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Due Oct 2007 ~Little Piggies turning into Porkers!

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FloriaTosca Tue 05-Jun-07 13:44:59

Thought I'd get the new thread started as no one objected to my title suggestion

FloriaTosca Tue 05-Jun-07 13:55:14

Buffy you have my sympathy on the glucose test..I've not got a date yet but I'm dreading it..I still get morningsickness if I dont eat within an hour of getting up . The mw said that she was just suggesting it to my consultant but as I was having so many other needles and procedures he might just let me off this one I can but hope.
Some one said (sorry cant remember who)how goood tens machines are for labour....that is good to know..I got one years ago when I got gall stones and it was worth its weight in gold...its good to know it will come in usefull again!

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 05-Jun-07 14:12:59

inzi - you poor thing. i am a chiropractor and so i see this kind of thing all the time. i would recommend a cold pack rather than heat as you probably have some inflammation around the area and the cold will help to reduce this and hopefully take some of the pressure off the sciatic nerve. you need to leave it on for at least 20 mins and repeat every couple of hours.

like the new thread floria!

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 05-Jun-07 14:14:34

floria, you will have to make sure your tens machine is the right type. i was going to use one that i use on my patients last time i was pg and then i realised there are different ones for when you are in labour.

Mumpbump Tue 05-Jun-07 15:26:27

Just a quick post so that I can find this thread again. There was loads of stuff on the other thread I wanted to respond to, but I can tell I'm never going to get time so quite pleased you started a new thread so my guilty conscience isn't pricked too badly...

BTW, Floria, I really like Ben and wanted to call no. 2 Ben if it was a boy, but decided not to because it is so popular. I think Patrick is a nice name, but probably prefer Matt although again, slightly conventional...

Mumpbump Tue 05-Jun-07 15:27:12

After I posted, I just thought - was it Alicet who was asking about names? My brain has well and truly turned to mush...

Pheebe Tue 05-Jun-07 16:59:14

Well done Florai, love the name change although the way I feel today 'Big Fat Porkers' would have suited just as well

Had a quick question for you guys, I got home today after a quick training session on a clients new computer system this morning (1 hour drive each way and 40 mins training!) phoned DH and then had some lunch. Got up to clear up and it felt as though someone had turned on a tap and drained all the energy out of me. legs feel weak and wobbly, hands are shaky and I just feel generally weird and like I could drop off to sleep at any second. bub is still wriggling about so not overly worried. It just seemed to come on so fast and hasn't really got much better this pm even though I took the afternoon off and DS slept til 4 pm so I had a good long rest.

Anyone had anything similar???

ejt1764 Tue 05-Jun-07 16:59:54

Afternoon all ...
sorry not to post for days - My pelvis has been absolute agony for the past 5 days - and with going back to work after the hols, I've just found it too mucj!

I am in agony today - asked if I could work from home tomorrow morning as I'm not teaching ... answer was a straight 'no' Apparently it sets a precedent - how many pg people suffering with spd and coccyx pain are there where I work? Hmmm ... one - and that's me!
I got quite cross and pointed out that I'm busting a gut to even be there - and dephead (yes, her again) went to speak to the boss - he's agreed that I can work from home tomorrow - but they are now saying that they don't think it's safe for me to be at work at all. They've asked me to go to see GP to discuss it with her.
I think I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that that's basically it where me and work are concerned!
I'll let you know what the doc says - have managed to book an apt for 9am tomorrow (my surgery has online booking - and I got the last available apt for tomrrow am)
Going to turn in early tonight - am in real pain, and still can't take anything as I'm still throwing up lots of things - paracetemol being one of them ... somebody at work suggested I ask for suppositories (nice!)

hello to everybody [waves madly whilst trying not to move too much!]

FloriaTosca Tue 05-Jun-07 17:44:49

Pheebe I had something similar; a weekend of falling asleep everytime I sat down and going wobbly/dizzy when I got up,(2 weeks ago) my gp said there was a name for it (cant remember what though ) and it was to do with the extra fluid in the body making the heart work harder, and the blood pooling in the extremities when resting so not being available for the major muscles and brain when we get up too fast She said to get up slowly esp at night because A&E get more preggie women with head injuries from falling over dizzy in bathrooms at night than they get drunks!!. And I thought my bp must have gone haywire!...I'd get yourself checked just incase though...cant be too careful.
Greedy, I'm distressed! What is the difference between the machines? Mine is quite old now (5 yrs), I've only used it for when I had my gall bladder pain and the rare occasions when I get a bad back...I was hoping for once I had actually saved money in this pregnancy ..DH is going to go on about being a "drain on resourses" again if I need a new one

inzidoodle Tue 05-Jun-07 17:54:40

thanks greedy I am waiting for dh to come home very desperate on something cold for my back now, so frusrating not being able to walk I am dying on a cup of tea and something to eat, dh (must be ready to leave me now after putting up with weeks of hyperemesis now this!) left me water and pkt of crisps not quite the staple diet needed for lo! between the waves of pain and nausea I could really eat a giant vegeburger and salad, I think because I cant get it I want it more! feel so bad dh doesnt get home until 7 then has to travel all the way back to my work 30mins away with a friend to pick up my car then hoover the house (2dogs 2 cats cant miss a day or tumbleweed hair gathers)then walk the dogs and feed them, then cook tea for us both so will be eating about 11 if were lucky!!!
pheebe dont know if this is the same but my mum keeps telling me to look out for 'the turning' around now, when the baby moves position and apparantly causes light headedness(is that a word?)and tiredness, dont know if thats right or not but my mums convinced she remembers it happening to her.
ejt - aaaagh your employers are so out of order, they are treating you so badly. Did you know its a legal requirement to do a health and safety sheet with you and if you are not safe at work THEY have to either find you a more suitable position or PAY YOU IN FULL while you cant work. pls look into this further, if your doc just signs you off sick you might only be entitled to ssp where you could be getting full pay, you have loads of rights dont let them get away with being bullies. hope you feel better soon, really emphasise with you on the pain!!

Pheebe Tue 05-Jun-07 17:55:32

Thanks Floria

I'll nip up and see the mw tomorow

About tens machines, I have one I bought for labour but I also used it when I had gallstones last year and when I get backpain, it worked well in all cases. Greedy will know better I'm sure but I do know there are different sticky bits and I think you can set some machines to pulse (as you would in labour) and some you can set to permanent. The one I bought could do both. I found a great website about it last year when i was writhing in agony waiting for my gallbaldder op, I'll try and find it again for you tonight

inzidoodle Tue 05-Jun-07 18:13:55

I think this describes my symtoms better, possibly misdiagnosed at hospital

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 05-Jun-07 19:06:54

sorry floria! some tens machines have booster buttons and i think they are the best type for labour pain.this might help clarify it

inzi - lets hope you were misdiagnosed cos PGP is better to have than a prolapsed disc!

greedygreedyguzzler Tue 05-Jun-07 19:08:43

also inzi - if you do have PGP you would probably find chiropractic or osteopathy or physio could help a lot.

j20baby Tue 05-Jun-07 20:06:03

hi all

inzi and ejt, you poor things, and i was going to come on and complain about a constant sore tongue! i have no experience with either of your pains or tens machines but sending you both virtual {{{{{hugs}}}}}

i've got to go to see the specialist tommorrow again about my iron, but hopefully my levels have risen, and i had a visit from my hv today, apparantly they've started doing antenatal visits early, i didn't know they did them at all!!

sorry to miss people out, babybrain has definately kicked in!! maybe we should just all be aware that we are forgetful porkers and then we don't have to keep saying we're sorry for forgetting what each other has said all the time

anyway, i'm going to try to get an early night, hope everyone feels better tommorrow

HonorMatopoeia Tue 05-Jun-07 20:59:47

Aha, found you all!

Sorry to those of you in pain. Pheebe, I've had something very similar recently. One time resulted in me actually collapsing and getting driven off to a&e. Had another turn last friday but managed to control it.I get the terrible tiredness and it's almost as if my body shuts down and says 'ok, sleep now'.
ejt- your place is as crap as mine, it really doesn't help when you're already stressed about pg and all that goes with it. Must be a schools based thing, they seem to think they're not bound by employers rules.

I'll stop whinging now!

inzidoodle Tue 05-Jun-07 21:13:16

hopefully get a physio appt soon greedy, how can they tell the difference between the 2 symtoms ? they seem very similiar. I read that lying on your back can ease sciatic pain but make pgp worse, I cant even consider lying on my back and dont have pain in the back of my leg just the front and side, I have a symptom that points to sciatic pain as I have numbness on my left leg low down (felt different when doctor touched). sorry for looking for free advice ! is there anything that def points to one or the other. I really hope its not a proloapse disc, still finding the pain excruciating it takes 20 minutes to walk 12 steps to my toilet and am crying hysterically by the time I get there it feels like electric shocks in my back

alicet Tue 05-Jun-07 21:57:16

Hi ladies!

Great new thread floria!

Mumpbump thanks for your comments on my name choices - my babybrain is well and truely frazzled trying to decide!

Really sorry to hear that so many of you are having such a terrible time with back pain. One of my close friends who is also pregnant and due in Oct has had loads of problems with back pain to - she would def second the physio, cold packs and tenx machines. I have a tens that I bought off ebay for about £30 and used in labour last time and it was fantastic. Thought it wasn't doing much and turned it off then really realised how good it was! It has different settings to use in labour and for other things like back problems and comes with a booklet to describe how to use it for different purposes. Don't have it at the mo as its on loan to my sil but I think it's an elle tens - one of the ones you can rent from boots. Will try and find out!

Pheebe - I get light headed and faint like you describe pretty often particularly when i'm standing for a while at work. In fact last pg I had to be signed off with it 3 months before i was due as i couldn't operate without feeling faint. Not ideal if you're a patient! Basically my blood pressure is on the low side and they thought this was it dropping further. Nothing in itself to worry about as long as you're not anaemic which can precipitate it. Just a sign to take it easy really. I found compression stockings (the sort you would wear on an aeroplane to prevent blood clots in your legs or TEDs stockings if you wanted to ask your doc to prescribe some) really helped as well as making sure I ate and drank plenty. Good luck!

Sure I have missed some people out but agree with J20 to stop apologising as we all have baby brain and can be excused!!!

alicet Tue 05-Jun-07 21:57:42

Thought I'd post the scan list too so that we can keep up with it....

MrsFish - 15th May (20wk or thereabouts) (little boy) 41"
j20 15th May, 10 am(20 Week) all fine (little girl) 36"
Kezza - 16th May (20 week) all fine (little boy)
alicet - 21st May (20 week) healthy little boy 37"
Betsycoe - 22nd March 9.30am (21 weeks) Little girl 39"
ejt1764 - 22nd May 2pm (21 weeks) 42 1/2" - wriggling little girl
greedy - 23rd May (21ish wk) 42" (strawberry flavoured!)
Kittiwake - 23rd May (19ish week) all fine(surprise)
FloriaTosca-23rd May (20wks +5)all fine (surprise) 42"
Apricott - 24 May (just under 20 weeks) healthy surprise
Mumpbump - 30 May (22 weeks) healthy surprise
Jersey - 1st June (23 weeks) Healthy little boy
Tallis - 1st June (20 weeks) All fine, healthy surprise
WinniethePooh - 4th June 10.20am (22 weeks) Girl
HonorMatopoeia- 4th June 2.30 pm (20 weeks)Healthy little girl!
gemmamc - 8th June (20+4 weeks)
buffythenappyslayer-7th june (22 weeks)46 1/2"
Karlou - 12th June (20 weeks)
inzidoodle - 12th June 11.30am (20 weeks)
Pheebe - 13th June (20 weeks)
PolarMummy - 13th June 6pm (24 weeks)
Honeyapple- 19th June 11.20 am (21+4wks )

alicet Tue 05-Jun-07 21:59:53

And nellie - CAT me means 'contact another mumsnetter' there's a link to do it on the blue bar (underneath where it says mumsnet) to the right. Click on that, stick my name in and it should let you get in touch. I think you have to pay a fiver to contact people for a year. If you would rather save your pennies just give me your email address and I'll send it to you no worries.

Anyone else wants the c-section birth plan feel free to contact me....

FloriaTosca Tue 05-Jun-07 23:50:03

Thanks for the info Greedy looks like I'm going to be a drain on resources! My tens is an anaolgue version with two dials one for intensity the other for duration of pulse...according to the site I'll need a mama-tens but for £28 for 6 weeks rent its not too huge an expenditure.
Pheebe, arent gallstones the pits! I couldnt wait to get mine removed (and thanked the Lord for laparoscopic surgery when I did!) Apparently (according to the women of my family who have suffered both) the intensiy of pain is similar to that of labour (though in my case the gall bladder pain rarely lasted more than 4 hours at a time)so I hope that if I managed to survive 10 months of that while waiting for surgery, I should be able to manage least I hope so. The only things that gave me any relief at that time were hot baths and the tens I'm hoping to manage this the same way (though not at the same time obviously )even if it does mean I have to hire another machine

Pheebe Wed 06-Jun-07 07:51:18

Morning all

Inzi, how are you today hun?

Floria, gallstones was the worst ever. Can't say it was worse than labour really as I had a pretty tough time of it with DS but it was hideous. I had back pain on and off for 2 years after giving birth and was seeing a chiropracter who was convinced it was birth-related. No-one realised what it was until I was in constant pain for nearly 3 weeks, throwing up, couldn't eat, lost loads of weight then turned yellow with liver failure!! nice! Anyway they rushed me in to hospital did that tube down the throat thing to remove the blockage which gave me pancreatitis - now that pain was worse htan labour, constant for 3 days, needed morphine the whole time and literally couldn't move...yuk! Fortunately I somehow managed to get a cancelation had had my op (laparo as well) 4 weeks after coming out of hospital. I haven't had a single twinge of backpain since and I'm still a bit cross that the chiropracter didn't spot it as looking back all the signs were there.

OO sorry for the rant, didn't realise I was still quite so upset about it!! O well, all over now.

The tens machine was absolutely fab for early labour, it was only when I lost the plot later and kept switching it down when I should have been switching it up that things started to go wrong, but by then I think I was beyond the tens anyway. This time I'm going to let DH take over the tens controls, one less thing for me to worry about anyway. It was really halepful after was well when you're all sore and achy and just need some gentle relief.

Right best go get DS's breakfast ready before he starts eating his own feet

nellieloula Wed 06-Jun-07 08:06:53

Morning everyone - hope the pain is subsiding or at least manageable for those suffering. I pulled ligaments in my back when DS was about 4 months and haven't ever felt pain like it so I really, really sympathise. I would second that the tens machines with the boost button are quite good. Alice, thank you! if you could send it to my email that would be brilliant - Thank you so much. Right better get on - it's our cardiac scan in London today so need to get a move on. Fingers crossed - will let you know how it goes. Have a good day everyone.

Pheebe Wed 06-Jun-07 08:09:50

Good luck nellie

alicet Wed 06-Jun-07 10:16:45

good luck nellie! WIll mail you the birth plan no worries

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