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February Anyone...........

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VictorVictoria Thu 24-May-07 15:01:42

One DS 23 months
2 m/c in last 6 months
Due 1st Feb
Bloody terrified..........

Hopeitwontbebig Thu 24-May-07 18:43:43

Just wanted to congrats to you whilst you're waiting for someone to join you!

Katy44 Thu 24-May-07 19:30:55

Just came on to see if there was a February thread.


fillyjonk Thu 24-May-07 21:58:22

me, i suppose

also bloody terrified

ds 3.5 , dd 22 mo

Katy44 Fri 25-May-07 06:58:15

Congratulations fillyjonk

fillyjonk Fri 25-May-07 17:27:31

yes keep testing, keep getting postives

i can't get my head around it

but thats another thread

oh no, its about 7 other threads

studentmum1 Fri 25-May-07 23:14:25

hiya, i'm not sure if i should be on this one!! i haven't done a test yet but i'm pretty positive i'm with child!! he he just checked when i would be due... early febuary!! yey

beansprout Sat 26-May-07 15:02:00

VV and Fillyjomk - me too. Got a bfp this morning (4am, but that's another story!), following a chem. preg last month. Would be due 1st Feb (please note conditional tense ). Have a 2.7yo ds.

Am so glad this thread is here, I thought I would just be lurking for a while, lacking the bottle to start one myself!

You both ok? I saw you other threads FJ, I know you have had quite a shock...

Oh yes, am terrified too. I joined the January thread and had to leave withim a week... come on girl, think positive!!

scorpio1 Sat 26-May-07 16:14:42

congrats beansprout!!you have kept it quiet on ttc....

lissie Sat 26-May-07 16:15:46

{{{{ hug }}}} beansprout, hope i'll be joining you all soon. its looking good!

VictorVictoria Sat 26-May-07 19:59:02

Beansprout I remember you from the Jan thread - I had to bow out early too with what in retrospect was a chemical pregnancy. I'm due 1st feb too!
IT's going to be a long few weeks..........

beansprout Sat 26-May-07 20:05:11

Sorry VV, I remember you now (head v long way up own bum, sorry). Sorry to hear you had a chem. preg too. I had a succession of faint lines which drove me half insane. The line this time was a lot darker, but still not as dark as I wanted it to be. Am trying not to worry about it though.

At least we are in the same boat, fingers crossed for both of us....

tegan Sat 26-May-07 20:11:17

This might be a little premature but last weekend was mi fertile time so was at it like rabbits and if everything went to plan I will be due on February 18th. fingers crossed

beansprout Sat 26-May-07 21:23:05

Will keep my fingers crossed for you tegan bunny

Slacker Sun 27-May-07 07:12:18

Probably tempting fate by posting now but got a +ve today at 4 weeks exactly - have had two end at 4+5 this year, so if I get through to next weekend I'll start getting excited

tegan Sun 27-May-07 08:55:30

big congrats slacker I hope all goes well

tulip27 Sun 27-May-07 09:00:26

Ok well I guess I am one of you too, bfp last wed so puts me at beginning of feb, am very scared but strangly excited.But hey we have 9 months to get our heads around it. I have ds 2 and half and dd 16 months x

tulip27 Sun 27-May-07 09:08:33

Anyone have any symptoms yet, this am, first bout of nausea, can't eat my breakfast.

tegan Sun 27-May-07 10:49:33

How early do you think I could check and find out if all my hard work last weekend has paid off

Slacker Sun 27-May-07 11:03:57

If you were at it last weekend that would make you due on Feb 9-10th, not 18th. I've had a positive test at 11dpo before so if you test on Wednesday or Thursday this week you might get lucky, or leave it till next weekend. Hope you get the result you want!

And thanks for the congrats, I'm being pessimistic most of the time, but I have looked at tiny newborn nappies already, just to make it seem a bit real

Tulip, the only symptom I have so far is being bloody knackered

beansprout Sun 27-May-07 11:06:31

Congratulations to tulip and slacker!
Tegan - best to wait until about 2 weeks after you ovulated. You can test earlier but you might drive yourself mad in the process! How long is your cycle usually?

No symptoms for me just yet. Are you feeling any better tulip?

beansprout Sun 27-May-07 11:07:04

Aye, am knackered too but that may have something to do with ds

tegan Sun 27-May-07 11:39:31

I usually have about a 23 day cycle and was last on on the 8th may.

tegan Sun 27-May-07 11:40:15

All I have done this weekend is scream uncontrollably at the kids and even dh has buggered off cos I'm doing his head in today.

found out today im at least 4weeks maybe more (i hoping)
i have dd1 whos 4 dd2 whos 2

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