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November 2017 #5. You wait ages for a baby, then 3 come along at once. Ante/post-natal chat ...

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Zampa Thu 09-Nov-17 12:33:06

No specific post-natal category so I've added it to the normal ante-natal category ...

Zampa Thu 09-Nov-17 12:35:32

Link to old thread;

theotherendofthesockportal Thu 09-Nov-17 12:39:38

@Zampa thank you for the new thread. This is the one where we all have our babies by the end.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 09-Nov-17 12:44:15

We've just edited the typo in the title at OP's request.


Topsyloulou Thu 09-Nov-17 12:51:53

Thanks for the new thread @Zampa

@theotherendofthesockportal that sounds really scary about the fire. Hope you haven't done too much damage to yourself in the process of your heroics. Have you seen the mw yet?

We came home yesterday afternoon. So nice to have a night back in my own bed. Iris is a little jaundiced & had to have blood tests as she has some jitters but everything came back fine. She's a little more yellow today so we've put her Moses basket by the window & hoping the sun comes out to improve it. We're waiting on our mw visit, will try anything to avoid having to go back in again but if that's what we need to do we will.

Ironically my left breast is now really sore & hard, I can't decide if it's my milk deciding to come in, blocked milk duct or just discomfort as I'm not feeding & what little I did have has no where to go. Iris is doing great with a bottle now so even if it is milk coming in I think we'll stick with formula. It also means DP can help out although he wasn't much help this morning. I was up at 6 with Iris & DS trying to get them both fed & me a cup of tea while he was snoring his head off angry. He's tried to make up for it since as his nesting instinct has kicked in & he's cleaning everything in sight!

theotherendofthesockportal Thu 09-Nov-17 12:58:54

@Topsyloulou I’ve left a message with the midwife and waiting for a reply.

I decided to feed Bea with formula as I have a vitamin deficiency that I could pass along through my breast milk. It doesn’t matter how you feed your baby as long as you feed them! It’s nice that my DH can take turns to feed Bea, although he doesn’t seem to hear her crying in the night and continues his snoring!

AGnu Thu 09-Nov-17 13:07:20

Just marking my place, grumpily... Or crying... I don't seem to be able to decide how I feel today! If I thought he'd come then I'd beg DH to WFH today. He'd probably just attempt to placate me & end up making me more upset! He worked from home yesterday & is coming home early tomorrow to take the DC to a class so he's got to be in the office sometimes... I could just really do with a bit of TLC today!

lydiangel83 Thu 09-Nov-17 13:23:48

Well done @Zampa

lydiangel83 Thu 09-Nov-17 13:25:06

Oops pressed send too soon well done on new thread.
@AGnu my new parent hormones aren’t great but sorry to hear you’re feeling upset xx

theotherendofthesockportal Thu 09-Nov-17 13:39:11

@AGnu sorry to hear you are having a grumpy day. I understand what you are saying about your DH, I’m the same with mine, the poor man can’t do right for wrong sometimes. He has just unexpectedly turned up this lunch time to say hello and give Bea a cuddle, I may moan about him but he is a good sort.

@lydiangel83 I still suffer with the hormones nearly 4 weeks in. I’ve cried pretty much every day since Bea arrived. Be kind to yourself - you have just bought a tiny human into the world. Get someone to make you a nice cup of tea, we are all here if you need a friend smile

The midwife has messaged me back, she isn’t very concerned, has told me to keep the scar clean but to see my gp if anything worsens.

Zampa Thu 09-Nov-17 13:47:23

Thanks @LornaMumsnet!

Well done to everyone keeping their tiny human alive!

Got some results back from DD's genetic tests today ... They can't find any anomalies. That's a good thing and helps me worry less about this pregnancy. However, it does makes me worry about what I may have done during my first pregnancy that could have caused her issues and whether I repeated them this time.

Parenthood = anxiety!

Hazandduck Thu 09-Nov-17 13:58:02

Thanks for the new thread @Zampa - Ah the one where we meet all the babies! 😃

DuRezidal Thu 09-Nov-17 14:06:03

I can’t believe we are here in antenatal... I also can’t believe that Jasper is now 1 week old, it’s gone so quickly!

I’ve had my first bit of time away from him today as had a sit on one of my horses and then clipped her (riding needs another week I think). But I was dying to get home!!!

butterybollocks Thu 09-Nov-17 14:45:39

Oooo @durezidal I'm jealous, I love clipping. I am itching to get back on my pony, but I've had a section so I think it'll be at least a month.

Thanks for setting up the new thread @zampa

I think my milk is starting to come in as I'm starting to feel the let down when Freddie is feeding. I'm using Nipple Shields which help me feed but they are a pain, so I'm thinking that in a few weeks I'll move to bottle feeding with a mix of expressed milk and formula.

Lonelycooler Thu 09-Nov-17 15:38:19

Just adding myself to new thread smile

GingerHanna Thu 09-Nov-17 15:48:58

Popping in on the new thread. Everything is great and awful in equal measures. Great as he is gaining weight and starting to be awake and alert for five minutes every now and then. Awful due to the continued three hour feedings, pumping after each feed and general continued lack of sleep.

And now I have a headache, which may or may not turn into a migraine. Need to go back to GP soon to discuss migraine meds I can take with breastfeeding.

GingerHanna Thu 09-Nov-17 15:49:17

PS another one here with daily crying episodes.

DuRezidal Thu 09-Nov-17 16:07:30

@butterybollocks I have another one to do tomorrow!

It feels great to not be pregnant and able to bend down etc without discomfort. And even better when I went home and he was waiting for me ❤️❤️❤️

lydiangel83 Thu 09-Nov-17 17:04:42

Ah thank you @theotherendofthesockportal smile

My mother in law giving us grief because she has ‘hardly seen the baby’, yet has seen her 4 times in the 9 days of her life so far!!

I’m currently at the doctors with mastitis sad

theotherendofthesockportal Thu 09-Nov-17 17:30:23

@GingerHanna I found I was getting a lot of headaches too, but have realised mine were down to lack of sleep. I’ve started to drink 3 litres of water a day too, which has helped. I hope your headaches go away soon!

@lydiangel83 I would cry too, if I was dealing with mastitis and an interfering mil. My HV said to to limit visitors for the first 2 weeks. It sounds like your mil has forgotten what it is like to have a newborn.

lydiangel83 Thu 09-Nov-17 18:11:38

@GingerHanna @theotherendofthesockportal I am drinking so much water, pints and pints of it! Easily 10 pints a day!

theotherendofthesockportal Thu 09-Nov-17 18:19:38

@lydiangel83 I actually feel dehydrated if I don’t drink my three litres. Being at home and looking after a baby is thirsty work!

butterybollocks Thu 09-Nov-17 20:29:22

Ouch @lydiangel83 hope the docs can help - I had mastitis a few times feeding DD and found that pumping everything possible out helped to clear it (bloody hurt tho!). Unfortunately I don't think there's any cure for annoying mils. My dad has been today - he came over lunchtime so we had to feed him, then had to dash off so didn't even help clear up. I can do without those sort of visitors. My in laws are coming on Saturday but are very well trained - they are bringing food and have offered to go shopping for anything else we need!

ValentineFizz Thu 09-Nov-17 21:11:36

Hi all, thanks for new thread @Zampa

I'm at 5 days post-birth today and I've just had the biggest hormone crash, feel like l can't do anything right and been in tears the last couple of hours!! The rational side of me knows that's all it is but l can't seem to stop - bloody hormones!

It's nice to know from reading your posts that l am not alone - hang in there ladies we are all doing an amazing job flowers

lydiangel83 Thu 09-Nov-17 23:26:12

@ValentineFizz I had the same thing at day 9 when realised DH is going back to Work next week and my life has changed forever. Feeling so rotten has not helped and neither has sleep deprivation. I’m in spare room tonight to get some sleep and DH managing on his own. I feel bad but need to get better as I am main food source for baby!

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