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November 2018 #4

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olderthanyouthink Wed 02-May-18 15:49:43

Ante-natal thread for babies due this November, continued...

Stats spreadsheet is here - add and update yourself as needed!

sarahhh1984 Wed 02-May-18 15:54:04

Thanks for setting up @olderthanyouthink. Marking my place.

moomoo85 Wed 02-May-18 15:55:06

marking my place smile

GreenMeerkat Wed 02-May-18 15:56:03


Magpie24 Wed 02-May-18 15:59:49

Marking also. Thank you!

Emelene Wed 02-May-18 16:03:29

Thanks @olderthanyouthink. How long do you guys think it's normal to wait for a midwife to text back? I have 2 (part time) midwives covering where I live. I was told to text after my 12 week scan last Thursday to book my 16 week appointment but I haven't heard back. That's too long right? I don't want to be a pain but I don't want to slip through the net!

Aussi Wed 02-May-18 16:04:37

Thanks for setting up!

Tyrionsbitch Wed 02-May-18 16:15:22

Hi ladies
Had my scan today. Baby was healthy with a nice strong hearbeat. Baby was quite stubborn and was in an awkward position so they couldn't get any measurements, not even to get a due date. So will have to go back for another scan. Typical Haha!

olderthanyouthink Wed 02-May-18 16:19:53

Only just got the last message on the last thread!

@Tyrionsbitch (teehee nice NN) I have to go back as well because we were too early, but this way we get to see our babies more 🙂

Laurisi Wed 02-May-18 16:28:11

Congrats everyone on your scans.
Got mine tomorrow and ridiculously nervous now that it’s here

sarahhh1984 Wed 02-May-18 16:30:26

Congratulations @Tyrionsbitch.

Sorry, @olderthanyouthink, that was my fault. I put my last message in before I realised how full the thread was! 😳

TheUbercornMum Wed 02-May-18 16:30:50

@marmitericecakes wow massive congratulations!

@Saraswati fab news too, so pleased for you!

@Tyrionsbitch haha cheeky baby! At least you get to see him or her again soon, same for you

@Emelene I would probably send a polite chase after a week (tomorrow?) saying you just want to make sure it is in your diary but I am inpatient! How many weeks are you? I'm 15 weeks and booked my 16 week appt a few weeks ago at about 13/14w but round here we book it in. I haven't heard anything re 20 week scan yet, nervously checking the post as things quite busy atm so want to get in the diary!! Think I will chase at 18w if not heard!

Thanks for the new thread!

Saraswati Wed 02-May-18 16:33:43

Marking my place...

AJ89 Wed 02-May-18 16:49:34

A student in my school has slapped cheek, I called the midwife and she’s said to get a blood test to check for immunity, anyone else had previous experience of this?

GiveMummyTheWhizzer Wed 02-May-18 17:01:21

Marking smile

MeredithShepherd Wed 02-May-18 17:08:28

Hello everyone! Marking my place... grin

Sabulous Wed 02-May-18 17:13:46

We've got our scan tomorrow, I feel like it has taken forever to get to tomorrow as we've known for so long. I can't wait to be able to tell people, I feel like I'm really showing, and hiding my bump has been hard!

marchblossom Wed 02-May-18 17:29:16

Thanks @olderthanyouthink x

marchblossom Wed 02-May-18 17:30:14

@Sabulous I'm tomorrow too and also unsuccessfully hiding bump!!

TinyPawz Wed 02-May-18 17:46:53

Place marking

Nevada54 Wed 02-May-18 17:50:23

Wow congratulations @marmitericecakes!! And @saraswati I'm pleased everything went well for you too smile

I've also got my scan tomorrow. I'm feeling really anxious again despite having a positive one at 10w.

I've been trying to let my manager know, but I just can't get hold of him.. not something I wanted to do by email but he isn't returning messages for a catch up and I'm not due to see him for another few weeks.

intelligentPutty Wed 02-May-18 17:51:26

Hi everyone. It's all getting a bit more real by the day!!
Finally adding myself to the spreadsheet.
Hiding the bump is getting much much harder!!
I missed out on NCT last time. Waited too long to book it. Thankfully met a lovely bunch of girls through a group organised by local child health centres. Still good friends with all of them.

Thinking might try NCT but would hope to meet 2nd time mums as I think that we'd probably click a bit better and be more in the same place.


Ssspider Wed 02-May-18 18:16:29

Congratulations on all the scans, lovely pics. Finally twins too!

Had our scan today, put us back to the 11/11 which is 5 days later than we thought but I look about 5 weeks further along.

Hope everyone is starting to feel better. I’m looking forward to getting through this first trimester. Shame they’ve added extra days to it.

NoCatsHere Wed 02-May-18 18:21:38

Ok catching up a bit! older thankyou for making the new thread.
ubercorn thank you will see what my hospital provides. Hoping for now it’s just to early and all will be ok in the end.
sara so happy to hear your scan was ok.
marmite amazing news! Twins! Was your scan picture really interesting with two in there?
Congrats moomoo such clear pictures!

Good luck to all those with scans tomorrow.

I too am struggling to hide my bump. There’s only a few things that work so I’m wearing them in rotation. Although I’m looking forward to nice weather it’s going to be even harder to hide the bump in less clothes!

marchblossom Wed 02-May-18 18:44:55

Hi curious as to how many have had dates put back vs. forward at their scans? I'm hoping I'm further ahead than I am, largely because DD1 is end of November, but also because I'm totally impatient and hate the thought of being 'backdated' tomorrow!!confused If you don't mind sharing, pls tag me with 'back 5 days' / 'forward 1+2' etc xx

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