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Due in December 07- Our 'June, June, getting ready to bloom' thread HERE!!!!!!

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Lizzer Mon 28-May-07 12:35:56

Hello all and welcome to this month's thread!!
Let's all stop feeling sick and start expanding now

Nbg Mon 28-May-07 12:54:48

Well done Lizzer

Louise76 Mon 28-May-07 14:39:07

Thanks for the advice Skidaddle. A few of my friends who are mums have said the same - "once you have your baby you forget about the pain" I suppose that must be true or the human race would have died out by now! It just seems that there are so many horror stories out there and I know I'm mad but I have found myself reading some of the stuff on here about birth traumas, 3rd degree tears etc and getting really upset about what might be in store for me. I'm also not feeling very well today. I've been to the doctor and I have a urinary infection. Has anyone else had this so early in their pregancy?(I will be 12 wks on Fri) I am prone to them anyway as have had problems with my kidneys in the past but pregnancy makes you even more susceptible apparently. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics which he assured me are OK during pregnancy. Hope everyone else is having a better bank holiday.

skidaddle Mon 28-May-07 16:12:30

Oh no poor you, louise. Hope the antibiotics do the trick - it is miserable being ill during pregnancy.

The thing about birth horror stories is they always sounds so much scarier when you read about them especially when you haven't had a baby. I had a 3rd degree tear and it was horrid but if I had read about it when I was pg I would have been terrified. What I mean is these things sound so awful, but when you are in the middle of it all it just happens and you just carry on IYKWIM.

I'm not expressing myself very well but what I'm trying to say is the thought of these things is almost always scarier than the reality. With dd I had a post-partum haemorrage (sp?)followed by a blood transfusion and a ventouse delivery causing a 3rd degree tear. This might sound pretty bad but it really wasn't and I was so delighted to have my baby I hardly cared. And I promise you that I am not even slighly scared about the birth this time round (yet!) which must show something. Not knowing is the scary part, the actual birth will be much less so. Hope I've made some sort of sense!

fifisworld Mon 28-May-07 16:53:46

Hello everyone

Hope everyones ok.
Well my sickness has completly stopped now and i feel so normal,apart from being tired. Ive got a week to wait until my scan and im so scared that they will tell me something bad.

thelady Mon 28-May-07 17:41:01

No bank holiday here in Scotland....

Saw GP today to get heart and lungs checked out - apparently the midwife can't do that - and ask about a few niggles. I hadn't realised that I would notice a change in my pelvic floor muscles this early, but apparently it's due to progesterone relaxing everything to allow the uterus to expand. I was starting to worry - not due to incontinence or anything, but because I've exercised those muscles for so long that I notice any change. That might also explain the godawful tension headaches I've been getting - can you say a 4-day headache without wincing? Me neither .

Anyone else noticing that it's not just the hair on your head that gets longer, thicker, and more 'obvious' ?

Thirteen weeks tomorrow, and I'm feeling much more like a human being again. Still not quite right, iykwim, but so much better.

Right. Off to do some more work on the hotel website - we've started food and I'm supposed to be coming up with a page full of lovely pictures and purple prose . Brain is not co-operating at all.

skidaddle Mon 28-May-07 17:44:10

ooh the lady, extra body hair is supposed to mean you're having a boy - all that extra testosterone...

Housemum Mon 28-May-07 18:40:56

You've reminded me now of something I was told when pg first time - that your pubes grow longer!!! (If you can see them below the bump that is...)

Louise - don't dwell on the birth, but be prepared. The thing that scared me most was the possibility of a Caesarean - first time round was an emergency so I had no time to panic, and it honestly was nowhere near as bad as I could have imagined. Second time I didn't know how I'd cope with labour - I was really good with my TENS, notching it up one bit at a time, thinking it was going to get a lot worse. Before I knew it, I was at the pushing stage (some gas & air as well, but never got to the upper levels on the TENS machine). So yes, it bloody hurt, but it was not as awful as I had feared. In some ways I think it's actually good to think it'll be bad but you can do it, as you may be pleasantly surprised at how you cope if you're expecting the worst. And nothing beats that feeling when he/she actually slides out!! (with no disrespect to those having/have had sections, just a different experience).

thelady Mon 28-May-07 19:39:18

Extra body hair. Just what I don't need! Got PCOS you see, and already have a pretty decent (but blond, thank goodness) beard and sideburns!! Waxing hurts, but has to be done....

Ah well. DH is fixated on a boy and I really don't care

jinxed Mon 28-May-07 19:52:38

Found you!

Am feeling LOADS better today, have managed 3 proper meals.... in fact, im that pleased, im gonna tell you all what ive had!

Breakfast : 2 weetabix
Lunch : 2 poached eggs and 2 slices of toast
Tea : Roast chicken, Roast pots and brocolli!

Its the most ive eaten in one day for oooooh about 10 weeks!!!

Lets hope this is the end of the horrible bloated/sick feeling!

Loucee Mon 28-May-07 22:09:15

Thanks for new thread Lizzer

Jinxed - glad you're starting to feel better. Impressed at your varied and nutritional diet today, I'm too embarrassed to own up to what I've eaten! Needless to say I'm the opposite and munch all day to suppress the nausea!

Louise; Skidaddle explains childbirth well, when the time comes your whole body takes over and at the time there are drugs available to help you through the pain (if you need them), when the baby is being born your concern is for the baby's welbeing and in the recovery days afterwards you accept that you have given birth and whatever the method it is a massive physical and emotional thing to happen to you and your body. I didn't have a great labour and birth with DD but that hasn't put me off having more babies!

Thelady - was today an offical bank holiday in Scotland? I thought it was but reading your reply I think I'm wrong? Ooops convinced DH to take day off as "you always work the bank holidays"!!!

macdoodle Mon 28-May-07 22:19:31

GRRRRR well I am STILL sick eating loads but feel awful just threw up my guts...and 9+1 now so hopefully few weeks more but was sick right till end with DD
Must be bloody man who called it MS mine worse at night...when tired

bambino1 Tue 29-May-07 08:30:07

Snap macdoodle. My sickness is terrible at night. It comes on if I leave it too late to eat. I have been sick most nights. I'm 11+4 now and hoping this will stop soon.

My dd is cracking me up, i'm trying to get her ready for nursery (as I'm spending the day having retail therepy with sil) and she is clutching the argos cat deciding what we must buy for the baby. She is pretending to write a leist and everything. I hate putting her in to nursery when she is such a lovely mood. Never like it at w/e!

thelady Tue 29-May-07 10:02:30

Loucee: I don't think it was an official bank holiday here - our bank was closed, but they often take the English holidays; the GP was open, as were all the other shops....

Beanstermummy Tue 29-May-07 10:11:13

Morning Morning folks.

Been away since Friday and almost completely lost the thread of this thread (?)

Caz10 - Nuffield last week was great (as I already posted) and we got the results back yesterday - 1 in 6500 which is tiny low so VVVVVVV chuffed Limit for test is 13+6 so you need to get a wriggle on chuck

Kitsilano - jollies for your result too - how much was your big sigh and grin when you heard

Thelady - so much is similar here - have you tried Dorothy P's for work trousers - I got 2 pairs size 18 (black and Grey) for twenty odd squids each and they are great - they really don't look maternity at all but are really comfy - may well buy another pair just in case I wreck these! Next is good too but more ££.
As far as the body hair bit goes - with black hair and hairy celtic roots I'm stuffed. Normally took Dianette pill which reduced my beard and tash but not for now - keep saying one day I'll sort out for laser stuff but for now the tweezers are out every day
With you too on the pelvic discomfort bit - I can remember the last month or so last time being hard but even now if i've been sitting at my desk all day at work by the evening it's really painful to walk - am seeing the Dr tomorrow so will see what she says - also little sis is a Physio so have asked her to check any specific exercises - will keep you informed!

As for everyone else - welcome all you new mummies to be and hello to eveyone else. Will be posting tomorrow then in London Thursday to see my boss!!! let him in the on the news that he can't send me to work in Dubai in 6 months!!! (new contract which at any other time would be a possibility!!) - Ah well such is life heh

Happy smily thoughts for us all as another day goes by

Curlygirly Tue 29-May-07 11:14:42

Hi there, haven't been on here for ages so have lots to catch up on it seems.
Just a quick question really. For those of you that have already had your scans, did you see your midwife before the scan. Got mine in a week and a half but haven't heard from m/w yet.

Beanstermummy Tue 29-May-07 11:22:08

Hi Curlygirly

Usually you would have your booking in appt with your MW and then the scan later - but as I'm learning with this PG, no one NHS trust is the same - but it would seem strange that you have a scan booked without having even spoken to the MW. Have yuou got a phone number that you can call and speak to them. When I was wondering what was going on a month or two ago, I found the number on the internet and called - they were really helpful and chatty and explained the procedure that the team up here in Forth Valley NHS use - try that one and if no joy call your Dr to check.

skidaddle Tue 29-May-07 11:45:38

Morning all, 12 weeks today and feel sicker than ever but at least I am officially out of the danger zone . Boobs are finally getting bigger too which is very good for me as I am almost a B cup and don't look like a pancake anymore. Ahhh pregnancy isn;t so bad

Curlygirly - I think it is you that usually contacts the mw to make a booking appt - that is certainly how it is here, and yes I think booking appt would normally come before scan

Beanstermum - great news about your test results

Jinxed - your diet is ridiculously healthy and puts us all to shame!! All I want to eat is salt and vinegar crisps. In fact I could probably just down a bottle of vinegar.. mmm that sounds quite nice actually, wonder if we've got a bottle in the kitchen <trots off to kitchen to check>

Ambi Tue 29-May-07 12:23:36

Hiya girls, hoping everyones getting by ok - esp those feeling ms.. Pleased to see there's a feb thread already, feel far along now!!

I'm 31.07% along now, with only 191 days to go....

Curlygirly Tue 29-May-07 12:51:15

Thanks guys. Think a phone call might be in order then!

peanutbutter Tue 29-May-07 13:05:16

Oh woe! I did a huge long post but as I pressed "post message" I got timed out by the bloody server and lost it .

So will do a very quick one for now to say hello to everyone & welcome to the new ladies. We had a nice sunny holiday in Scarborough last week but I started with diarrhoea and nausea on Friday which is still lingering today. Had my booking in appt last Sunday and got my scan 2 weeks today.

Hope everyone had a good Bank Hol w/e

Neuro Tue 29-May-07 13:46:29

I am new to Mumsnet.
I am 10 weeks. My bosoms look fantastic! Just want the weather to get better so i can get to the beach and make the most of my new found curves in my bikini before my stomach sticks out. I am really REALLY happy to be pregnant and can't stop daydreaming about when he or she arrives, even though i know i shouldn't because it's only been 10 weeks. I had a miscarraige two years ago and for the first 6 weeks of this preg i felt ever so worried and wouldn't let myself feel hopeful, but now i've thought sod it, be positive and if the worst happens then it happens.
I've been wearing sea sickness bands which i think have helped massively (and they look quite cool in a hiphip sort of way). I still get the sickness when my tummy is empty and as well if i don't get myself to sleep by 10.30, but until i have a scan, the sickness is confirmation that i am still pregant.
I am due on christmas day, but hoping it's a little before that so i can enjoy my mum's christmas lunch. Off out now to buy bio oil. Think i might look a bit porn star-esque later hahahaha. Look forward to chatting to you all

becklespeckledfrog Tue 29-May-07 15:09:23

Hi all! Welcome to all you new peeps! Not been on for a while but still here and still feeling nauseous and a bit panicky. Nearly 10 weeks now (where has that gone?). Last night managed to eat most of a hot meal which have not done for a couple of weeks but been feeling more sick between meals than I did. Salt and vinegar crisps are fab, in fact any savoury junk is goot, still struggling with fresh stuff though! Hopefully should have next scan through soon although I am worried about it. Hope everyone else okay and glad some of you are starting to feel better!

Nbg Tue 29-May-07 16:40:16

Theres a Feb thread !!!

insywinsyspider Tue 29-May-07 16:45:17

lost again on whos doing what as had a few days off from this thread whilst we dealt with a large and scarey bleed that came out of the blue on Sat whilst I was shopping - its all ok, had to wait till today for EPU scan and baby is 11 weeks old with strong heartbeat, dating scan in 2 weeks so fingers crossed all stays well

hope everyone else is doing ok and had a good weekend

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