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Due in June........bring on the pineapples, evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea

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DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 20:48:03

Sorry its a bit boring, but I was lacking inspriation and running out of's all that talking to myself

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 20:54:38




bumperlicious Sun 20-May-07 21:06:15

Hi daisy, ouch, sorry to hear about your bathroom incident. Sounds like a good dose of cocodamol and glass of wine are what you need tonight. Grrr bloody men. Has he seen sense yet? I really hope you feel better soon

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:11:24


Are you ok after your hellish bathroom nastiness daisy? Sounds awful! xxx

My dd is 2 tomorrow!! She is such a big girl!

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:12:43

Link to stats thread! Thought it would be easier than posting them on here!

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 21:25:48

I'm OK...just a bit stiff and sore, but am definately having two co-codamol tonight...not sure about the wine though

DH and i not seeing eye to eye at all.....he was talking about working from home around the time of the birth, but as the c-section is booked he said he'll just take it as holiday. When I suggested that I might need him more after I've come out of hospital and could he work from the home the week I'll be in hospital and take his two weeks hols after I've come home, you'd think I'd asked him to poke hot needles in his eyes.....the look he gave me. So, I've told him to fark off.......not bother with any time off and i'll bloody well manage on my own!

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:30:22

Hopefully you've made him feel really guilty daisy! Maybe he wasn't really aware of how much help you'll need when you come out of hospital. Maybe you should make him read a list of things you can't do after a cs and then he might understand! Glad you are ok though after your fall xx

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 21:31:54

Happy birthday Alice for tomorrow...

My DS spent his second birthday in hospital getting stitched up after an accident at nursery (I'd only been back at work just over a week). Mind you, he got a present and card from the ward, a present and card from the theatre team, and there was a kiddies entertainer doing his rounds......we thought we'd go back again the following year, but decided that would look a bit suspicious

Feeling better now, just a bit stiff and sore. Thankfully I grabbed the sink so didn't fall.

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 21:32:44

He knows what I can and can't do....we've been there before.....think he's just being a typical vacant bloke!

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 21:35:50

No word from Lilkel...I hope she's OK

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:36:52

Awwww, bless mystic red ranger!! Though it sounds like he had loads of fun at the hosp! At least it was a memorable 2nd birthday!

I fell out the shower when pg with dd. It was hideous! I fell sideways, slipped in the bath, grabbed hold of the shower curtain (pulling the rail off the wall in the process) and smacked my jaw on the basin! I had a massive swollen jaw for days, I'm sure people though dp had smacked me one!!

I feel really guilty for not doing anything for Alice's birthday. She had her cake and a few pressies today, but dp has gone away for the week now, so I don't really feel like organising something by myself.

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:37:32

What's happened to lilkel? Did I miss something? I must have missed a post!

foxybrown Sun 20-May-07 21:37:33

happy birthday Alice! bless!

I'm potty training DD at the mo. Oh joy! She's done very well TBH, be interesting to see how she goes on Tuesday morning at nursery (I like to share the responsibiity)!

And my star charts are up. I am expecting exemplary behaviour as from tomorrow!

Some farking hope ...

derlor Sun 20-May-07 21:37:59

Hi just popping in quickly cause i'm watching 24 then LOST!
Won't ba around much fo a couple of days as DS is having his eye surgery tomorrow. Need to be a good mummy for a couple of days
Holly hope Alice has a lovely birthday.
I promise to text Foxy of the excitement/stress of DS's op puts me into labour and it really all kicks off!!!!
Take care y'all back soon x

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:39:05

Hi & bye derlor! Hope ds's op goes ok xxx

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:40:04

Well done to your dd foxy! I've given up on mine with the potty for now!!

foxybrown Sun 20-May-07 21:40:26

You'll have a lovely day, just the two of you. You can make a big deal of having her birthday just you and she, special girl before her brother gets here!

Plenty of time for birthday parties IMO!

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 21:41:41

She posted another thread earlier about a killer headache but worried about another false alarm after last week.....after several...don't be dafts etc she decided she would go to hospital to have her BP checked.

That was about 5:00pm.

foxybrown Sun 20-May-07 21:42:26

Good luck and lots of love to the wee fella, Derlor! Ops are never a laugh (DS has had his share) for you or him.

Do text me if you want me to update the Junies for you. Or just text me anyway! LOLove xx

DaisysGotABigBump Sun 20-May-07 21:45:06

Good luck to your DS for the op tomorrow Derlor....

holly...have a lovely day tomorrow with Alice.....just chill and enjoy this time together before your world is invaded by a small wriggly noisy person!

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:45:42

Oh dear, poor lilkel! She has my number, so hopefully she'll text me any news if she's feeling up to it.

Yes foxy, you're right! We'll have a fun girls' day and go to the shop and buy cbeebies magazines and chocolate and play in the garden in the tent thingy I bought her!

foxybrown Sun 20-May-07 21:47:36

Got your email Daisy - that's very interesting. Wish I'd known about it last week when my friend went in for hers.

hollyandalice Sun 20-May-07 21:55:18

I'm going to go now, my back hurts!! Night everyone and sleep well. If lilkel texts me I'll try and log on to update.


foxybrown Sun 20-May-07 22:01:41

I'm off too. Night all.

Hope you are OK Daisy.

riabutterflew Sun 20-May-07 23:18:00

Happy birthday to your DD holly, hope you have a really special day.

Good luck derlor for the hospital (DS1 jumped off the trolley when he had his op and we had to sit on him while he kicked the shit out of 5 theatre staff! Funny in hindsight but horrible at the time, so we'll be thinking of you).

Hope you are feeling better too daisy.

And a big friendly HELLO to everyone else.

DH at home tomorrow so we should be too busy to be online (yeah right!)

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