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October 2018 baby bus continued

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ATP1000 Fri 09-Mar-18 07:19:27


ATP1000 Fri 09-Mar-18 07:23:28

Hi everyone, our first bus ran out of space so I’ve used my insomnia and being off work to create a new one for us! I hope that’s ok.
I went back around 3 weeks to find people who had posted. I know a lot have moved to Facebook already so this won’t be relevant and I am truely sorry if some people have left for other reasons and didn’t want to be contacted, I hope you are ok and please ignore this message if that’s is the case.
If anyone knows how to extend an existing thread then I’m happy to do that and bin this one!

ATP1000 Fri 09-Mar-18 07:27:28

To continue where we left off...

Congratulations @BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy, that’s a lovely photo!

I have my follow up scan post operation this morning. I’ve been having bad nausea but no vomiting, lasting till 5pm every day. I’m feeling rubbish but taking it positively that the little one is determined!
For everyone who is eating everything..i am constantly grazing on anything white! Currently mini breadsticks, belvita and salt and vinegar crisps. I eat the belvita before I get out of bed which stops me wretching (bonus!). I’m also able to eat a normal dinner.
I hope everyone has a good Friday! Nearly the weekend now!

Hayleyxmx Fri 09-Mar-18 07:33:18

Ahh this is nice, amazing job @ATP1000 🙌🏻 I’m also suffering with insomnia I go to bed at 8 usually wide awake 5am then tired all day in work. 😴

Anyone been for an early scan and dates changed?? I thought I was 9 weeks 2days now they are saying 8weeks 1day. Can’t believe I have to wait another month for my next scan I was really excited getting to double figures is it possible I will jump forward again 😁

twobambinos Fri 09-Mar-18 08:30:48

Hayley try not to worry the dates can be a little bit out you will have a better idea at the next scan. I know what you mean about the double digits though! You'll be there in no time.

Thanks @atp1000 flowers

@biscaytrafalgarfitzroy what a lovely scan pic.

Is everyone looking forward to mothers day

MamaL86 Fri 09-Mar-18 09:08:08

Thanks @ATP1000.

Congratulations @BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy - you must be so relieved! How far along were you when you had yours done? I've got one booked for tomorrow morning and feeling very anxious about it.

lanzlucy Fri 09-Mar-18 09:26:45

Hi everyone
I'm belatedly joining the club, been hesitating as still in state of disbelief after a year of trying. EDD 12th October and had my booking in appointment yesterday. Embarrassingly fainted after blood tests and then felt rotten the rest of the day. Symptoms in general have eased off, apart from the exhaustion. Not sure if good or bad. Got 12 week scan date week before Easter which is good. Won't feel confident telling anyone until then. Not on fb so this is a really helpful place for me.

Milknosugar1 Fri 09-Mar-18 10:02:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy Fri 09-Mar-18 11:16:08

Thanks @ATP1000 for the new thread!

I'm am so relieved now. It was worth the £50!

@Milknosugar1 I've not told anyone else yet but will tell DP's DM and my DB this weekend. My DM and a couple of close friends already knew as well as my boss.

Feel a bit more relaxed about it now, should our secret spill somehow.

@MamaL86 I was 7+2 yesterday and the dating was pretty much spot on. Good luck with your scan - I'm sure it will be fine.

justtowarm Fri 09-Mar-18 12:13:34

Hey everyone, thanks for the new thread @ATP1000. Congratulations on all the early scans.

I had my booking appointment yesterday at 9 weeks. I have woken up with an infection down there, so nice trip to the GP for swabs followed by toddler group with my 2 year old while feeling like I'm going to puke everywhere. I love my days off 😭😳🙈. I don't remember feeling this run down last time!

ATP1000 Fri 09-Mar-18 15:48:13

Thanks for the thank you’s smile

I’m just back from hospital, 7 week old jelly bean in there!! It has doubled in size in a week, I couldn’t believe it! Despite all the trauma the baby is very settled.
Am feeling like a pin cushion after 5 attempts to take blood! Finally got there though smile

DwangelaForever Fri 09-Mar-18 16:01:30

Can't believe we're on thread number 2 already! Having a real bloated day today, thinking it might even be twins because my belly is massive and I'm only 9+2 confused

Milknosugar1 Fri 09-Mar-18 16:08:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DwangelaForever Fri 09-Mar-18 17:22:21

@Milknosugar1 I know I would need a few weeks off work if I found out I was having twins 🙈 I have an 18 month old so twins would be interesting to say the least 😂

monkerina Fri 09-Mar-18 17:42:15

Thanks ATP!

I'm on the Facebook groups but staying here too for the foreseeable. Lovely scan pic Biscay! My nausea's subsiding a but now at 10+3, same as with DS, but as I'm naughty and have a doppler at home I heard the hb this morning 😍

Hayley at my early scan they dated me back 4 days; I know exactly when I ov'd and we only dtd once! But they're dealing with fractions of a mm at that point and may well get dated forward at 12 week scan. Could you have ov'd later than expected?

Belles86 Fri 09-Mar-18 18:14:31

Hi all, thanks for new thread 😊 10 weeks today and have first scan on 26th of March, it’s feels like the longest wait! 😱 Has anyone else had their scan date through yet? I know a few have had early scans and they are really nice to see 😍

DwangelaForever Fri 09-Mar-18 18:27:18

@Belles86 I finally got my scan date on Thursday mine is on the 29th March I'll be 12+1!

BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy Fri 09-Mar-18 18:28:33

Just had my dating scan through. A month today and I'll be 11+6.

Over the Easter hols too so we can visit family to share the news. Exciting!

Hispterwannabe Fri 09-Mar-18 18:31:07

Hi all, please may I join? I’m due 30 September so will likely tip into October. Congrats to everyone!

FromMaddieToMummy Fri 09-Mar-18 19:05:00

Hi, ladies. We are 9 weeks pregnant and for the past two days have experienced brownish discharge. This was normal for me before getting pregnant, but I'm worrying now. Anyone else going or who has gone through this ?

justtowarm Fri 09-Mar-18 19:19:05

@FromMaddieToMummy I had a tiny bit but think it is an infection (waiting for results) I had lots of bleeding and spotting in the first trimester with my son and everything was fine but they do say to see/speak to your gp if you do spot (even brown blood). sometimes the GP will feel an early scan is needed to check how things are going other times they thinks it's fine and leave it.

FromMaddieToMummy Fri 09-Mar-18 19:27:34

@justtowarm thank you for the reassurance smile I have a doctors appointment next week and I might also text my midwife. An early scan would be great

Penny31 Fri 09-Mar-18 20:19:33

I got through my work trip. Utterly exhausted now!

My nausea and sickness has been terrible for the last few days. I can barely function. I just want to hibernate until it’s gone. Trying to stay strong but I don’t think I can take it for much longer!

Got my first midwife on Thursday. I will be 9 weeks exactly.

Belles86 Fri 09-Mar-18 20:42:32

@DwangelaForever ah very nice! I’ll be 12 weeks + 3 when I get mine. Feels a bit more real now hey? Just have to wait patiently now don’t we 😬

In other ever so slightly concerning news I got a call from the docs today saying my results show I’ve got a UTI. Completely symptomless which is odd, anyway, roll on the antibiotics.. Has anyone else has urine infections during pregnancy?

BiscayTrafalgarFitzroy Fri 09-Mar-18 21:12:12

@Belles86 I do. I gave a water sample at my booking appt and midwife rang to say I had E.coli in my sample which was asymptomatic. She arranged some antibiotics from the GP for me and I'm taking them now.

Nothing to worry about - especially as they've detected it. Can be risky if undetected. Apparently pregnant women are especially prone to UTIs because the urethra relaxes and lets bacteria in more!

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