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The March-ers (2019) #3

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Angelmiracle Wed 25-Jul-18 22:07:14

We're a chatty bunch 😄

Thread 3 for the March-ers!!

Everyone check in please 👍🏼

Angelmiracle Wed 25-Jul-18 22:10:18

Thread #2 link

pushit Wed 25-Jul-18 22:47:30

@Angelmiracle thanks!
@ladycarlotta sorry you're so poorly. My sickness has ramped up too. So hard to get through a day.

wordsmithereens Wed 25-Jul-18 23:09:56


toastfiend Wed 25-Jul-18 23:17:12

Thanks for setting the new thread up @Angelmiracle!

mostimproved Wed 25-Jul-18 23:23:03

These threads move so quickly! @wordsmithereens thank you for the kind words on the last thread re meds withdrawal. I have used the Headspace app for mindfulness in the past so think I will give it another go.

@Angelmiracle thanks for starting the new thread!

orangekitkat13 Wed 25-Jul-18 23:28:19

Thanks for the new thread, I've not been able to keep up today as been so busy at work and busy dying in this bloody heat, so had enough of it now!

Congrats to those who have had early scans. I'm seriously thinking about one, how did you go about booking? Is it done at you local hospital?

Shampooeeee Thu 26-Jul-18 04:06:34

Thanks for the new thread. Checking in with ridiculous insomnia. I’ve been awake for hours. This is not good as toddler ds is really struggling to nap at the moment so I potentially have a looong day ahead of me.

Olivia2019 Thu 26-Jul-18 05:42:16

orangekitkat13 I googled a little bit and came across window to the womb they are based all around the UK. They had amazing reviews and I was able to book my scan online. They offer a variety of scans throughout the pregnancy. I loved it.

MurphyRocks lovely scan. It's so nice to see other scans and healthy beans smile

angel0071987 Thu 26-Jul-18 06:09:17

Thanks for new thread smile

Wineandchoccy Thu 26-Jul-18 06:11:10

Thanks for the new thread I wonder how many we get through over the next few months

Wineandchoccy Thu 26-Jul-18 06:13:45

orangekitkat13 I googled early reassurance scans and my area. Most you have to be over 7 weeks and prices vary around £40-100 depending on whether you want a photo or image on a cd.

hamandpease Thu 26-Jul-18 06:16:08


Jenlou1992 Thu 26-Jul-18 06:28:17

Morning all !

Wonder what thread we will be up to in march 😂

TheOneWithTheBaby Thu 26-Jul-18 06:53:21

Thanks for starting the new thread.

Barely slept last night and feeling so queasy this morning. Probably connected to tiredness as well, this is the worst it has been so far.

Telling my mum today. I know it's early 5+3 but I feel she has to know either way.

Bluebelltulip Thu 26-Jul-18 06:54:57

Morning all, great news about scans.

Badbadbeans I had that in my first pregnancy and the midwife said provided its just a bit not to worry, it for happen a few times though.

Murphyrocks Thu 26-Jul-18 06:57:32

@TheOneWithTheBaby I'm so sorry you're feeling rough, I was too between 5 and 7 weeks but at 8+3 now I'm feeling much more human so hope it'll be the same for you too!

@orangekitkat13 yes we went to Window in the Womb, they were great, I don't think the hospitals do scans in additional to the 12 and 20 week ones unless there's a medical reason.

TheOneWithTheBaby Thu 26-Jul-18 07:05:09

@Murphyrocks I haven't thrown up, I just feel sick and have some bowel problems. But I have IBS as well and when particularly stressed I sometimes feel similar. No stress now but I wonder whether the pregnancy flares it all up somehow. I do hope you're right and it might go away in a few weeks. Today is really rough and I have plans to meet friends who don't know!

orangekitkat13 Thu 26-Jul-18 07:24:05

@Olivia2019 @Wineandchoccy @Murphyrocks ok great thank you, I'll take I look.

At 8 +3 I slept through the night for the first time since BFP! No idea how I managed it in the heat but feel so much better today for it!

HidCat Thu 26-Jul-18 07:31:53

Morning everyone, thanks for the new thread @Angelmiracle I can't believe we're on #3 already!

Just hitting the 7 week mark today. Although it's felt slow it actually has gone really quickly. Have my booking in appointment next week so hoping that the scan date will come around just as quick!

I hope everyone suffering with sickness is coping ok. I think the heat makes everything so much worse.

SquirtlesMumAgain Thu 26-Jul-18 07:44:42

Sorry TMI but need somewhere to write it down. Woken up to dark brown blood (good it's brown I know) this morning but also massive cramping and a lot of lower abdomen pain. Hope it passes as can't go to Epu with my DS around (no other children rule, which is fair enough).

Wineandchoccy Thu 26-Jul-18 07:49:09

SquirtlesMumAgain good that it is brown, I hope it is nothing to worry about. Hugs x

Orville82 Thu 26-Jul-18 07:49:34

Morning all. I have my docs appointment this morning. I mentioned when I spoke to them that I slipped through the net last time and never had my booking in appointment (despite calling the gp when I found out and again at 7 weeks). They were keen not to hand me over to midwives as my hospital choice apparently means I have to go through them for the time being. It’ll be interesting to see whether they pull themselves together and this is my actual booking in! I’m hoping this means I’ll get my date for a scan shortly as we’re going away with my friends the week I turn 12 weeks so if the scan is after, I’d like to have a private scan for reassurance so when they inevitably guess, I can tell them with confidence without worrying about a mmc.

I’m so sorry for those feeling rough as a badger’s arse. It’s truly miserable. I’m at the other end of the spectrum and still having minimal symptoms at 7+3 which is massively unnerving though.

Newbie2703 Thu 26-Jul-18 07:53:45

Thanks for the new thread smile still no morning sickness for me guess I should appreciate that grin lots of spots though sad

MistakenHoliday Thu 26-Jul-18 08:08:02

Morning all!

Your scan is fab @Murphyrocks !

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