore boobs. Toaday I have morning sickness and sore booobs and feel light headed. So pg symptoms come and go. I think it also depends on how much your doing in the day and how much time youve got to think about it.

BWMum Fri 08-Jun-07 10:12:14

Pussycatmomma - really glad to hear your scan was ok and you got to see your LO. I hope you have a peaceful weekend after all that's happened this week!

Becky - I've had the same thing, this week I've felt fairly good after feeling horrid for the past three weeks. Everything I've read says its normal so trying to take comfort from that and get lots done while I actually have the energy to do it!

pussycatmomma Fri 08-Jun-07 10:48:16

im sure we all had a pregnancy paranoia chip implanted in us the night we got our bfps- our feelings are all so similar!!!!
i dont really have any symptoms not the classics you read about. No metal mouth, no being sick, cant think of any others.
I just feel really tired, and have been having a little nap early evening/afternoon. My boobs have been the most significant, sore, bigger, nipples bigger and more sensitive...seem to have alot more discharge "down there", and have feelings where i am nauseus but never enough to actually be sick. Gone off sweet things and cups of tea. Apart from fruity ice lollies!!!! im loving those at the moment, especially "lemonade sparkles!"""" anyone remember those?? am addicted to those and Mr men raspberry fruity ice lollies! we buy them for the twins (niece and nephew) but strangley im very drawn to them at the mo!
try not to worrry becky, all will be well xxxxxxxxxxxxx

plummymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 11:00:40

Similar to you in the symptoms dept. pussycatmomma. Think I might have an ice lolly for breakfast.

MrsMcJnr Fri 08-Jun-07 11:02:00

Sorry for being away so long I am fine now, spotting has stopped and I feel clamer – thank you all for caring about me

Just updating the list to change my EDD, my software said 17/1 based on OV but the hospital want to go with LMP:

Imawurzel - 29th Dec - First Timer
Housemum - 29 Dec approx, 2 DDs (14 and 4)
Macdoodle - 30 Dec 1DD 5 years
Bettymamma - 31Dec-3Jan ish, DD 20 months
Naetha - 31st Dec-4th Jan ish - first timer
Toomanyshoes - 2nd Jan, DD 2 years
PBirdy - Jan 2nd, First Timer
beller - 3rd jan first timer
birdseed - 3rd jan, First timer
BWMum - 4th Jan First timer
Awen - 5th Jan - ds 7 years
KMT - 5th Jan, First timer
ScotsgirlinOz - 7th Jan - 1 dd
lilyloo - 8th Jan ds 5, dd 2
ledodgy - 9th jan dd 4 ds 18mths
Mum2sons - 9th Jan 2DSs ages??
teenagersagain - 8th - 10th jan ds 17 &14, dd 4
Goingfor3 - 8 - 12 Jan 2 DDs 3 and 5
Angelcake99 - 11th Jan 1 DS 2
Jenswish - 11th Jan (I think) - First timer
Pinkelephant -11th jan (ish) First timer
Skibump - 12th Jan (tbc) 1 DS 14 mths
Mummyto2littleprincess- 13th Jan- 2dd 4,2
Skibump - 14th Jan 1 DS 15mths - 12wk scan 29/6 Coventry
Gingeme - 14th Jan 4ds 13,11,3 and 6mths
Barristermum - 15th Jan First timer
BeckyAu - 15th Jan - First timer
GemTubbs - 15th Jan, First timer
MrsMcJnr - 15 Jan First timer
mum2sam-16th jan, ds 2.5 years
Letsgo - 16 Jan, First timer
Plummymummy - 25 Jan approx - 1 ds nearly 3
Mrs Biscuit - 25 Jan - First timer
Katyt - 27th Jan (approx) DS 1yr
PussyCatMumma - 27th Jan(ish) First timer
Iwillbe - 27th Jan(doc says 30 but i disagree) First timer
Fruitful - 28th Jan dd 5, ds 2.3
Spud01 - 30th Jan, dd 14, ds 3
VictorVictoria - 1st Feb, ds 2

Now going to try to catch up……….

plummymummy Fri 08-Jun-07 11:05:40

Great news mrs mcj

pussycatmomma Fri 08-Jun-07 11:07:34

did you get a scan mrs mc?

beller Fri 08-Jun-07 11:14:39

Well i have had no m/s at all...just sore boobs,constipation..and feel tired. Think we are all the same,and wont be put to rest really until after 12 weeks scan.then we will find something else to worry about! Did have metal mouth for first few weeks, but that has gone no too...
Glad your feeling better Mrsmcjnr

angelcake99 Fri 08-Jun-07 11:31:04

Hi ladies... glad that the scan went well pussycatmomma, its must have been a huge relief! Glad that the bleeding has stopped too Mrs MCJ, I had some spotting a couple of weeks ago and was worried, but had an early scan and all looked well, I go back next week for another scan, so hoping the next few days will fly by!

I have also had a craving for ice lollies and very nearly did a Jordan yesterday in Tescos and bought a big bag of ice cubes to munch.. but i resisted the temptation

How you all have a lovely, worry free weekend!

goingfor3 Fri 08-Jun-07 12:12:36

awen - I don't think the midwife will try to find the heartbeat at 10 weeks. The earliest I ever had mine listened to was 14 weeks and it took ages to find.

MrsMac - Glad the bleeding stopped and you have more peace of mind now.

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