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Due April 2005

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Seabird Thu 29-Jul-04 21:01:40


Have tested very early so not surprised to have to start this one off! Due 8 April I think.

Anyone joining me?

Toothache Thu 29-Jul-04 21:07:33

Wow! April already!! I started the August 2004 one (due next week). It's such a privelige being able to start off the thread. Congratulations and good luck with the pregnancy!

Seabird Thu 29-Jul-04 21:15:11

Thanks Toothache I've been waiting for someone else to start but after 2 days had to go for it!

Good luck to you too!

Angeliz Thu 29-Jul-04 21:17:22

Congratulations Seabird

Hope someone joins you soon from the ttc boards!

MoseGirl Fri 30-Jul-04 10:48:13

Hello Seabird, I thought I was going to be starting this as I checked last night after finding out yesterday I was PG. Glad you were braver than me!!!

I still don't believe I should be here as I only went to the doctor because of pains around my ovaries, this hasn't stopped either so I'm now praying the dot of life will survive the first 12 weeks into a safer trimester.

I am not sure what date I'm due, somewhere between 27th March and 5th April I think due to long cycles.

Is this your first baby?

MrsDoolittle Fri 30-Jul-04 11:11:48

It was this time last year I found my period was late. August 8 I tested positive. Dd was born April 10 this year! Best thing that ever happened to me
Good luck ladies!!

popsycal Fri 30-Jul-04 11:14:29

can't believe this thread has begun already1

Seabird Fri 30-Jul-04 20:22:59

Hurray Glad you've joined me MoseGirl I don't know about brave, I'm just highly addicted to MN & couldn't wait to get talking about being pregnant. Actually I still feel a bit of a fraud as AF isn't due til tomorrow - I've tested positive since Weds and everyone on here reassures me I am pg but I know I will feel happier after tomorrow.

Is your ovary pain bad? Did the Dr know what was causing it?

I have a dd of 8mo so it feels rather surreal being pg again! (Am busy reading all the threads on small age gaps.) How about you?

Thanks for your congrats ladies

Mrs Doolittle, is April a good time of year to have a baby? I was thinking it might be quite nice because by now they would be starting to be a bit easier and more alert, in time to enjoy the summer.

MoseGirl Mon 02-Aug-04 09:58:08

Seabird, I assume AF stayed away and you can now officially say you are Pregnant!!?

Doc says the pain I was having was probably just the body coming to terms with what was happening, it has stopped now and I find it hard to believe I am as absolutely no other symptoms, sore boobs etc. What about you?

Went to see doctor this morning to get my 'early pg pack' and referral to midwife and he says I'm officially 6 weeks today based on LMP. I was counting from gestatation, e.g.3 weeks.which do all the books etc go by?
He also put due date as 27th March based on a normal cycle, not 36 days like mine, so I may actually be on wrong PG thread. I guess 1st scan determines this better?

beansprout Mon 02-Aug-04 10:00:54

oooh, congratulations!! And good timing (says a fat moose who is big in the middle of the hot weather!!!)

Seabird Mon 02-Aug-04 14:12:44

No AF thankfully! Apparently the m/c risk is now 10% so am feeling a bit better about things (and it goes down to 5% after 6 weeks, MoseGirl ).

Glad your pain has gone. Lucky you having no symptoms at 6 weeks. With dd m/s started at 5.5 wks so I'm desperately trying to get things done before I'm out of action til October (not that I'm complaining - at the moment anyway!) Then again maybe it will be completely different this time... I can hope!

The dates thing is confusing isn't it? I have a shorter cycle than "normal" and as I know when I ov'd (now and with dd), in my own mind I tend to backdate to two weeks before that and use that date as my notional LMP. Not that it particularly matters as it's only a matter of a few days' difference, but I like to think my EDD is closer (and in fact dd was early). Oh and yes actually first scan was spot on date-wise so you should get a better idea then.

Perhaps you could join the March thread too? V glad of your company on here for now though! Hopefully some of the ladies on TTC...8 will join us soon.

hana Tue 03-Aug-04 10:04:16

congrats to you both!! Best wishes for healthy pregnancy...first pregnancies for you?
Am on the Dec thread and can't believe there's a April 2005 thread already!!

Seabird Tue 03-Aug-04 22:06:07

thanks hana . Hope your pregnancy goes well too. My dd was born last Nov, so soon I probably won't be able to remember NOT being pg!

smellymelly Wed 04-Aug-04 09:07:40

Wow - congratulations to you both, Seabird and Mosegirl!

I started the Jan05 thread, and I'm about half way now.

MoseGirl Fri 06-Aug-04 10:22:56

Thanks Beanspout, Hana and Smellymelly!

Still lots of crampy pains and maybe a touch of nausea this morning??? Cramps only really towards end of day though!

I am so scared something has or will go wrong before 12 week scan confirms...god am I paranoid or what!

Is there anyone else who had next to no other symptoms and didn't feel PG at nearly 7 weeks?

nellyk Fri 06-Aug-04 12:08:07

Hi, I think I am about 5 - 6 weeks although I havent done a test although I have bought 2 and have been carrying them around ever since I bought them a few days ago!! I'm off to the doctors next Friday. I feel as though I am pg but only because lmp is late.

With dd had no sickness etc only very very mild nausea. So no symptoms are not nec a bad thing. To be honest I have felt more 'pregnant' when ttc only to feel foolish when the period comes around. Perhaps it's because being pg with dd1 has left it's mark on my 'figure'

BTW, my dd was born in early March and it was a lovely time to be pg, ie when you get large it is winter and you can cover up with clothes. Once you have the baby it is nice to go out without worrying about temp extremes (ie sunscreen in summer and cosytoes in winter).

MoseGirl Fri 06-Aug-04 12:26:59

Hi nellyk and congratulations! Sounds like you are just a week behind me

I am still in shock and had to use a home test on Monday as I could not believe it when told by the hospital last week when looking for cyst!

Why don't you want to test, or is it more a 'having the time' thing?
Go for it, news of another April baby would be great! (I had hoped for this time of year for all the reasons you wrote).

Seabird Fri 06-Aug-04 17:29:52

Congratulations nellyk!!! V excited to have another person join this thread.

I know what you mean about being paranoid MoseGirl. I don't feel the slightest bit pregnant (maybe slightly tireder than usual but that could be dd waking up at 6am all this week!) I know in some ways I'll be relieved when m/s starts, though I'm really hoping it holds off for another week or so - dh and I are going away for my birthday this weekend, and next weekend we're away at a wedding (at which dh is an usher, so I'll be literally left holding the baby all day!)

Have you tested yet, nellyk?

MoseGirl Fri 06-Aug-04 17:50:13

Yes nellyk have you tested yet?

Seabird, I hope you have a great birthday and lots of fun away with DH

nellyk Mon 09-Aug-04 07:44:32

Hi Seabird and mosegirl, I am glad to be able to properly join you on this thread, I cracked on Sunday and did a test and it was positive. I haven't even told DH - or my mum!- yet.

The reason I didn't do this test straight away was last month I did 2 tests despite strong evidence I wasn't pg - ie a period! - just because I had been a day late and wanted to believe I was pg I felt angry at myself for being so daft.

Also I had a m/c about 4 months ago, perhaps that was part of it. I feel different this time, feeling slightly queasy as we speak! So I am glad for the m/s although maybe I wouldn't say this if I was actually throwing up and looking all green!

Anyway off to the docs on Friday and I am going to ask for an early scan if poss.

PS a negative for a spring baby - some of the 'baby's first Christmas' outfits only go up to 0-6 months!!

strawberry Mon 09-Aug-04 10:40:04

Hi Seabird, Mosegirl and nellyk and congratulations! I am now 4.5 weeks pg. Also feeling a bit nervous as had mc last June. No symptoms yet either but I had a good pg with ds (who is now 2yrs). Also not totally sure when due as long irregular cycle. I guess 10th - 16th April? Will check with scan. DS was due 11th April and arrived 5 days later so could be same day!!! ARGHH!! I have a scan booked at 9 weeks. We are going on holiday and they wouldn't scan before 7 weeks so will have to wait.

MoseGirl Mon 09-Aug-04 12:56:18

Congrats nellyk and Strawberry!

LOL nellyk about xmas baby outfits

I am sooo nervous about having a m/c, not sure why probably because I want this baby so much! and its my 1st so I don't know what to expect so hope you are both prepared for an entourage of questions for the next 9 months!

What does cause a m/c and when do they usually occur?

I have had a headache since Sat but no m/s? Is this common? Its horrible having a headache but is worth it if it means the embryo is getting bigger and stronger. Any tips as I refuse to take any paracetamol.

strawberry Mon 09-Aug-04 15:17:08

Mosegirl - I don't think you need to worry about lack of ms. I had about 1 week of feeling ill with my 1st pg and that was it. I guess all you can do for headache is have plenty of water and rest and maybe try that '4head' thingy that you put on your forehead. I've never tried it but worth a go. Have you reduced your caffeine intake since being pg? Could this be cause?

I guess it's really normal to worry about mc. All you can do to put your mind at rest is have a scan. Now that you are 7 weeks you will be able to do this but will probably have to pay. I go into London for mine - where are you?

Mostly they don't know why mc happens. Most likely is that the genetics go badly wrong and so this is nature's way. I think this has helped me cope with my mc. They mostly occur during 1st trimester. Hope this helps answer your questions.

MoseGirl Tue 10-Aug-04 12:48:54

Thanks Stawberry! I stopped drinking coffee whilst TTC so am a herbal tea drinker now. I called my doctor and he said the headache was not due to pregnancy as BP was fine etc. I think its just tiredness, I am not used to wanting to sleep so much so fought it off last week, this week I am going to run with it and go to bed at 8pm everyday if I need to! The '4head' is also a good idea, I must try it.

Can't wait to hear from the hospital re scan date and will just count down the days until then....with MN help of course

Seabird Tue 10-Aug-04 20:59:35

Hello All! Congrats on your bfp nellyk . Hi again strawberry .

Sorry to hear about your headache MoseGirl. I had terrible headaches when I was pg with dd and eventually the dr gave me a nasal spray which completely cured them. After a horrible headache last week I've seen the Dr for more already! Dr assured me it's no risk to baby, but I know I have a slightly more laissez-faire attitude to these things than some.

Started feeling a bit queasy today and both me and dd have colds, plus dd has hideous nappy rash, so feeling a little sorry for myself

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