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Anyone from the Bromley/Beckenham area

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Lornadoone Thu 24-May-07 16:48:25

Hi i am from Bromley and 17 weeks this week anyone from the same area going to Farnborough?

xigris Thu 24-May-07 22:03:07

Don't know if this is of interest to you: I went to a very good Yogabirth class in Pettswood. Very supportive, experienced teacher. I've made some great friends (my son is 6 months). we then went on to do a post natal + baby massage course with the same teacher which was great. The course is on mumsnet local.

Nicki10 Fri 25-May-07 08:18:34

Hi I am from Beckenham and I am 23 weeks. I am also going to Farnborough. They seem to have been good so far.

Thanks XIgris I have been looking for a baby Yoga class.

Strawberrymum Fri 25-May-07 13:18:41

Hi, I'm going to be moving to Bromley at the end of July. I am 15 weeks with week! I have absolutely no clue about the area or anything... anyone want to give me the low down on what anti-natal is like in this area?
I would also be up for meeting up with people once I move!

laksa Fri 25-May-07 13:36:09

I am 22 weeks and live in the area, also have antenatal care at PRU but am having homebirth. I go to pregnancy yoga in bromley and it is really good to help relax and energise you, I always sleep better and wake up really happy the day after

JudithS Fri 20-Jul-07 11:32:52

Hello, my name is JudithS and I am new to Mumsnet. I am 43 and 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. Laksa (or anyone else) -- I am interested to see that when you were at 22 weeks, PRUH had already booked you in for a homebirth. They have completely refused to discuss with me yet where I will have my baby, despite my persistence. Yet they have sent a letter to my GP saying I've been booked in for a hospital birth! How did you manage to get them to discuss it, please? Thanks.

babyp Tue 24-Jul-07 17:59:35

Could anyone tell me if they know of any exercise classes for pregnant women, I have looked everywhere and have contacted two people but they have not returned my calls.

I read that there is one in Petts Wood but I cannot find listing anywhere. Please help.

bambi06 Tue 24-Jul-07 18:05:20

hi there, i`ve got two weeks to go and live near too.i`m having a homebirth and have complete support from my fact it was them that suggested it in the first place .i`m nearly 41 so age no problem..cant understand why theyve refused you..maybe is it your first ..this is my third and they took into account my other births.. but you can insist..its your right..i was booked for a homebirth at my checking in booking at 12 weeks.. maybe we can all get together soon for a chat and get to know each other..?

JudithS Wed 25-Jul-07 18:12:41

babyp, the ones at Petts Wood are on Mondays 10.30-12.15 pm and 7-8.30 pm at the United Reform Church, Willett Way. I have not been to them, though, as I can't fit them round work. I probably can't list third-party details here, but if you search YogaBirth or Lynda Hills, you might find her.

bambi06, yes it is my 1st child but if that is a reason to refer me for a hospital booking without my say-so, they should tell me -- I am a patient, not a moron. I don't like people doing things behind my back! I live in Bromley South and will start maternity leave at the end of September -- easier for me to do meet-ups after that, or else at weekends.

Snaf Wed 25-Jul-07 18:20:30

Judith, are you with a group practice or with the 'traditional' community mws at the PRUH? Group practices tend to be a bit more supportive of hb, ime...

In any case, they should be able to discuss with you reasons for - and against - hb in your individual situation. The GP letter is probably just their standard thing - I wouldn't worry too much about it, but the mws should be open to discussing place of birth. When did you last try to talk to them about it?

Snaf Wed 25-Jul-07 18:21:11

And you're not a moron or a patient - you're a woman having a baby

JudithS Thu 26-Jul-07 10:45:32

Snaf, in my opinion, they should not write standard letters that are meaningless.

I am afraid I do not understand your question about group practice vs the 'traditional' community midwives at the PRUH. I was sent to the PRUH for my first 2 appointments but I do not know what kind of midwives I saw. I have my next mw appointment (24 weeks) at my GP's.

I asked at my 1st two appointments and was told: "We do not discuss place of birth with anyone until later."

My 2nd appointment was confusing as I was meant to see an obstetrician and he didn't turn up. The MW I saw instead had no idea why I was there and I certainly didn't -- I'd just gone along as I was told.

yoginichristina Wed 13-Aug-08 09:19:33

Pregnancy yoga classes mon eves starting sept 8th 7:00-8:30 at shortlands therapy centre. please visit I am also 26 weeks pregnant.

Kelliecat Wed 27-Aug-08 12:17:23

There is a preganancy yoga class in westmoreland road in bromley south on tuesdays if you haven't found one yet? I haven't been yet, but am planning to start going in a week or 2.

I am planning on a home birth but it was the midwives that suggested it.

Kelliecat Wed 27-Aug-08 12:17:49

Forgot to mention, I am 18 weeks

radiantyoga Thu 14-Oct-10 15:09:26

I teach Pregnancy and Mum and Baby Yoga/Pilates and am based in Beckenham. The classes are so beneficial during and after pregnancy! For more info please visit:

muscatbabe Thu 15-Nov-12 14:15:49

Hi, I went to Zoe Knott's Tuesday evening pregnancy yoga class. Both she and the class were great - the relaxation bits were my favourite, but the postures we did were good both during and after pregnancy. Oh - and yes as someone said - we had birth stories and people come back with their babies to talk about their birth experience and others to talk about baby/pregnancy related stuff like oesteopathy and acupuncture. Can't recommend it enough - I had a c-section and I'm sure my quick recovery was due in part to the yoga. Also class really near to Bromley South station (St Mark's church) so good for commuting. Her tel. no. is 020 8464 1553

muscatbabe Thu 15-Nov-12 15:53:24

...just found Zoe's email which is if anyone interested.

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