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Due February 2019 part 2

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maxiflump1 Wed 20-Jun-18 18:30:04

New thread for those ladies due in February 2019. As there is so many of us though we could do with a roll call. If I start hopefully the next can cut and paste and we can have a list of everyone!

Maxiflump1. Age 37. DC#2 (DS is 3) EDD 07/02/19

AliceRR Wed 20-Jun-18 18:37:21


AliceRR. Age 34. EDD 11/02/19

AliceRR Wed 20-Jun-18 18:38:09



Littleonek Wed 20-Jun-18 18:38:56


Age 27, No kids, EDD 15/02/2019 from London.

bubblybrit Wed 20-Jun-18 18:46:10

Hopping across from previous thread. Can’t believe it’s full already!

Age 34.

EDD 15/02.

This is my first so very anxious.

clairehr Wed 20-Jun-18 18:49:03

Jumping across from the last (which I just posted on because I didn't realise it was full!)

Age: 31

EDD: 16th Feb (currently 5+4)

MrsY87 Wed 20-Jun-18 18:52:27

Jumping over from the last thread...

30 (31 in 10days!),
DC3, DD3.5yrs & DS 9m
EDD 13 Feb

Going to try and keep up a bit more with the thread It just moves so fast, you're a chatty bunch!

maxiflump1 Wed 20-Jun-18 18:53:25

@clairehr I'm relation to your post on the other thread I'm too scared to do anything until the 12 week point just I case! DH seems to understand especially as we had a mc in Feb.

NotAsGreenAsCabbageLooking Wed 20-Jun-18 18:55:22

The copy and paste thing didn’t really take off did it? 😂 I just tried it and can’t seem to copy from a previous post..? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway... age 37, DC3 (hopefully) and EDD 17/02/18

clairehr Wed 20-Jun-18 18:56:29

@maxiflump1 This is what I have in my head too, 12 weeks just seems like the milestone I need to get to before anything... but I really don't know if the fear is completely in my head! Not got appointment through for midwife yet so have no one to ask!

Babybeany Wed 20-Jun-18 19:03:15

Phew!! I found you all!! I am the biggest technophobe in the world ever!! Not sure what I would've done without you ladies!! @maxiflump1 Thank you for the new thread.

maxiflump1 Wed 20-Jun-18 19:04:14

Yay @Babybeany you found us!!!

Alicejj8x Wed 20-Jun-18 19:07:09

Hello ladies I found you too smile

Alice 26 EDD 17/2/19

Babybeany Wed 20-Jun-18 19:09:29

Babybeany 35 no children, 5+2 weeks, EDD 18th Feb

Has anyone else started farting? My tummy has started to smell bloody awful! Not the most attractive! sad

hayleyfx Wed 20-Jun-18 19:09:45

Checking in!

EDD 5th Feb

Babybeany Wed 20-Jun-18 19:12:50

@maxiflump1 and @clairehr I didn't want to have sex for nearly a week as I felt rough as! I have been told by the doctor that sex is perfectly safe though smile

LittleD0t Wed 20-Jun-18 19:15:59


Aged 27 baby number 1 and EDD 15.2.19.

Lovely to be able to share the experience with you all.

Celebelly Wed 20-Jun-18 19:20:25


I'm 32, this is baby number 1 and my EDD is Feb 9th!

We haven't had proper sex since the BFP. I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. I've done 'stuff' to DP and am quite happy not having anything done to myself for the time being, and he's happy to do what I want. I think we'll prob resume normal sex in a few weeks, but I'm so knackered all the time that I'm not really in the mood for it anyway!

We're on holiday this weekend though and have a romantic boat trip so I might change my mind after that :D

jeanzbeanz Wed 20-Jun-18 19:23:12

Thanks for the new thread!

Age 25, first pregnancy, EDD 9th Feb.

I have done literally nothing today other than sit/lie in bed and occasionally eat a tiny bit of food. Felt so dizzy every time I got up. Just had a bath and that's made me feel worse ☹️

elocwildflowerxx Wed 20-Jun-18 19:28:31

hello everyone! so glad to do the introduction thing!

i'm 25, 2nd baby, 6+6 due around the 7th feb.

elocwildflowerxx Wed 20-Jun-18 19:29:44

following on from the other post, my sex drive is through the roof so nauseous and so tired but seem to find the drive to do it😂🙈

NotAsGreenAsCabbageLooking Wed 20-Jun-18 19:31:41

Ha @elocwildflowerxx

Mine too! Except my DP isn’t really up for it. He’ll happily receive... but the reciprocation isn’t there 🙄

elocwildflowerxx Wed 20-Jun-18 19:34:05

i'm sure i will crash and burn at some stage but we've been doing it multiple times every few days, we don't live together so perhaps i save it all up😂🙈 i haven't had any pain afterwards ladies and i was told with my daughter it's fine all the way through as long as your not taking any full body weight on you!

NotAsGreenAsCabbageLooking Wed 20-Jun-18 19:38:01

I’m a ‘morning, noon and night’ type usually, which I never usually get... and now I’m on even less!!

And he wonders why I’ve got the arse so much 🙄

twiglet Wed 20-Jun-18 19:38:15

Hi all
32 edd is a bit tricky as came off implant so anywhere between 3rd and 9th Feb. 1st one for me

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