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August 2018 #5

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peterpanwendy Tue 03-Apr-18 21:01:33

As we enter month 5 of our pregnancies we need a 5th thread!

Good luck to everyone having their 20 week scan this/next week smile

CumbrianExile Tue 03-Apr-18 23:37:41

Thanks peterpanwendy.

Just checking in, back from the in laws and glad to be in my own bed grin

YouCantBeSirius Wed 04-Apr-18 00:04:33

Thanks for the new thread peterpanwendy. I'm 23 weeks today! It seems to be flying in now.

Emmasmum2013 Wed 04-Apr-18 08:44:57

Thanks for the new thread! smile Can't believe we're all about half way now!!!

Pereie Wed 04-Apr-18 08:52:44

Yeah! Since about 17 weeks the time just seems to be flying by! Thanks for the new thread @peterpanwendy

Gizzymum Wed 04-Apr-18 16:39:23

20 week scan yesterday. He's still a boy!

Gem173 Wed 04-Apr-18 16:49:23

Thanks for the new thread @peterpanwendy! And lush scan @Gizzymum glad it’s still a he! I hope mine still is!!! I’ve bought so many boy things!!

Gem173 Wed 04-Apr-18 16:52:13

19 weeks today and went to see my mum in work (she works in a diff department) straight away all her friends come and feel the bump! The bump that is still concealed only just by my hospital uniform! You can see a tiny bump if my uniform goes tight if I stretch or stand up straight. Weird feeling having them all touch my bump, I’d rather they ask but don’t want to be rude. Anyway enjoy being halfway ladies! Can’t believe we have been through this together smile

Gizzymum Wed 04-Apr-18 17:56:04

@Gem173 I hate the uninvited bump touching! I feel like walking round touching their tums randomly to see how they like it.

samb1979 Wed 04-Apr-18 18:31:25

Awww! @gizzymum lovely scan picture! I have mine next week! I have suddenly become very impatient!!!!! Just need to know if they are ok and if I can buy boy or girly stuff!!!

Stephiewoo Wed 04-Apr-18 18:46:26

Thread 5!!!!!!!

Just had an emotional moment thinking of the girls who are not with us😔

Month 5!!!!!!! Wow now it's going quick. 20 wk scan next Wednesday, I will be 20+6.
Can not wait to see the gymnastic and find out if it's a girl or boy.
Already decided I will need therapy if it's another girl, 21 yr old dd and 4 yr old dd are certainly challenging at the moment, it's like there's hormones flying everywhere!😂😂

iamloading Wed 04-Apr-18 19:05:53

Just checking in. Don't post much as still struggling having lost my daughter last year, but I have my 20 week scan next week so hoping I'll feel a bit better after that

BertieBotts Wed 04-Apr-18 21:19:34

Thank you Wendy!

My bump is enormous now especially when I've eaten a big meal, it looks so comical and I feel really stretched out. I've started rubbing some olive cream into it someone got me from Italy a few years ago. It's soothing and it smells nice smile

BertieBotts Wed 04-Apr-18 21:20:24

Got scan on Tue and then detailed one on Wed so fingers crossed! I'll be 20+4/5.

peterpanwendy Wed 04-Apr-18 21:39:53

I hate the bump touching too! Mine is only just really noticeable in normal clothes, if I wear tight clothes you can see it more but everyone keeps telling me how tiny it is for half way!

I'm terrified they're going to say she's a boy at my 20 week even after I saw her lady parts so clearly.. twice! And the sonographer was very certain.

My scan is Tuesday I'll be 20+2. It's surreal being so close to half way. I was remembering the first trimester today and my gosh wasn't it a battle? I've never been so anxious and poorly all at one time before. I'm so happy to be here and have her jabbing away throughout the day now.

DaisyBank82 Wed 04-Apr-18 21:41:50

@iamloading my youngest daughter was stillborn last year when I was 32 weeks pregnant so I don’t post often here either as I find the range of emotions hard to express/ manage. I hope you’re doing OK. Was your daughter also stillborn? I also have my 20 week scan next week. I do post a bit more on our Facebook group and I’m also in a SANDS board second trimester group, which is helpful. Please feel free to PM me if you’d find it helpful.

Thanks for the new thread too @peterpanwendy!

iamloading Wed 04-Apr-18 22:16:48

Hi @DaisyBank82, small world - I think we are on the same Sands thread randomly! I've just PMed you

Gem173 Thu 05-Apr-18 06:55:30

My 20 week scan is next weds too smile will be 20 weeks Bang on!
Sorry to hear of your losses @iamloading and @DaisyBank82
Hoping our pregnancies stay healthy and lasts to full term with no problems xxx

Emmasmum2013 Thu 05-Apr-18 09:28:00

Got my 20 week scan tomorrow morning. I'm actually really scared now sad I was really looking forwards to it and so excited to find out the gender. But now I just keep thinking of everything that can go wrong. I'm really nervous and that's not like me! I'll blame the hormones...

bobcat85 Thu 05-Apr-18 13:53:52

Thanks for the new thread.

So sorry to hear about your losses @iamloading and @DaisyBank82. Hope you're both doing ok, it must be hard.

Had my 20 week scan today, all fine. It's a girl, still trying to think of names.

StrawberryLemonade Thu 05-Apr-18 20:15:15

Finally found new thread - place marking!

peterpanwendy Thu 05-Apr-18 20:42:55

Baby girl is so active now I absolutely love feeling her move. When should I expect to be able to feel her from the outside? DP is desperate to feel her kicks! I'm 19+4 today x

milney25 Thu 05-Apr-18 21:02:38

It's lovey isn't it @peterpanwendy! My DH could feel at about 21 weeks

somersetsinger Thu 05-Apr-18 21:31:34

Thanks for the new thread, peterpanwendy. Last time round, DH and Dsis both felt her kick when I was 19 weeks. This time, DH felt her around 22 weeks. So I guess it varies. Fingers crossed that it's a sign we are having a mega chilled baby this time.

YouCantBeSirius Thu 05-Apr-18 23:40:11

My DP hasn't been able to feel any kicks yet. I'm 23+1 now so really thought they would be noticeable since the kicks feel very strong to me.

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