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Oct 18 babies 4 - dates

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unicornchaser Tue 31-Jul-18 10:50:00

Hey ladies!

New thread kicked off with all our upcoming due dates so we can keep track of the exciting arrivals!! Can't wait to see if we stay in this order!

@Doll87 - 28th Sept/3rd Oct
@twobambinos - 1st Oct
@Belles86 - 4th Oct - Girl
@Filzma - 5th Oct - Girl
@mamami - 6th Oct
@TinyTerror1 - 7th Oct - Girl
@Havetothink - 8th Oct
@Smithguy86 - 22nd Oct/ind 8th - Twins
@justtowarm - 11th Oct - Girl
@Hayleyxmx - 15th Oct - Girl
@caoraich - 17th Oct
@lovesrunning - 17th Oct
@ATP1000 - 19th Oct- Girl
@mamaL86 - 19th Oct
@yerp - 28th Oct
@rhibee - 29th Oct
@rebeccaM - 29th Oct
@unicornchaser - 30th Oct
@flamingo19 - 31st Oct

TinyTerror1 Tue 31-Jul-18 11:43:24

Funny how those of us who've found out are mostly having girls! How odd!

I'm just at the hospital for my scan and apparently the computer system has my due date as 6th October not 7th, even though I've been told it's the 7th right since my dating scan 🙄 and no one has ever mentioned this before (6th was my original date based on LMP). Hoping the consultant will shed some light...

Hayleyxmx Tue 31-Jul-18 11:54:17

Oh @unicornchaser this is amazing 😍

Havetothink Tue 31-Jul-18 12:41:06

Mines a girl too

lovesrunning Tue 31-Jul-18 13:27:43

Thanks for setting this up @unicorn.

Ours is a girl too - we should start a netball team at this rate!

Hayleyxmx Tue 31-Jul-18 13:47:55

Omg so many girls!

jasmin93 Tue 31-Jul-18 13:56:43

Do you mind if I join ?
Due 28th October 2018 with my first. I have a boy smile
Feeling a bit low and uncomfortable at the moment, even though people say this is the best part of the pregnancy... 2 people within 1 day told me that they can see in my chubby face that I got bigger.
How about you guys? How is everyone?

Hayleyxmx Tue 31-Jul-18 14:15:26

Welcome @jasmin93 the more the merrier 👋

unicornchaser Tue 31-Jul-18 15:09:40

Welcome @jasmin93, I think all of us have had/are having a bit of a tough time in some way at the moment so you aren't alone! Thankfully no one has commented on me getting, chubby. I wouldn't be held responsible for my actions f they did!

I forgot to put on that I'm in the boy camp too! But definitely girl heavy! Weird as in RL I have only known 2 people having girls in the last 4/5 years!!

justtowarm Tue 31-Jul-18 15:18:21

Thanks for the thread @unicornchaser I have a boy already and all my family is boys but everyone else I know is all girls. So this little girl will be special in the family and fit right in locally 😂

RembeccaM Tue 31-Jul-18 15:20:13

Had a call from my hospital today and one of the readings for my gestational diabeties tests was "a little higher than the recommended range" sad although they haven't told me any details. I have to go in on Sunday to find out more and see a nutritionist. I knew I was higher risk because I have relatives on both sides with Type 2 diabetes but I honestly wasn't expecting this news and now I feel really bad- like I'm already failing.
Has anyone else had experience with this or got any advice?

ladydolly Tue 31-Jul-18 15:24:01

@rembeccaM I felt like this too when I measured big, that I had put my baby in danger because I ate too much. It's not you, or me. It's a thing that happens, we all have different complications and they will help you manage it. Try not to worry.

I'm also having a girl and due 1st October.

Doll87 Tue 31-Jul-18 16:00:29

I'm having a little girl too <3

TinyTerror1 Tue 31-Jul-18 16:14:00

@RembeccaM sending hugs. I felt exactly the same when I got my positive diagnosis for gestational diabetes a month ago. It's not your fault and you're not failing already as a mum.

I've been monitoring my sugars for three weeks now (they'll show you how to when you go in on Sunday). It's tedious and sometimes frustrating, and the doctor at clinic last week made me feel like crap again, but this week was much more positive and supportive so don't let anyone make you feel like you are doing things wrong when you know you aren't xx

2ndPGchimp Tue 31-Jul-18 17:02:00

Hi, can I jump back on please? I am due 7th October and it's a(mother) boy.

I hope you are all getting on on. The back pain is really getting me down and still have at least 9 weeks to go!

Flamingo19 Tue 31-Jul-18 17:09:23

So exciting. Is anyone going on holiday?! I’m off to Spain when I’ll be 32 weeks. Not sure if I’m excited or not confused

twobambinos Tue 31-Jul-18 17:54:34

Thanks for the new thread

@flamingo I flew home at 30 weeks from Spain. It was a lovely week. Just floated around the pool on one of those kind of foam long skinny pipe things.

I'm having a boy. Well that's what I've been told anyway.

@rembeccam it may be just a precaution to have you in. Don't be too hard on yourself.

@jasmin93 welcome. Sorry for the comments people can never say the right thing really. Just be kind to yourself.

Spent half of the day feeling nauseas. If this keeps up I might have to review when I go on mat leave. I don't have much annual leave left to take either but maybe I could break up some of the weeks to make them a bit shorter.

Milknosugar1 Tue 31-Jul-18 18:08:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Havetothink Tue 31-Jul-18 18:10:30

Has anyone else become ridiculously clumsy with pregnancy? I just pinched my toe in my 2yr olds toy pram, it shouldn't even be possible.

TinyTerror1 Tue 31-Jul-18 18:31:35

@Havetothink yes! Exactly in that way. I thought I would be clumsy in walking into things/being off balance but that's generally OK (or no worse than normal, I'm a bit of a klutz anyway) but I keep catching my feet on things for no good reason at all!

Havetothink Tue 31-Jul-18 19:08:28

Glad I'm not the only one tinyterror1, I just seem to have lost all co-ordination.

Flamingo19 Tue 31-Jul-18 19:34:38

@Havetothink Me too, I’m constantly dropping things, smashing glasses, cutting myself, banging into things grin

Flamingo19 Tue 31-Jul-18 19:35:47

Pregnancy is oh so difficult, out of all the thing in the world I could chose to eat but all I want is chocolate covered pretzels, can’t seem to find them anywhere and not paying ridiculous prices to have them shipped from the states

Milknosugar1 Tue 31-Jul-18 20:55:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RhiBee29 Tue 31-Jul-18 21:45:56

@Flamingo19 I saw some in Tesco today, they have an aisle with American food like Lucky Charms

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