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Antenatal yoga near Guildford....?

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Surfnicky Thu 17-May-07 16:10:56

I posted on the pregnancy section too (so apologies for doubling up!) but wanted to see whether anyone knows of any antenatal yoga or keep-fit classes in the Cobham/Esher/Guildford area? Or even any mums-to-be groups that meet over coffee for a chat...
I'm a first-time mum with ID twins due in September (eek!) and I've just moved to Cobham and am really keen to make friends with some other mums in the area...
Any suggestions greatly appreciated...!

KellyGraves Thu 07-Jun-07 15:00:06

Hi Nicky

I tried to post a message last week, but not sure if it worked!

Anyway, there are yoga classes offered in Woking/Guildford/Godalming by Sarah Church - 07816 534554 and Michelle Morrow - 01483 824838 (

The NCT has lots of coffee mornings/talks/social things, worthwhile joining -

hope that helps!


yogimum Thu 07-Jun-07 15:50:02

Try looking at for classes in your area.

CristinaYogaBellies Thu 04-Jul-13 18:18:54

In case anyone is still checking this post, just a quick line to let you know that YogaBellies is now coming to Guildford!
Pregnancy Yoga classes on a Tuesday evening.
Please email me at or visit for more info xx

LovesToBake Sat 06-Jul-13 18:38:56

Hi Surfnicky, I can highly recommend the yoga classes at - no specific classes for pregnant mums but the teacher is more than happy for pregnant women to attend her classes, she just adapts some of the poses. I've been going to her classes for years. For after your babies are born, I can also recommend Busy Lizzy (they have a website) - a great club for mums and babies based in Guildford. Among other classes, they do 'buggy fit' in the park which really helped me get back into shape post-birth and is good for meeting other local mums. For pregnancy yoga, you might also like to check out Yoga Vita (part of Cafe Mila) in Godalming. Hope that helps!

LovesToBake Sat 06-Jul-13 18:39:19

*that would be - damned autocorrect!

LovesToBake Sat 06-Jul-13 18:40:45

PS it might be a bit late to get onto an NCT course for a September birth date, but you could look at doing one of their Early Days courses to meet other mums locally?

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