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June 2018 #4

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ClareB83 Thu 15-Mar-18 10:04:09

Just restarting the thread as we're close to 1000 posts again.

June 2018 #3

Cookie1831 Thu 15-Mar-18 10:25:28

Thanks clare

Northernbeachbum Thu 15-Mar-18 10:30:19

Thanks @clareb83

@cookie1831 I think your probably in the majority with the monitor, I'm such a light sleeper anyway, I hear the dog walk to get water in the more of the night 2 floors down and it wakes me up so I'm not sure we will need to worry

Shutupanddance1 Thu 15-Mar-18 11:33:46

Yay new thread!

Honestly with monitors it’s all about how you feel you are getting on..

I’ve still got to buy a car seat! It’s the one big thing we have to buy new that we haven’t gotten round to even ordering yet shock I was 2 weeks early with my first DD so I might need to get a shake on!

MegEmski Thu 15-Mar-18 12:31:48

ooh new thread!

I still don't have a pram / car seat / nappies / muslins / wipes / bottles (in case, hoping to be able to breastfeed)

I should probably get organised.

I enter my third trimester tomorrow. Quite an exciting feeling.

Anyone else having ear ache / blocked nose? I don't have a cold, just those two issues.

Ca55andraMortmain Thu 15-Mar-18 13:13:03

We have a video monitor and I was surprised by how much we used it. When DD was little we didn't really need it - it was super obvious when she was awake! But now she likes to play in her cot once she wakes up and can climb out etc so it's really useful to see if she's actually asleep!

@meg we've bought precisely nothing for this baby. We have a lot of stuff from DD but we need a car seat and a new breast pump as necessities and I also want to get some clothes that are new for this one (even though the attic is in danger of falling in because of the amount of baby clothes up there!) - I just want his/her first clothes and going home clothes to be ones that we bought just for them. Does anyone know if you're supposed to buy new bottles or if you can sterilise and reuse ones from a previous baby?

HoneyBee03 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:13:54

Oooh new thread. Getting in here so I've got it saved.

@MegEmski I've had a blocked nose for the entire pregnancy so far, it's no fun. I had to argue with two pharmacists to get a basic saline spray in some sort of effort to keep it clear. I've just got used to it now though. I also had a completely blocked ear for a few days. I bought Otex Olive Oil ear drops to put in before bed, laid on that side to let the drops do their work, then turned over and rested my cheek and ear on a hot water bottle while I watched some TV. In the morning I could hear again smile It occasionally comes back but I just do the same routine again.

MegEmski Thu 15-Mar-18 13:17:09

@Ca55andraMortmain phew makes me feel better. I've got cot, sheets, sleeping bag thingies, bouncy thing (technical terms here), LOADS of clothes but feel I'm missing some big / important stuff....first one, so slightly panicky ><

No idea if you can reuse. Surely if sterilised would be ok? Seems a horrid waste of plastic if not?

@HoneyBee03 ahh not just me. I will try the olive oil drops and see! I'm snoring too.....never snored in my life! Ah, pregnancy. So glamorous.

MegEmski Thu 15-Mar-18 13:25:37

Bah pregnancy hormones. Sat in the loos having a little cry at work


ClareB83 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:31:48

The hormones are crazy @MegEmski - had two sundays in a row last month where I just cried for no reason at all. Not even stupid reasons, literally no reason. I just felt blue.

Like all these wonderful pregnancy symptoms (I've had tinnitus, blocked nose and snoring too) they will pass though. And we get cutey babies!!

ElizabethLemon Thu 15-Mar-18 13:35:08

@MegEmski hope you’re ok. I was feeling really weepy yesterday morning when my ds went to school. It’s horrible when you feel like you can’t control it.

The 4th thread, hopefully we’ll have some more babies by the end of this one!

MegEmski Thu 15-Mar-18 13:43:48

@ClareB83 very true have to keep remember it WILL be worth it. Hate the random 'blue' feelings. Hope you have a better Sunday this weekend.

@ElizabethLemon Thank you, luckily no one noticed the mini breakdown. I’m on a project team and I’ve been working on delivering something by today. Worked pretty hard, got it done in time, training booked in this afternoon….but the team I’m training have had to cancel because of pressures elsewhere in the project….so now I’m sat here like a lemon crying. Hormones!

That is an exciting thought, babies by the end of this thread. oooh.

My colleague announced her pregnancy yesterday, due in September, so that is exciting too.

Cookie1831 Thu 15-Mar-18 13:45:58

I will be reusing bottles for definite, some I have had to get rid of as used so much the numbers on the side have worn away but the newer looking ones am definitely keeping. Another blocked nose sufferer here and lots of little bits of blood in the morning when I blow so annoying! Steaming can help head over a basin with a towel styleee x
Looking at how chatty we all are will probably be thread number 6 before I pop!
Hope you are ok meg xx

Northernbeachbum Thu 15-Mar-18 14:08:38

I seem to be quite lucky, I've not had many tearful times. I have, however, becoming much less tollerant. DP's mum has really upset me over the last week and I can't seem to let it go. Usually I'd just forget it. I'm dreading seeing her on Sunday as if she provokes me I might just tell her exactly what I'm thinking blush

@meg glad you escaped with no one noticing.

I'm sure I've forgotten to buy things but I have no idea what. DS does have some amazing outfits though (clearly a first timer here as he's going to get to wear them all once, I just couldn't resist!)

ElizabethLemon Thu 15-Mar-18 14:50:48

We still need to get a mattress for the crib plus I need to repaint it as 7years-ish in storage hasn’t done it many favours. No sheets or blankets either.

Need a car seat! I don’t know if there’s much else, I need to stock up on knickers, breast pads etc. and I might start adding lucozade to my weekly shopping to stock up. I drank about 50 litres of it during my 1st labour, I’m surprised I didn’t turn orange!

Northernbeachbum Thu 15-Mar-18 16:34:20

@ElizabethLemon what paint are you using? We've been given my cousins cot and its in OK condition but in my head it would look much better white. The only thing stopping me is the idea I could end up making it look worse grin

We've started stocking up on snacks and trying to work out what food DP can bring me if I get stuck in hospital for a meal as I'm a fussy one, we are hoping Deliveroo will deliver to the ward if need be

ElizabethLemon Thu 15-Mar-18 16:46:40

@Northernbeachbum I’m going to use Annie Sloan chalk paint (very middle class!) mainly because I spent quite a long time researching baby friendly paints and it was one of the only ones I could find. Plus I have some varnish that needs using up. Is yours already painted or plain wood? Ours is white but definitely needs a repaint.

I really can’t remember what snacks I took to last last time, some sort of biscuits I think! What have you bought? I’m hoping I’ll be at home this time round but still want to get some easy and accessible things in. Last time I was puking continuously before the birth so I was starving afterwards.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Thu 15-Mar-18 16:55:05

@Northernbeachbum Chalk paints are pretty forgiving, that's what I'm planning on painting my old toy cupboard with when I get around to moving it to the baby's room.

I've barely bought anything. Got some new bottles in the Toys r us closing down sale at half price. Bought one outfit... a that's not my dinosaur set. I've still got loads of ds's clothes/toys plus a friend has offered me a ton of clothes if this one is a girl. Oh and I bought nipple cream! for my hospital bag.

Heregoeseverything Thu 15-Mar-18 17:22:50

Happy new thread everyone!

@ClareB83 I'm sorry to hear about the burglary. We were burgled a few months ago. It somehow felt more hurtful when it was clear from the ransacked bedroom that the burglar must have known I was pregnant and ill, I just thought who could do that, but then I guess these people have different morals to normal people. Actually we were amazed by how attentive the police were (also in London but not the east). They didn't find the culprits to the best of my knowledge, but we sent them a crime report at 3am and they were around at our house at 9am (we were gone to work). Arrived again that evening with forensics specialist.

@northernbeachbum Likewise I haven't been exceptionally tearful but I have found myself finding certain people more annoying. But it is limited to 3 people close to me (one friend, two family members), all of whom are I genuinely believe objectively annoying (!) - luckily my DH is not one of them! I think I'm just usually quite tolerant/patient, and I now have "normal" levels of irritability, especially when it comes to being bossed around. I like to think that it's an important evolutionary thing - if I'm going to be a mum I need to stop taking too much shit!

RockinRobinTweets Thu 15-Mar-18 20:40:58

Hello, just posting so you’re on my threads. Had my 28 week appt and heard the heartbeat this week, pretty awesome

Bluesnail Fri 16-Mar-18 07:24:12

New thread! grin
I haven't been that much more tearful, but I've noticed that when I do cry it's a lot more intense? Don't know if that makes sense! Think I've definitely got a bit of a shorter fuse as well, find myself going in the huff more than usual, poor DH lol.
@Heregoeseverything I know what you mean about being normally being very tolerant/patient and now feeling like I'm "normally" irritable. I've been enjoying it as in the past I've felt I let people walk all over me at times and now I seem to have more of a backbone! It's refreshing lol

ClareB83 Fri 16-Mar-18 07:56:20

Feel like pants this morning - feet are massive, barely fit into my right shoe which is a squishy trainer type thing that's normally so comfy.

And my right ear is blocked. All efforts to clear it have failed. Think I'm going to have to add olive oil before bed tonight, never done that before.

Heading into the office where I can't put my feet up so they'll grow even more and the woman next to me whispers at the best of times so I just won't hear her. And I would put money on my lunch plans being cancelled.


Babies are good and kicky though. 😍

Northernbeachbum Fri 16-Mar-18 08:04:39

@ElizabethLemon I've got cereal bars, Nakd bars, jelly babies, then closer to the time will add fruit in that's likely to cope ok without getting bruised. Going to put a few bottles of water in the freezer to take too. Also considering taking a rare beef sandwich for after the birth and some sushi grin

Interesting to hear about the chalk paint.....very tempted now.

@heregoes I'm glad it's not just me! Luckily DP is not annoying at all to me so he's safe. I am also finding my self esteem is quite low.

Hope you get through today ok @clareb83!! Not long til the weekend now

HoneyBee03 Fri 16-Mar-18 09:16:46

I've been getting emotional occasionally and sometimes there is no reason. The other day I burst into tears with a mouthful of bourbon biscuit, then cried more because crying meant I couldn't eat my biscuit properly...

@ClareB83 I hope your day turns out well!! Give the olive oil a go, just a few drops. I actually booked an appointment to get my ears syringed and they told me to use the olive oil for 7 days. The thought of a week not hearing properly stressed me out, but that night I managed to clear it.

Lali1 Fri 16-Mar-18 10:51:33

Hello Ladies,
@Mummyloves hope Amayah and yourself are doing well and getting stronger.
@Clare good luck for today, weekend is nearby smile.
I had to take last holidays this week and was a bit weird one as I mostly slept and cooked...felt more tired and nausea, couldn't do much.
I had OGTT test on Monday and almost fainted due to the substance so that day I just rested..luckily the result is good.
I'm 25 w+2 and saw the midwife today basicaly first time (after initial appnt).
Could hear baby's heart and she starting kicking during that time smile) which was nice...the measurement is a bit smaller (just 24) but I'm only 1.51 cm so I guess should be fine..
We wait to hear from solicitors about the new house so didn't prepare anything for the baby yet...hopefully in 2-3 weeks time we get to move and bring/buy everything at once.

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