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Almost 6 months pregnant and not had sex once during pregnancy and I now feel like my partner is going off of me 😪

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Waterfountain97 Tue 13-Mar-18 19:08:30

So I am almost 6 months( next Saturday) and me and my partner haven't had sex since before pregnancy. This isn't what I wanted but my body is always exhausted and hurting the first 12 weeks of pregnancy we all just feel crap and didn't want to be touched and I'm finding the second trimester the hardest so far as I'm always cramping have back ache and just getting through possible kidney stones . I always have uti symptoms but no uti and I don't feel sexy at all which I feel is a huge part of sex ( for me anyway) and I just feel my partner is going off of me 💔

MistressDeeCee Thu 15-Mar-18 02:28:31

Hello OP. So sorry you're going through this, sounds like a difficult time. No practical advice for you I feel better placed than me are on MN to advise. Can you ask MN to move your thread to Relationships...? You'll get more responses/advice there

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