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October 2018 baby bus part 3

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ATP1000 Tue 15-May-18 22:12:06

I’m creating this thread so that we can continue the October 2018 baby bus. Only one page left on ours and once it completes we can’t share this link so getting this done now .... all aboard!

Belles86 Tue 15-May-18 23:02:54

Woohoo, part 3! 👊

Littleredwagon2308 Tue 15-May-18 23:04:50

I've jumped on - Finally!
We're due our first baby on October 12th and currently 18 w.
Is there a list of us and our due dates?

I'm having a blooming great pregnancy so far.

The highlights have been:
Telling my DP and then our families and friends
Seeing our baby for the first time at my first scan
Hearing the heartbeat at the 16 w midwife appointment
Maternity clothes as surprise present from DP
Watching my bump grow
Feeling something that might be my baby moving

Lows have been:
Unsolicited advice/opinions
Missing beer, wine, cocktails
Missing those foods pregnant ladies should avoid

daisychain07 Wed 16-May-18 05:58:49

Checking in. Scan this morning!!! X

RhiBee29 Wed 16-May-18 06:46:08

Checking in! Thanks for the thread @ATP1000

Good luck today @daisychain07

justtowarm Wed 16-May-18 07:22:18

Thanks for the new thread @ATP1000,

Good luck with your scan @daisychain07 mine is a week today and it feels like a lifetime I'm so excited/nervous!

Hope everyone else is ok. It's been nice reading all the positive scan news over the last week or so, @Littleredwagon2308 lots of lovely things. I'm feeling regular movements now it's pretty magical, I remember for a while after my son missing the movements (even though I was overwhelmed with how amazing it was having him out)

Hoping everyone else is ok smile

Milknosugar1 Wed 16-May-18 07:30:27

justtowarm how are you and how are things going?

I'm hideously tired and struggling this week. Keep going dizzy and weak, little moments rather then the big ones, but it's happened 3 or 4 times a day and really disconcerting. I'm also not at all functional after about 3 in the afternoon. I've got an appt tomorrow and will bring this up. Is everyone else feeling okay? Xx

justtowarm Wed 16-May-18 08:22:40

Hi @Milknosugar1 things are much the same here (bleeding everyday, I have had three days where it's only been spotting but after each one I get a clot pass) just waiting for the scan next week for them to confirm if it is or isn't placenta previa. Then I have the consultant the following week for them to work out a plan.

I'm Feeing lots of movement is really reassuring me and is lovely. I just have to stay away from google or I freak myself out.

Sorry you are still feeling rubbish hopefully they will be able to help at your appointment. Being tired just makes it all so difficult, I don't know how I would function if I was at work!

twobambinos Wed 16-May-18 08:43:08

Thanks for the new thread @atp1000.
Life has been hectic the last week so haven't been on.

Can't remember who was asking we have two dds already and now a little boy on the way. I've started the shopping too for his wardrobe contents.

@milknosugar1 I had two major episodes of dizzying in shops nothing was wrong but best to get checked. Hope you feel better soon.

@daisychain07 good luck with your scan today.

Welcome @littleredwagon and the other newbies at the end of the other thread.

@justtowarm keep the feet up and away from Google. Will be thinking of you.

My bump finally popped last week. Felt like an age. It was the day after the 20 week scan maybe I was subconsciously sucking it in if that's possible. Some of my work don't know yet so I'm still disguising it but I'm running out of clothes that fit. I'm ready for the fitted clothes maternity look now that it doesn't just look like the in-between stage.

Have a lovely day everyone.

HeatherTess Wed 16-May-18 09:18:55

Hello! Just checking in - I'm about to move house and had my last check in at the hospital yesterday... they took all my notes away and just sent me away with no referral or anything. I now only have a few photo copies of some of my notes and apparently need to sort everything out myself and might need another 20 week scan...

Anyone else had this?

Doll87 Wed 16-May-18 12:12:08

Hello everyone!
20 week scan today! Excited/nervous....all should be OK as i'm DEFINITELY growing and been told I've no reason to worry but i cant help but get anxious butterflies in my tummy! The worry of being told bad news gets me so worked up!
I'm Due 28th September so i'm actually 20+5 weeks today. My scan isnt until 2.45pm so ive got another 2.5hrs of worrying to go....!

ladydolly Wed 16-May-18 12:46:02

Hello all! Jumping on (not that I do much jumping these days, more heaving).

Those looking at nursery furniture, to each their own of course but I'm very practical so bought a cot bed which we converted to bed for dd about 2 months ago and she's 3.5. This is the one
It would have lasted a few more years if there wasn't a new tenant arriving! And then bought a one of those cot top changing table to go on it 2nd hand, we left that on there for about 6 months. It's like this but I think I paid a tenner.*Brand%2520-%2520O%2520Baby%2520-%2520Shopping&utm_term=4579946966139895&utm_content=O%2520Baby%2520-%2520Shopping#fo_c=164&fo_k=1018017e9f176b027b3ac39700e9d3a3&fo_s=binggb

Then I bought a white set of drawers and wardrobe and shelves from ikea (and got their kits for fixing to the wall).

This way it will all last for a while, I under estimated the clothes store needed I can tell you, that wardrobe is full to bursting!

@milknosugar is it a blood sugar thing? are you eating regularly?

20 week scan yesterday, we're having another girl (which is what I wanted!). She's currently head up which is why all the kicks ahve been low down. I have partial placenta previa so need to keep an eye on that and have another scan at 36 weeks although I'm already booked for an elective section. Oooh I just got a little wave of excitement for end of september when the messages of 'I'm in labour and headed to hospital shortly' start!!!

Because we're having another girl and there isn't much 'new' stuff to get we're thinking of getting a new pram/buggy. Got my eye on the babyjogger citi mini... off to do some research!

EffRam Wed 16-May-18 13:18:11

Hello everyone! Joining the new thread. Hope all well. It's lovely to read about the scans!

Not much to report here! 17+2, I have felt kicks I think 3 times now, and occasional flutters every couple of days, really looking forward to it becoming a bit more regular!

Ebeneser Wed 16-May-18 13:36:47

Hey all. My due date is 27th October, but given that most people I know have been 2 weeks late and induced, I'm expecting a November baby!

I am about 16+3 at the moment I think (can never remember how many days). Looking forward to my 20 week scan. The first scan was emotional (and informative), but I think listening to the baby's heartbeat with the midwife has been the highlight for me.

This is my first, and I was hoping for a home birth, but because the sonographer has found a 90mm submucosal fibroid, I have been referred to a consultant. So hospital birth for me now, me thinks. They are hoping it will stretch as my uterus grows, rather than take up too much of the baby's space.

Has anyone been to Aqua Natal classes? My midwife has told me of some, and I'm tempted to give it a go.

sparkling123 Wed 16-May-18 14:13:14

Jumping on thanks @ATP1000, I just joined at the end of last thread. @HeatherTess, that's a bit of a worry isn't it? I just moved house last week, I'm just over 17 weeks so no 20 week scan yet, but temporary doctors I'd signed up to told me to let them know when I'd met my new midwife for first time and give the old doctors their contact details and name. I'm not sure if they will share notes but at least there is some trail. Maybe you could do that? I did keep the same hospital I'm going to be going to (was a real pain as was a long journey before moving) so I'm not quite the same as you as I still have my notes. Hope it all gets sorted.

Penguina Wed 16-May-18 14:36:40

Place marking ! 18 weeks tomorrow and my gut is expanding - bump not so much!!

lovesrunning Wed 16-May-18 16:34:53

Hello lovely ladies! Thanks for the new thread @atp. Congrats to all the scans and those who’ve found out the sex since I last read up.
@milk sorry you’re having a rough week. Sending hugs.
@just hope your appointment goes well. Bet you feel like you’ve been waiting an age for that.
All good here, just moved house and ready to start thinking about a nursery. I think I’m feeling regular little kicks and tumbles now smile I’ve popped out and it’s pretty obvious now.
Hello to everyone new!

2ndPGchimp Wed 16-May-18 17:23:10

Jumping on the new thread. Thanks @ATP1000!

My bump has reached the stage of people not being embarrassed to ask at work now! I am bridesmaid at my sister's wedding on Saturday (not Meaghan's!). I last tried on the dress 3 weeks ago and thought it would be ok, but now I am not so sure as bump is definitely growing!

Peanut91 Wed 16-May-18 18:05:48

19 weeks today. Stilk suffering with nausea and exhaustion everyday. I havent had the 2nd trimester glow yet!

I had an appointment with consultant today. Some of you may remember but I had a serious accident back in January so I was referred to consultant to check all is ok with pregnancy. He was happy that my accident had no effect on baby and has discharged me back to midwife lead care which is a relief. Got to hear babys heart beat again which was really reassuring.

20 week scan is end of next week. Cant wait

daisychain07 Wed 16-May-18 20:21:50

Thank you for all of the well wishes. I had my scan and we are having a girl. I nearly fell off the bed in shock as I was certain we were having another boy! Have a low lying placenta so have another scan booked for 32 weeks. I had this last pregnancy and it moved. Good luck to all of those still waiting x

FromMaddieToMommie Wed 16-May-18 20:52:40

@Peanut91 I don't believe I'll ever get the pregnancy glow. My skin is so dry but I got a couple of red spot like little marks on my face at the same time. Also, my hair is a mess and I'm getting fat.
The only good thing is that bump looks really adorable and I love looking down at it

Thegirlhasnoname Wed 16-May-18 20:57:38

I’m due my first on 27 October so only just an October baby! 16 and a half weeks, but still not told the in laws. Mentioned it to my OH today and he was like “oh yeah we should probably do that”. My side of the family all know as does both our works, but it feels odd not having told one side of what will be babies family.

Maybe we’ll tell them once the bump actually pops rather than just changing shape. 20 week scan is the day before my birthday and I don’t know whether to be nervous about the possibility of anamolies or excited - kind of in limbo right now!

ATP1000 Wed 16-May-18 21:00:49

Wow @ladydolly the kiddies Kingdom link you sent is fantastic! I’m considering a trip to the shop to test out the plans, great discounts!

I’m glad you got the all clear @peanut91, that must be such a relief.

I’m really sorry that some of you are still suffering with sickness and dizziness. I’m sending feel good vibes to you all. I am tentatively saying that my nausea has gone this week! I’ve actually been able to work normally the last few days.

Good luck to everyone for your 20 week scans, time feels like it’s flying now!

Thinking about you @justtowarm, definitely stay away from Google! How’s the crochet going? I’ve managed a pair of booties, found a pattern that is knitted flat and sewn up so not too complicated.

How are you getting on @biscay? I hope all is well.

I think I had my first kick today, I’m 17+5 and felt a few pops really low down near my hip/ groin. Definitely different to stomach gurgles! Nothing since but it’s a start.

It’s great to hear all your news, this group is fab 😊

justtowarm Wed 16-May-18 21:11:08

@ATP1000 the crochet blanket is coming on very slowly! My two year old keeps trying to wear it as a scarf! My concentration isn't great at the mo I'm hoping it will get better when we have some answers smile and then a full blanket/shawl will appear 🙈

Booties sound exciting, my mum is a knitting genius and has lots of plans and things on the go, including booties smile congratulations on the kicks! You should gradually get more and more. I'm 19 weeks today and have started counting each kick/movement over the weeks it's gone from 40 to 60! This baby is as wiggly as its big brother!

So pleased you got the all clear @Peanut91 smile

ATP1000 Wed 16-May-18 22:08:25

Just saw this website in a discussion about nursing bras, go up to an H and apparently comfy
Nice supported nighties too

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