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January Babies #4 - Blooming in to second trimester!

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millsbynight Fri 21-Jul-17 16:25:11

Welcome to a shiny new thread for January 2018 babies!

Thread #1
Thread #2
Thread #3

Current list xx

Noodleaddict – EDD 24th December
Alpanini - EDD 25th December
Cookie22 – EDD 27th December
MammyHester – EDD 29th December
Mumoftheark – EDD 28th December
Kilicat – EDD 28th December
WLMcl – EDD 28th December
MummyM33 – EDD 29th December
Pickledsausage – EDD 30th December
Millsbynight – EDD 30th December
Newhere123 – EDD 30th December
DiveItLikeYouStoleIt – EDD 30th December
MissMango – EDD 31st December
SilverLinings2014 – EDD 31st December
MarthaC – EDD 31st December
GenerallyHappy1 – 31st December
Reetgood – EDD 31st December
SJ1989 – EDD 31st December
HariboFrenzy – EDD 1st January
JJenky34 – EDD 1st January
Kirsty157 – EDD 1st January
NoOneLikesACrispyTowel – EDD 1st January
GruffaloSoldier – EDD 1st January
Emma2803 – EDD 2nd January
Stripeyfish – EDD 2nd January
Bunanarama – EDD 2nd January
PurplePoppySeed – EDD 2nd January
CharlieWeasley – EDD 2nd January
StylishDuck – EDD 3rd January
ALHCTPS – EDD 4th January
BreadAndJam00 – EDD 4th January
Owltrousers – EDD 4th January
Loulou1286 – EDD 4th January
LadyM0ndegreen – EDD 5th January
Lenska999 – EDD 5th January
Sophsta – EDD 5th January
Dddddddddd – EDD 5th January
Whoknows123 – EDD 5th January
Usernamegone – EDD 6th January
Hotpinkangel19 – EDD 6th January
Rememberpurpleronnie – EDD 6th January
HariboFrenzy – EDD 6th January
Poppypopsicle – EDD 6th January
Coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz – EDD 7th January
Ifeellikechickentonight – EDD 7th January
Pebble82 – EDD 7th January
Hutch2016 – EDD 7th January
Usedtorun – EDD 7th January
Kitcaty – EDD 7th January
OutComeTheWolves – EDD 7th January
Embo – EDD 7th January
Hannah91x – EDD 7th January
Spitzbergen – EDD 7th January
MegRam – EDD 7th January
Rabbitstail – EDD 8th January
MrsCorr – EDD 8th January
Ndo4000 – EDD 8thJanuary
GiraffesCantDoMentalArithmetic – EDD 9th January
Tinywithtoes – EDD 9th January
SummerHopin – EDD 9th January
HeyBea – EDD 9th January
PregoinKH – EDD 9th January
Train1 – EDD 9th January
Klaw87 – EDD 9th January
Serendipper – EDD 9th January
Waitingonasmile – EDD 9th January
Briggs18 – EDD 9th January
Chocolateshortcake – EDD 10th January TWINS!!!
Thingymaboob – EDD 10th January
Jellypi3 – EDD 10th January
Questabelletreetop – EDD 10th January
ElleMcElle – EDD 10th January
ChocolateMuffin595 – 10th January
Kirst11 – EDD 10th January
Bringmethechips – EDD 10th January
Banania – EDD 11th January
JoeyR – EDD 11th January
SandyAmazon – EED 12th January
Maybebaby2 – EDD 11th January
Fattycowagain – EDD 12th January
Auntym – EDD 12th January
JB1983 – EDD 12th January
DreamBigHaveFun – 12th January
Isabeau1980 – EDD 12th January
Mrsb87 – EDD 13th January
LinaBl – EDD 13th January
Flossyfloss – EDD 14th January
Shaaan1329 – EDD 14th January
Purplechoc – EDD 15th January
Maybebaby88 – EDD 15th January
Isambardo – EDD 16th January
ImBreakingBad – EDD 16th January
Issywizzybelle – EDD 16th January
ElsaMars – EDD 17th January
Ruthcarr1990 – EDD 17th January
FromHackneyWithLove – EDD 17th January
Star1980 – EDD 18th January
Winsones – EDD 18th January
Victoriaaaaaaaa – EDD 18th January
Hobbs123 – EDD 18th January
Mummy87 – EDD 19th January
Kittykat89 – EDD 19th January
Moodybutmarvelous – EDD 19th January
Disinterested – EDD 19th January
Roseandbee – EDD 19th January
Polkadotflamingo – EDD 20th January
ForumUsername – EDD 20th January
Fredthefrog – EDD 20th January
Acquiescence – EDD 20th January
Rosehyd2 – EDD 20th January
NovaArt3mis – EDD 20th January
DooWhaaDiddy – EDD 21st January
Beachbaby2016 – EDD 21st January
UnicornsandRainbows1 – EDD 22nd January
Ndt90 – EDD 22nd January
Seven0fNine – EDD 22nd January
Wapphighwood – EDD 23rd January
Coragreta – EDD 23rd January
MissyJones80s – EDD 23rd January
Beanmp007 – EDD 23rd January
Abbixxx – EDD 23rd January
Gemxo – EDD 23rd January
Lolly34h – EDD 25th January
Flyingbaby – EDD 25th January
BumbleBee1982 – EDD 25th January
Kdd1980 – EDD 25th January
KimmySchmidt1 – EDD 25th January
RedPanda25 – EDD 25th January
Supper16 – EDD 25th January
Iamchanging – EDD 26th January
Haily123 – EDD 26th January
Weasledee – EDD 28th January
Robindeer – EDD 28th January
EekThreek – EDD 29th January
Siarie – EDD 30th January
Sureitsgrand – EDD 30th January
Starsshinebright – EDD 31st January
Dabarai – EDD 31st January
Flamingoprincess – EDD 1st February
Pickledprogress – EDD 2nd February
Lolabee – EDD TBC
MegsMog – EDD TBC
Dangle90 – EDD TBC
Mummyme87 – EDD TBC
Feelingold101 – EDD TBC
Bethany891 – EDD TBC TWINS!!!
Barmain101 – EDD TBC
Justmetwice –EDD TBC
Ra002085 – EDD TBC
RetroHippy – EDD TBC
Jamieson86 – EDD TBC
Buxxfizz – EDD TBC
Rachaellhughes1987 – EDD TBC
AmandaP86x – EDD TBC
CuddledUpWithMyCat – EDD TBC
Babybump05L0 – EDD TBC
Bracknellshockatabag – EDD TBC

millsbynight Fri 21-Jul-17 16:34:26

16+5 I think today! Bump featuring Nando's butterfly chicken with chips and coleslaw for lunch with two slices of Cadbury's swiss roll grin

Waitingonasmile Fri 21-Jul-17 17:59:10

Thank for new thread millsbynight. I ate a whole footling subway today shock, but Nando's sounds lovely. Chicken burger with medium spice, mashed potato and peri peri chips. Mmmm

thingymaboob Fri 21-Jul-17 18:49:57

So jealous of everyone's bumps. Am 15 weeks. Got a bit of flab there. I'm also jealous of everyone eating stuff. Still got hyperemesis and still vomiting everyday!

Gemxo Fri 21-Jul-17 19:17:59

Gorgeous bump X

Issywizzybelle Fri 21-Jul-17 19:37:44

Loving everyone's bump pictures - I keep forgetting to take pictures but definitely got something in between of bloat and bump but already in maternity trousers as nothing else is comfy and almost hurts wearing

rememberpurpleronnie Fri 21-Jul-17 19:43:19

Great bump! I'm just back from the USA on a work trip- discovered motherhood maternity- a whole shop dedicated to maternity clothes! Not just a crammed rack in a dark corner! I went a bit mad as it was so nice to be able to try things on- when I buy online I never send anything back if I don't like it. They stock Jessica Simpson maternity which is lovely, even though I'm not generally a fan of her style. If you are going to the USA definitely worth a visit!

millsbynight Fri 21-Jul-17 20:35:17

waiting I had a meatball marinara sub the other day... drooooooool! So good!

thingy sorry to hear you're still suffering sad Not being able to enjoy food while pregnant is the absolute pits.

klaw87 Fri 21-Jul-17 21:06:56

Just placemarking!

Bumps are looking fab will try and remember to post a pic of mine tomorrow. Have also booked a gender scan for next Sunday... eeeek so excited!!

millsbynight Fri 21-Jul-17 21:27:16

So exciting klaw! DH making me wait until the 20 week scan as cash is a bit tight sad Was really hoping to book something for this or next week but I've waited this long so I guess I can wait another 4 weeks! It's torture though, I'm desperate to find out!

klaw87 Fri 21-Jul-17 22:13:13

@millsbynight hubby was adamant we should wait to 20 week scan but I managed to talk him into agreeing while he was distracted when out shopping... I'd booked it before he could change his mind 😂

shaaan1329 Fri 21-Jul-17 23:11:42

Lovely every night I keep thinking I'm showing, but after a good nights sleep I wake up in the morning and you can't tell... Definitely seeing a food baby every evening I think!

I'm undecided whether to book a gender scan or not! Baby's dad left us when I was 8 weeks, so doing this all by myself (first pregnancy so terrified yet so excited!). Although i definitely want to know, I'm not sure how I'll feel going alone, I can't justify spending that amount of money on a scan and having nobody to share the special moment with so I'll probably just be waiting til 20 week scan!

At my twelve week scan baby was so active so sonographer couldn't get measurements for back of neck, got to go back on 16th of August to have blood tests because of this. Has anyone experienced this before? I don't quite understand all these screening tests and measurements etc! sad

Briggs18 Fri 21-Jul-17 23:22:52

shaaan1329 sorry to hear that remember we are all here for support and I'm sure you will be just fine smile is there a friend or family member you could maybe take with you? it is a lot of money I'm very impatient so had to book one! My little one was very active too wouldn't have been able to get measurements however I opted not to get the test done so not entirely sure

NovaArt3mis Sat 22-Jul-17 06:54:12

Thanks for the new thread mills

Exactly the same issy, huge a bedtime but less so in the morning.

That sucks thingy, hope you feel a bit better soon.

We're just going to wait til 20 week scan too. I've convinced myself it's a girl so I'm not feeling too impatient. I would love another scan to make sure all is ok though. This part is so difficult because I feel better(ish) but won't feel movement for ages so just have to trust that everything is going to plan.

Disinterested Sat 22-Jul-17 08:34:09

Thanks for the new thread smile

I finally found the babies heartbeat today and have fallen even more in love. It was magical to hear. It's gone hiding again but I am putting it away until next week so not to get obsessed!

Happy Saturday everyone smile

Disinterested Sat 22-Jul-17 08:34:58

Oh and I've got my gender scan booked for the 5th of August - two weeks today. I don't have the patience to wait until my 20 week scan on the 11th of September! 😂

Waitingonasmile Sat 22-Jul-17 09:12:49

Shaaan1329 If you want one you should get a friend or family member to come. You are the one doing all the hard work so deserve a lovely experience/treat to yourself.

My sex scan is next Wednesday. Really excited but also nervous that something will have gone wrong since dating scan.

Iamchanging Sat 22-Jul-17 09:52:03

We are 20 week scan date buddies distinterested!

MegRam Sat 22-Jul-17 12:52:42

Hi all, loving the new thread.

DH and I have just been to look around the nursery we want to apply to - very early I know but the waiting list is long and we need to apply for a place soon! Crazy to think about when we don't even know the gender yet!

I'm just trying to think about how much mat leave I will want to take! So hard at this point! Anyone else who's planning to go back to work got any ideas of how long they're planning to take off??! confused

Waitingonasmile Sat 22-Jul-17 13:07:47

I think I'll take 10 months megram

Decaffstilltastesweird Sat 22-Jul-17 13:29:27


I might be extremely late to the party, seeing as you are on your fourth thread!

If it's ok to join you though, I just had my dating scan yesterday and my EDD is 30th January, (same as sureitsgrand whose username implies she might be Irish like myself me)? This is dc2 for us. We have a 2 and a half yo DD.

Love the bump pics btw smile!

Rosehyd2 Sat 22-Jul-17 13:39:00

@shaaan1329 My 12 week scan went like that, the sonographer couldn't get the nuchal measurements as baby was moving around so much. I have a midwife appointment on 2nd August and she said to mention to the midwife about blood tests if we still want the check done. Fingers crossed all goes okay.

NovaArt3mis Sat 22-Jul-17 13:43:01

We're hoping to have enough saved to take the full year meg but I only get SMP so we'll have to play it by ear, I think you just need to give 30 days notice to amemd your return date.

Hi decaf

Just got my anomoly scan appointment letter for Sept 1st so thats exciting. Think we're going to tell a few more people tomorrow.

ForumUsername Sat 22-Jul-17 14:03:40

@Decaffstilltastesweird I'm Irish too
EDD is 20th Jan

I'm going to take 6months and see how I get on
I may take an extra 3 or 6 months but they will be unpaid so will have to see how we are getting on

ForumUsername Sat 22-Jul-17 14:06:24

@Decaffstilltastesweird I'm Irish too
EDD is 20th Jan

I'm going to take 6months and see how I get on
I may take an extra 3 or 6 months but they will be unpaid so will have to see how we are getting on

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