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Infant Observation - Can you help me?

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RosannaHeatherTherapy Wed 18-Oct-17 09:59:43

Good morning!

I am studying Psychotherapy at the Bowlby Centre in Highbury and as part of my attachment-based studies I am required to observe a mother and infant for 18 months.

I am looking for a mother who is due to have her baby between January and April; I will need to visit them for an hour per week for the 18 months and observe them together. I have been provided with documents for you to read from the Bowlby Centre and a contact number should you wish to discuss anything with the Centre's Chair; I will also be DBS checked by the time we start to meet regularly.

I know that this is a huge ask but I hope that somebody out there feels like this may be possible for them and even enjoyable. I live in Camden but am happy to travel so please don't hesitate to get in touch if this appeals to you.

My best,
Rosanna Heather

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