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TTC#1 - Second wave grads thread - The Third!

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FXSkip Fri 01-Sep-17 18:00:23

Hello all, kicking off another thread for the TTC1 crew... check in below if you please!

I'll start - Skip here, got my BFP somewhere around TTC1 thread 27...? Or 28. I'm currently 29, and EDD was 30th August - come on babyskip!!

Starmist Fri 01-Sep-17 19:36:14

Thanks for the new thread Skip

I'm Starmist, 34, got my BFP on cycle 11. EDD was 29th August so waiting for baby to make an appearance. Team blue 💙

FXSkip Fri 01-Sep-17 19:39:37

Yay hi!!! Yea raspberry tea tastes very earthy, definitely looking forward to not drinking 5 cups of it a day 😐 I'm tempted to try and get a reflexology appt asap, I'd probably try just about anything right now!!

Mrsbluebell17 Sat 02-Sep-17 00:02:02

Thanks for the new thread @FXSkip

Sorry to hear you're both playing the waiting game @Starmist and @FXSkip - keeping my fingers crossed for you both for some positive developments soon.

Glad to hear the sleeping pattern adjusts again @Starmist - thank you smile

Coming up to 26 weeks now for me! grin

Starmist Sat 02-Sep-17 06:43:06

How have you been feeling Bluebell? Is all ok apart from the rubbish sleep pattern?

Skip I lost the first bit of my plug after I did pregnancy yoga for an hour, I'm sure it did something! Reflexology is definitely worth a go. I've had absolutely nothing overnight (much to DH's frustration as he really didn't want to go to work today!). I hope things get moving for us both soon.

kavanaughkj Sat 02-Sep-17 07:41:25

Thanks for the new thread Skip - and sorry all for the absence, I've been having to deal with colicky baby who isn't getting better. She won't rest unless she's asleep on me or feeding (otherwise she's screaming) so opportunities to type have been few and far between. She's asleep on my breastfeeding pillow at the moment.

Congrats on the arrival of Amity, Music! That's a lovely name. smile And for Starmist and Skip, good luck with imminent arrivals and I hope you don't have to wait much longer!

Back to my regularly scheduled feeding and comforting session. At least it's the weekend and I have DH to help. Yesterday she just would. not. stop. screaming and I think we're both feeling somewhat traumatized!!

OhOurBilly Sat 02-Sep-17 11:46:58

Checking in for baby news. Billy, was Audrey, 31. Mama to 9 month old ds 'L' who is the light of my life.

kav you probably have already done this, but infacol was a godsend for us in the early colicky hell. And it's easy to give, in a little pipette, straight in the gob. 🌹🌸🌷 These weeks are the hardest as the prolonged sleep deprivation is kicking in, be kind to yourself and rest as much as possible. You are still physically recovering yourself.

MrsG280516 Sat 02-Sep-17 14:21:16

Hi everyone, just checking in. Mama to Thea who's 18 days old smile the best 18 days of my life. She's gaining weight nicely and still doing really well with feeding.

Good luck to you overdue mamas, those babies will be so worth it!

Miranda234 Sat 02-Sep-17 21:14:48

Thanks for the new thread skip, thinking of you and starmist, hope you're not waiting too much longer smile

I'm 28+1 and baby girl is still moving pretty much all the time, hoping that's normal!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend smile

Mrsbluebell17 Sun 03-Sep-17 02:24:33

@Starmist I'm ok thanks, feeling good apart and just the sleep thing that's a challenge at the moment but it's not an issue as such. I'm kind of used to it now I think as it's been going on for a few weeks..... like now for example! . How are you doing? Any further progress? I keep thinking of you and @FXSkip.

@kavanaughkj great to hear from you but sorry to hear you're having a challenging time. I hope baby Kav calms down soon!

Music how are you getting on?

@OhOurBilly where does time go?! Can't believe L is 9 months now! Hope all is great with you?! What are the latest phases you've been through with L?

@MrsG280516 so pleased to hear all is going well with Thea! Still in love with the name, it was always on our short list and hearing it used just sounds amazing! Any new tips from you re the first few weeks?

Hey @Miranda234 good to hear of all the movement - I think it's normal to continue to feel movement but I'm not sure? I'm 26 and feeling lots of movement too - although in certain chunks throughout the day and night but I absolutely love it grin.

Starmist Sun 03-Sep-17 09:04:07

Hello just dropping by to give an update. After no symptoms whatsoever yesterday my waters went in the afternoon - luckily I was at home! I was only in a shop a couple of hours before. I went in to be assessed & I've been booked in for an induction this afternoon if not in labour by then due to risk of infection. I've been up loads in the night, DH has been amazing. I've been having contractions but they are very random. Hoping they get into a pattern today. I've managed to get some sleep so I'm pretty pleased with that. Please send happy, stretchy thoughts!

Mrsbluebell17 Sun 03-Sep-17 09:22:59

Great news that things are progressing @Starmist, I'll be thinking of you! grin

Miranda234 Sun 03-Sep-17 11:07:26

Good luck starmist!

Carley27 Mon 04-Sep-17 10:40:21

Thanks for the new thread Skip! Hope you're not kept waiting too much longer.

Thinking of you starmist - hope all is going well!

I'm 24+5 with a baby girl smile hoping to purchase some of the big items we need this weekend as time is flying by.

OhOurBilly Mon 04-Sep-17 11:55:46

Fingers crossed for a favourable cervix star Good luck, do what you need to do to get through it

He's teething mrsb the first two were a walk in the park, he's got his top two and another two cutting at the same time so it's been occasionally interesting. But he's fairly good natured about it! Also trying to walk, he doesn't seem to want to crawl and would rather just skip that step so he's pulling himself up on everything and trying to cruise. It's terrifying! Also had first words, Nana and dada, bloody rude if you ask me! Not a Mama in sight! 😂 weaning is still excellent fun. Fully, fully recommend BLW, it seems so much easier and less stressful than traditional weaning.

Scandalicity Mon 04-Sep-17 16:53:13

Hi ladies, sorry fell off the end of the last thread with being off on holiday & then work being so busy!! Can't see it letting up any time soon either sad currently 17+1 with baby no 1 & intending to keep gender a secret, although as the weeks go by to my 20 week scan, I'm wavering slightly!!

Glad all the mamas & babies are doing well!

Good luck starmist, sending you the stretchiest of thoughts, hope all goes smoothly for you grin

glitteryvibes Mon 04-Sep-17 20:34:22

I'm glittery, 27, edd 19th Dec so 24+6, feeling lots of movements now and starting to panic about the amount of stuff that needs sorting before baby arrives and the amount of money I will be spending!!

FXSkip Tue 05-Sep-17 05:45:01

Wow @Starmist please let us know how you get on! Thinking very positive thoughts for you and hoping you're enjoying snuggles with your newborn right now!

@glitteryvibes take some deep breaths, it seems really intense and scary but it really doesn't have to be. We made all of our big purchases around 30 weeks, and now I look around and think 'do I really need that?' Also we started buying clothes way too early and now I have about 100 babygros 😂 it doesn't need to be expensive if you think carefully and don't make impulse purchases! People will likely give you stuff so I'd err on the side of underpurchasing, and save your money for important stuff only - no stuffed toys!

@Scandalicity we never managed to find out the sex of our baby, and people reacted so well that we then felt it was easier not to know (people obvs love knowing too, they're generally nice either way!) mostly I just love winding up my stepmum whose a proper pink-glittery-tutus type of woman! It's driving her mad that she 'can't buy cute outfits' which worries me - what the hell is she going to buy when LO is here?!

@OhOurBilly That's amazing, I still remember you getting your BFP!! Now you basically have a self sufficient adult 😂 also pretty sure nana is supposed to be mama, just mispronounced.

Right, I've been up for 2 hours now baking bread and cleaning the kitchen, in the hope that I'm one of those people who gets a burst of energy before labour. Apparently I just wake up at 3.30am for no reason instead, and this baby is going to stay inside forever more. I did have a sweep yesterday, and lost some plug at least this morning. Wish this baby would hurry up!!! Sorry for long post.....hope everyone well!

Mrsbluebell17 Tue 05-Sep-17 13:14:29

Sounds like things are really starting to move forward now for you @FXSkip!! Fingers crossed for you. At least your house will be nice and clean and there will be some lovely fresh bread for you to eat grin. Fingers crossed you have your baby there very soon! X

glitteryvibes Tue 05-Sep-17 19:22:51

skip thanks, I think it's because we are also currently doing expensive building works for a new kitchen and I'm getting a new car, and although I know we can afford as we saved for these things it's the shear amount of money that will be leaving the bank account over the next 3 months!

Hope things get moving for you soon skip!

FXSkip Tue 05-Sep-17 21:47:50

@glitteryvibes I really think it's just something we freak out about, no matter what we have going on! Don't worry though, it's all going to be fine.

Still no baby, I am so done with this. Only 41 weeks as well - imagine if i went to 44!!!

glitteryvibes Wed 06-Sep-17 13:11:58

Skip when do they induce in your area? My info says 40+10-12 but I know many places go to 40+14. I can only imagine how frustrating the waiting is! My friend had hers the day after starting maternity at 38 weeks, that would be amazing!

OhOurBilly Wed 06-Sep-17 21:20:54

Oh skip it's bloody awful. I was 5 days overdue and it was awful. I was so massive and uncomfortable too. Sending stretchy vibes ti your cervix and willing your baby out!

If anyone is on IG and wants to be pals then dm me, it's basically 90% baby spam though 😊😀

MissyJones80s Wed 06-Sep-17 23:56:04

Starmist how are things? I've just checked in to see you are on the way!!! Hope all is well. Exciting times.
skip hope you get some further movement soon following losing a bit of plug.

Got 20wk scan on Friday looking forward to seeing baby again it's been too long! Feeling more movement now but when I'm busy it's still to slight to notice. This week has been madness at work, too many long days and late nights but have week off next week and looking forward to that big time!!!

Hope I didn't miss too much over the last week or so. Not had chance to check in xxx

Starmist Thu 07-Sep-17 05:10:33

Hi ladies well our little boy Dexter was born on the 4th. He is so worth it but the labour wasn't fun. In a nutshell my contractions weren't regular after my waters went Saturday afternoon so I had to be induced & it wasn't progressing quickly enough & I had to have emergency c section on Monday evening. We had to stay in hospital but came home earlier today. No sleep has been had by me so far tonight & I'm finding the recovery from c section hard at the moment as I want to be up & about. It's a good job he's so cute!

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