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Hut graduates - do you have the feeling it is all going to go wrong?!!

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beansprout Mon 28-May-07 15:32:36

Not to put a downer on us of course, but having spent the last year feeling that my body is, frankly, a bit rubbish, it's hard to shake the feeling that this is all going to turn out well....eek!!

Anyone else?

duchesse Mon 28-May-07 15:49:02

I hope to be here one day. * snif *

beansprout Mon 28-May-07 16:26:18

I want you to be here too.

lissie Mon 28-May-07 16:29:35

we will be duchesse....

feck where are my depressants....

beansprout Mon 28-May-07 16:30:36

I am keeping my eye on you both, as well as numerous things crossed.

sideways Mon 28-May-07 18:07:15

Ooh yes, beansprout. In fact I am having a little panic already.

I have been feeling pretty queasy for the last week, but since I went for a nap this afternoon, I haven't felt sick.

So now I'm panicking. I can't maintain this level of paranoia the whole time, can I?

beansprout Mon 28-May-07 18:12:26

Getting a lot of rest can help MS and even when it's an all dayer, the afternoon can still be when you have some respite.

But yes, paranoia is a speciality of ours! I of course, am worried that I have no symptoms and the fact that it is too early is no excuse!

seaside72 Mon 28-May-07 18:34:28

Hey all!
Well swore I would not set foot on AN boards till week 12 - but will make an exception for my fellow hut grads

Arghh - am feeling so freaky - 6 weeks now -no symptoms to speak of - sore (.)(.) still (but no bigger - typical pain with no gain!!) and general naueaousness - all day - not ms - just the thought of food turns me off - but then I eat and want more - then 20 mins later feel bluerghh again. Oh and lots of sleeping - 10 hours straight last night Just wish I could wake up and it be 12 weeks!

Am makng myself paranoid reading stories of m/c and m/c with no bleeding or pain - just feel like there is no way I can possibly have an easy perfect ride IYKWIM

Are the 3 of us (beanie,sideways and me) all due in Jan08?

duchesse and lissie - hopeing you are on here soon - we will need some new grads by the summer to keep this thread going - in the name of The Hut

sideways Mon 28-May-07 18:50:17

beansprout - I had no symptoms apart from slightly sore boobs until 2 months in with dd.

seaside - yes, due Jan 08, but trying not to think that far ahead (and failing).

beansprout Mon 28-May-07 18:55:07

Seaside - I am on the missed m/c trip too! Am not sleeping too well and have a cold today. Hurrah!

I would be due (NB conditional tense) on 1st Feb but am going to loiter around the Jan thread to see how you lot are getting on!

beansprout Mon 28-May-07 18:55:56

Thanks sideways - I had them last time but can't remember when. Hey, only had a bfp on Saturday....

Soreheart Tue 29-May-07 00:30:21

Midnight Lurking! Intend to be on this thread soon. Stay calm all of you genuine ex-Hutters! And rest, if in any doubt about anything.

sideways Tue 29-May-07 10:22:24

Had a bit of spotting last night. Nothing so far today.

MW on holiday this week.

Should I do something or wait?

seaside72 Tue 29-May-07 10:43:09

Hey sideways -I would check it with your GP -hopefully it is nothing but that way you will at least have it on your notes?

Good luck -let us know

beansprout Tue 29-May-07 15:49:19

Sideways - how are you? Any more spotting? Spotting is very normal. It's heavy bleeding and cramps that we need to worry about, but I know how worrying it can be so please let us know how you get on. If you are concerned you don't have to wait to see the MW, you can go to your GP or the local EPU.

seaside72 Tue 29-May-07 16:50:23

hey sideways and beansprout - feeling bleurghhhh today - stressed with work, feeling constantly nauseous and just keep trying to forget about bfp to make the days go faster - which is really annoying as have waited so long for it - want to be excited but can't let myself IYKWIM???
That makes no sense does it!

Well if there is anyone who wil understand, it is you guys - feeling very hutlike in general!!!

sideways - hope the spotting stayed away and you got some reassurance - like beanie said, it is very common.

beansprout - how are you doing?

beansprout Tue 29-May-07 17:30:28

seaside - makes utter and complete sense to me. I keep trying to forget about it to be honest (wtf?!) and am wishing the days and weeks away. Will feel better when Friday comes as will be 5 weeks - 4+x just feels too precarious!!

Dh asked me if we should be celebrating and I said that I didn't know. At this stage I don't really feel pregnant, I just feel like I have a bfp which may, or may not, go on to become a pregnancy and only time will tell. Does that make any sense?!

Sideways - am dearly hoping you are ok. Please let us know that you are.

Lissie is dry retching for England on another thread. Fingers crossed!!

sideways Tue 29-May-07 19:11:14

Thanks everyone . I spoke to the Dr and he said it was probably nothing to worry about, as it was only a little bit when wiping.

He said if it is like a teaspoonful or I have cramps as well, to get back in touch, but that in any case they can't tell if a pregnancy is viable until 7 weeks. He was very nice though and told me I can ring him every day if I need to.

So for now, everything is ok .

Thank goodness for this thread!

seaside - I completely know what you mean. I have waited so long for this bfp and am still trying not to think about it too much. For some reason, I want to tell people, probably just to show that I can do it just like they can, but I am resisting.

beansprout - it feels far too early to be celebrating for me, but bless your dh for wanting to celebrate with you .

Fingers crossed for lissie.

beansprout Tue 29-May-07 20:40:10

Sideways - am glad you are ok. Your GP sounds like the business too. Amen to that.

It's an odd one, this telling people business. I have told a few people (the ones I am closest to) on the basis that they are the people whose support I will need if anything goes wrong. I did the same last month with the chem preg and was glad I did. When my period came I was very glad I could just tell people who were taken aback and sympathetic, rather than being greeted with "I didn't know you were pregnant".

beansprout Tue 29-May-07 21:51:51

Oh ffs, now I am sitting here reading up on missed miscarriage. WHY?!!!

I was getting quite good at 2ww but this 8ww is killing me!!

sideways Tue 29-May-07 22:05:13

Put the reading material down, step away from the computer!!!

beansprout Wed 30-May-07 10:56:23

Ok, will do!!

Actually, despite all my attempting-to-be-positive stuff, I did another test this morning. Got a lovely, strong line. Stronger than Saturday's. Am feeling much better.

How are you both?

duchesse Wed 30-May-07 11:21:26

I have a good feeling about this one for you, Beanie. I think your full fertility has finally returned since having that evil implant out.

beansprout Wed 30-May-07 20:42:38

Thanks D.

seaside72 Fri 01-Jun-07 22:30:12

Hi hut grads - how are you doing?

I am feeling like I need to hold my breath and deny all knowledge of my bfp <shhh> for at least another month. Am also in the TSTW (too scared to wipe - thanks duchesse for that acronym ) brigade - everytime I go to the loo am sure AF is going to appear. Am still carrying tampons around with me everywhere!!!

Hope everyone's OK and has a good weekend

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