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January 2019!

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loopdeelou Sat 28-Apr-18 11:02:33

I have recently found out I am pregnant and I believe baby would be due 6th January 2019. I know it is such early days, but are there any other Mums-to-be out there who have just discovered they are pregnant and who will be due next year? Sounds crazy saying that!...

SecretStash Sat 28-Apr-18 14:31:49

Hi, to repeat my issue on the other thread I’m 4+5 and you’re the first people I’ve told. Haven’t even told DH as feared it will end our marriage.
I was pregnant this time last year, exact same due date. Pregnancy was going fine, 12 week scan was lovely (placed me at 13 weeks) two weeks later the baby’s heart stopped and I had a MMC.

Now here I am again.

My DH will be gutted, hate me and probably leave me. We weren’t TTC, he’s booked for the snip.
I was so gutted to lose my last baby that I’m actually quite happy to be pregnancy but scared shitless that he’ll leave me.

EverythingNow Sat 28-Apr-18 19:32:58

@loopdeelou, I have and I would also be due 6/1/19! Feeling a bit nervous as my lines are not very dark (AF due tomorrow)

I’m 38 and this will (hopefully be #4) weve been trying since last summer.

@SecretStash, I haven’t seen your other thread, but I hope your DH will be supportive flowers

loopdeelou Sat 28-Apr-18 20:10:51

@EverythingNow yay! Glad to see someone with the same due date! My lines have been getting slightly darker each day but are still fairly faint. I'm going to try one more time tomorrow just to reassure myself. Hopefully all will be ok.

@SecretStash so sorry about your situation and the difficulties you are facing thanks

laurs2309 Sun 29-Apr-18 07:08:19

Hi folks! Already seen some of you on another thread but thought I'd join this one too. I'm due 1st January and equal parts excited/scared!

What do you all think you'll miss most during the pregnancy? The alcohol doesn't bother me but the soft cheese thing will, and I've also discovered that hot tubs are off the list too. We've got one of those inflatable ones and sitting in there is my fave way to relax! I'm a bit of an adventurer too and had lots planned on our hols in September including scuba diving and zip wires, all now off the list. That sounds really selfish doesn't it?!

loopdeelou Sun 29-Apr-18 08:27:53

Hi 👋 @laurs2309! Congrats.
I'm not really bothered by drinking now so that won't be an issue for me and neither will the cheese. My main concern is how I'm going to manage in these early weeks with all of the travelling I do. I travel a lot for work and it's a really busy job so I'm just hoping I can get through that all without being too ill and without anyone noticing!

Lol yes your adventures might have to take a back seat!

EnglishIrishRose Sun 29-Apr-18 09:06:02

Hi everyone, I'm due on the 4th of Jan, found out on Monday at 11dpo and still no sign of AF so I think it's safe to say I'm pregnant!

I'm having lots of fun with bloating, dizziness, breast pain and tiredness. I also need to wee a gazillion times a day. I ended up crying yesterday - again.

However, this is our first baby and we couldn't be happier. We're also very worried but I think that's normal.

@SecretStash that sounds really hard - I'm sorry. Being due around the same time must bring up lots of extra stress for you. I don't know you or your husband but perhaps you could try telling him in front of a neutral friend or family member you both trust, or a couples counsellor? Do you have anyone else you can talk to about this?

loopdeelou Sun 29-Apr-18 09:33:07

@EnglishIrishRose I'm glad it's not just me with symptoms! My boobs are killing me. I actually feel pretty rotten and almost like I'm coming down with the flu. I have no idea how some women don't realise they're pregnant for ages... I think my body is telling me loud and clear!

slippynips Sun 29-Apr-18 10:07:22

Hi ladies, I’ve just had my BFP and am due 4th Jan. I had a miscarriage at 5.5 weeks in December so I’m really hoping this one goes well. We already have a DS who is 2 so I know I can have a successful pregnancy, hopefully the miscarriage was just a one off!

My DSs birthday is just after Christmas so hopefully this one doesn’t come early and they can have their own birthdays!

We haven’t told anyone yet and probably won’t for a good few weeks. Sadly we had told quite a few people before I miscarried and don’t want to go through having to tell everyone the bad news again!

laurs2309 Sun 29-Apr-18 10:16:33

@loopdelou I'm worried about work too. I don't do as much travelling as I used to but still more than I'd like if I'm feeling pukey! Are you planning to tell work or try and hold off till after the scan? I want to hold off if I can manage it as we aren't telling the in laws until after the scan so it seems wrong for others to find out before them. They had a stillborn baby on my due date many many years ago and have since lost my brother in law to cancer (at only 25) so understandably are very overprotective of dh and I and I don't think they'd be able to cope if we told them early and then something went wrong.

loopdeelou Sun 29-Apr-18 10:56:08

@laurs2309 yes that's totally understandable that you'd want to wait. Are you going to wait until the scan?

@slippynips so sorry to hear about your loss. That must have been really difficult. Fingers crossed for this pregnancy. 🤞

I think we are going to hold off telling anyone for as long as possible. I don't intend to tell our families for ages. My SIL is pregnant and due soon and it's the first grandchild and everyone is making a fuss (esp my mum!) Nobody has a clue we were trying and I think it'll be a real shock to them. I don't really want to steal her thunder.

I'm also a worrier and hope nothing goes wrong. My family want to know all of our business and I'm not sure how I'd feel about having to tell them about a MC. My mum would no doubt tell the entire world and I'm not sure if I could deal with that.

I'm going to try and keep it quiet but may have to tell work before anyone else just due to the travelling. ESP if I'm feeling ill.

emdoc Sun 29-Apr-18 15:31:02

Hello everyone, I just found out that I am pregnant yesterday morning! According to my last period I would be due Jan 4th 🤗We just started TTC #1 so I was very surprised that it happened so quickly! I’m a bit of a worrier too so now I’m worrying about not having been on folic acid for very long before conceiving 🙄 but I’m cautiously happy and so is DH! He is 33 and I’m 32.

I feel well except for an odd, mild crampy sensation in my uterus and some sore boobs.

I will miss booze (especially on a hot summer day!), cheese, and sushi!!

I am most worried about work. I work shifts so I’m worried about fatigue, and I really can’t miss any time so I’m worried about what I’ll do if I get bad nausea!

We haven’t told anyone yet and nobody knew we were TTC. I think I might tell my parents at about 8 weeks if everything is going well but warn them not to tell anyone else. This would be their first grandchild and I know they’ll be thrilled!

EverythingNow Sun 29-Apr-18 15:46:59

Hi everyone!

I’m still feeling nervous about whether I’ll be staying on the bus! My lines are just so faint although they seem to be getting a little darker and so I can’t stop taking tests just in case they disappear/get darker! I’ve never been like this before!! AF was due today/yesterday.

Not told dh, I don’t know why, we’ve been trying about 10months, he will ask tomorrow I’m sure as he knows when I’m due.

I will miss booze but not too much as I’ve cut back a lot anyway.

I’m going to have to tell work in the next week or so, although I would ideally not! I’m booked onto a manual handling course for which the precourse details say to tell if you’re pregnant or think you might be. So I will need to tell my line manager so someone else can attend in my place, or it can be risk assessed so I can go. Worried as work is going well for me and in past jobs, pregnancy has well and truly held me back. Hopefully this time it will be different!

pastaforbreakfast Sun 29-Apr-18 19:33:36

I've been writing in another thread but guess this is the official one! Marking my place for now!

isambardo Tue 01-May-18 10:46:29

I'm tentatively going to join! Just had a positive test this morning, due date 9th Jan.

This will hopefully be dc3. I had two miscarriages last year so I may be more of a lurker than participant over the next few weeks, just keeping fingers crossed.

We'd decided to stop trying after this month so we are both a bit shocked.

All the best to everyone else, especially Secret Stash.

lotbyname Tue 01-May-18 14:43:20

2 lines!! This has been my brain for the last 48 hours! 2 lines!!

I'm due 8th January 2019. It's going to be my second baby, my bestest boy is 18m old.

I'm kinda worried my body is going to collapse. I was pregnant, gave birth, gained 2 stone after, lost 3 stone, still breastfeeding and now BABY AGAIN. I feel like my belly is moving and I swear the consitpation is kicking in already!

I do hope this group takes off, my Oct 2016 group is lovely and has kept me sane and so so informed!!

LeeCee Tue 01-May-18 18:08:14

Hi all going to jump on this bus too! Due 7th Jan 2019 got my BFP Sunday and really hoping this sticks! First baby, first pregnancy TTC since February so all very new and exciting.

Will miss cheese so much! And wine. But so excited it's making that all seem insignificant for now! Check back with me at Christmas grin

loopdeelou Tue 01-May-18 18:30:54

@lotbyname congrats! 😁
Did you find it hard to drop the weight after your first baby? I am sure your body will be fine! I'm trying to not get too worried about this but my jeans are already tight. Am so bloated! And constipated!! Am only 4+2!

emdoc Tue 01-May-18 18:44:43

We're getting a nice group on here now! Congrats to all of you!

@SecretStash, how are you doing?

I think I'm getting some nausea but it also seems too early for that so I wonder if it's just "regular" nausea haha. VERY sore boobs, had to stop running on the treadmill today! I'll have to wear my squishiest sports bra next time grin.

That crampy feeling seems to have mostly gone. Took another test this morning, I think I'm crazy, and when the line seemed faint on the cheapie I felt worried and immediately did a FRER which still had a nice strong line. What a waste though! I need to stop.

I'm trying hard to keep my expectations low but also thinking about dates upcoming in the future and how far along I'd be at that point!

EnglishIrishRose Wed 02-May-18 08:10:17

I know what you mean with the bloating loopdeelou I'm thinking I might have to buy maternity jeans early! I think the worst thing right now is the tiredness, I could easily sleep at 3.30 when I finish work.

On a positive note, I had my GP appointment yesterday and am arranging my booking in with the midwife. It's all very real now.

jellyfish2210 Wed 02-May-18 08:20:02

Last Tuesday my AF was due but I had been late before so didn't think too much into in. Took a one step test on Wednesday and it was BFN so didn't think anything more about it until Thursday when I just felt weird. Took a cheapo coop test and it was BFP!! Have taken 5 tests in total. Definitely pregnant!! This is baby #1, been TTC since January. Really didn't think it was going to happen this quick! Due 1/1!

I'm excited and nervous as I have no idea what to do with babies!!

LeeCee Wed 02-May-18 08:32:53

Welcome @jellyfish2210 and massive congrats! Your TTC schedule is same as me! It's so exciting it's all happening so fast

LeeCee Wed 02-May-18 08:34:46

@EnglishIrishRose I am racing into leggings or pyjamas every night when I get home! Jeans are killing me! The bloating has gone down a little today and the cramps have eased. Of course now I'm terrified that means something. Trying to wait another week before I go to Doc just in case.

jellyfish2210 Wed 02-May-18 09:03:07

@LeeCee oh how exciting!!! Until recently I would only ever hold a friends baby if I was sitting down and they passed it to me and then lifted it from me after lol! So excited!

As for the bloating, felt like a whale last week, feeling a little better this week but feeling nauseous all the time!

Are you telling people yet?

EnglishIrishRose Wed 02-May-18 09:54:56

@LeeCee I wouldn't worry too much, I've had bloating since 8dpo (Apr 20th) and it's not the same every day. My mum (midwife) says that cramps will come and go too. Severe, persistent pain would be worth checking out.

Although I sound calm and together on the internet, I'm not. Worrying about little things every day is normal apparently with our raging hormones, and I could worry for England!

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