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ante natal classes near, hinckley, nuneaton for september birth

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beckysue Sat 19-May-07 14:15:52

Hi everyone. I am due to give birth at the end of september to my first. I'm struggling to find details of any antenatal classes that are running close by in July August time. All the ones I have contacted are running them too early or too late..any ideas?

studentmum1 Fri 25-May-07 23:15:56

hiya, i live in earl shlton, there was a well advertised ante natel class run by a lady in hinckley, i'll go have a look for a number and get back to ya!!

mumaholic Mon 01-Jun-09 12:47:39

I know a number of professional midwives have started offering private antenatal classes because of NHS cutbacks. I can recommend 2 experienced midwives in the Nuneaton area that run a three week course under the company name 'Professional parenting'. You can get their details online or call them on 07757035002.

hairygodmother Mon 01-Jun-09 13:22:56

Check with your midwife, I went to one that the midwives ran at the Health Centre in Hinckley (on Hill Street is it?). There were two classes - one on dealing w birth and one on the parenting aspect (which I didn't go to as was having dc2 and thought I'd remember, ha!). Anyway, the one I went to was v good and informative, they even let you try gas and air! Good luck!

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