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October 2018 baby bus

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HoneyCake86 Sun 21-Jan-18 13:45:23

couldnt find an oct bus so.... here i am. had my bfp today, at 11dpo.

i had a mc last month so im a bag of nerves.

Edd: 4/10/18
Baby #5
Age 32

twobambinos Sun 21-Jan-18 14:47:07

Congrats honeycake. I'll jump on here with you too. Got my bfp on Wednesday but don't know when I ovulated. Clearblue is saying pregnant 1-2 so I'm guessing I'll be in the October bus. Either way my other two have been late so.

Sorry about your miss. It's so hard not to worry but it really won't change anything by worrying. Easier said than done i know

HoneyCake86 Sun 21-Jan-18 16:12:21

Aw congratulations hunni flowers yes thats very true, im taking it as easy as possible in between my usual duties and activities. Do you have any symptoms yet? I have had sore boobs since 6dpo and the occasional bit of nausea. I didnt have any at all with the mc so hopefully thatll be a good sign.

Coffeelover56 Sun 21-Jan-18 21:24:53

Hello! I got a faint line yesterday and confirmed it this morning with a clearblue test. Still a little bit in shock (but in a good way ). We are getting married in June so i'm probably going to have to buy another wedding dress!

EDD 2/10/18
Baby number 2
Age: 29

FroodGloriousFrood Sun 21-Jan-18 22:44:31

Can I join? I just about squeeze into the October club... No symptoms yet although a bit hard to tell, have been struck down by the flu this past week and half so too busy concentrating on my headache/coughing/sore throat!

EDD 1/10/18
Baby number 1
Age 30

HoneyCake86 Mon 22-Jan-18 07:56:12

Welcome ladies! Congratulations! flowers i have a few symptoms i had tingly boobs since 6dpo and just a tiny touch of nausea here and there. With my mc last cycle i had no symptoms at all.
Bbt dropped this morning so its made me feel anxious confused

Coffeelover56 Mon 22-Jan-18 16:03:12

I'm getting some symptoms too, heightened sense of smell already and I'm totally wiped out! I do have a cold as well so not sure whether the tiredness is the pregnancy or the cold or a bit of both.

Have you told anyone yet? I know it's early days but I can't help myself - we have told DP's parents and we are telling mine this weekend.

HoneyCake86 Mon 22-Jan-18 16:57:34

My sister and partner know but ill prob tell my mum too. My brain has turned to mush since i got my bfp, im forgetting everything 🙈

FroodGloriousFrood Mon 22-Jan-18 20:17:59

Excuse my ignorance... What's bbt?!

Not told anyone yet, I don't want anyone to get too excited until I know it's really happening! All being well I think I'll pay for an early scan in a few weeks.

HoneyCake86 Mon 22-Jan-18 20:54:00

Bbt= basal body temperature 😉

FroodGloriousFrood Mon 22-Jan-18 21:10:45

Oh, duh! Thanks Honey!

rogermooresfifthwife Mon 22-Jan-18 21:26:17

Can I join? Bfp today 14 dpo, still a bit in shock as we only started trying a few weeks ago and it took two years for our daughter!

I am still friends with the Mumsnet group I was in with my daughter, they are an amazing bunch and I've met lots of them in real life. Not sure what I would have done without them in the first hectic months!

ED is 1/10/2018
Age 37 😔
I'll tell my best friend tomorrow as she'll know immediately when I'm not drinking when I see her but due to high chance of a loss at my age we won't tell anyone else til 12 week scan.

SomebodysNotInBedYet Mon 22-Jan-18 23:16:29

Hello! Got my BFP yesterday at 10 dpo.

EDD 5/10/18
Baby number 2
Age 24

This was only the second month trying so I was quite surprised but I had some really sore cramping at 9dpo which I suspect was implantation so I did a frer and here I am! I'm really anxious that's it's all going to go wrong. When I had my first I just was very naive about pregnancy loss and now I'm so much more aware, I'm terrified sad

HoneyCake86 Tue 23-Jan-18 08:03:17

Try to relax hun i know its hard, i had a mc last cycle. When i feel anxious i try some guided meditation or slow breathing. Congrats ladies xx

SomebodysNotInBedYet Tue 23-Jan-18 09:37:08

Guided meditation is a really good idea, I'd never have thought of that. I'm feeling a bit more excited this morning! Anyone got any symptoms yet?

SomebodysNotInBedYet Tue 23-Jan-18 09:39:49

Oh I've just seen Coffee has and you do too Honey. I'm almost looking forward to feeling like crap so I know it's real!

Coffeelover56 Tue 23-Jan-18 11:12:32

It's hard not to feel anxious isn't it. I remember when I was pregnant with my DS the first 12 weeks dragged waiting for the scan! I was thinking because I have a wedding to plan that I would be preoccupied with that so it would fly by this time but actually i think it will be just as slow!

I've made my appointment for booking in with the midwife, makes it feel more real and I'm excited. Although not looking forward to the blood test!

ladydolly Tue 23-Jan-18 11:31:16

Hi all,

I was going to hold off joining because of previous losses but I feel weird lurking!!

I have 1 dc and started trying for no.2 last year, had one chemical pregnancy and then a missed miscarriage in the autumn which was surgically managed in November. This was our first month trying again and I got my bfp on sunday at 9dpo, lines have gor darker the last 2 mornings so not a chemical pregnancy again it's just hanging on in there and hoping this one sticks! The EPU said we could go in for an early reassurance scan so that will be in a couple of weeks all being well.

Estimated due date 07/10/18

My first thought that we might have done it was nausea on a flight at the weekend so symptoms have started, I've always suffered early. I'm very tired but that could be jetlag. I also get insomnia which I have had but again could be down to the jetlag.

So, hopefully an uneventful 9 months ahead for all of us!!

SomebodysNotInBedYet Tue 23-Jan-18 11:36:42

Hi ladydolly ! Sorry to hear about your losses flowers . Great that the lines are getting darker and you're already having symptoms smile

junperoo Tue 23-Jan-18 19:59:22

Hello! Is it ok if I join? Congratulations to everyone! Feeling very nervous as not-really-planned DC2 appears to be due 3/10/17. Got a very faint BFP today. DS is only just 6 months so I'm feeling frankly terrified a bit anxious about a 14ish month age gap. Also had EMCS so probably looking at an elective this time which might mean an early delivery.

Getting ahead of myself a bit though!

twobambinos Wed 24-Jan-18 10:43:11

I went awol for a few days I was having a bit of a wobble. Welcome to all the new ladies. I too am still in shock as it took nine months to conceive dd2 and I only came off the pill Christmas week for this one. Will be counting down the days for a scan to make it all more real.
The nausea started for me in the tww. Although I may have been imagining it. But its definitely kicked in today. Not looking forward to the vomiting. And really praying I don't get spd this time.

junperoo Wed 24-Jan-18 12:27:56

@twobambinos I know, I hate the countdown to the scan - it just seems so far away! Trying to put it to the back of my mind. Bad luck on the nausea kicking in already, mine was awful last time but none yet. Guessing I'm only about 4ish weeks though, kicked in around 6/7 weeks last time irrc and didn't ever really go apart from a brief reprieve between 22-28 weeks! 😨

twobambinos Wed 24-Jan-18 14:05:00

@junperoo I had it on both pregnancies for the whole pregnancy vomiting most days. It's horrible isn't it. But so worth it.

Is anyone else exercising? I do a few physio led classes and also run a bit. I don't want people to know I'm pregnant but i suppose I'll have to inform the instructors just in case theres anything I should be avoiding.

Have been out for two runs this but deliberately kept them very short.

ToesAndFingersCrossed Wed 24-Jan-18 15:03:10

Hi everyone... can I join in? BFP confirmed today at 14dpo, I have a DD 20m already and am so very happy! We had fertility treatment to conceive both times so it’s been a stressful run up, and I won’t be able to relax until I’ve had my reassurance scan in 3 weeks time. My first pregnancy was a MMC so I struggle to get excited until later on.

ladydolly Wed 24-Jan-18 15:05:52

I stopped running quite early into my 1st pregnancy but kept going to the gym up until about 28 weeks when my bump was too big to work around and then switched to swimming. I went every day right up until the day before I had her, I was 2 weeks overdue and my gym instructors were starting to get really nervous grin

I'm still swimming now but I'm too tired at the moment, will try and go at the weekend.

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