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October 2017 #5!

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GimbleInTheWabe Wed 19-Jul-17 16:28:07

Hope no one minds me setting up a new thread- we were getting full up on the other one!

Here is the link to the deets sheet, feel free to add or edit your details as you please:

Bring on the third trimester aches, midwife appointments and birth plan chat!

mummabubs Wed 19-Jul-17 16:59:55

Thanks for setting up Gimble! I'll add my deets to the sheet 😊 In a slightly unexpected turn of events I've been signed off work until my annual leave was due to kick in anyway (and then mat leave from my due date) so I've suddenly found myself at home with little to do but plan for Bubbabean and obsessively peruse Mumsnet!!

greentreeseverywhere Wed 19-Jul-17 17:27:54

I love a nose at other people!!!

mrsbumblebees Wed 19-Jul-17 18:16:57

Thanks Gimble! I feel very ignorant, I'm not even sure how ones goes about making a birth plan....! Is turning up and hoping for the best not a sufficient answer?? wink

boxesoffrogs Wed 19-Jul-17 18:27:12

mrsbumblebees you stole my line! That's my birth plan as of now and this will probably remain the same, as I am going to studiously ignore all the gory bits until the time only half joking.

Thanks gimble for the new thread, and the spreadsheet, I am going to attempt to add my details now, but I am amazingly hopeless at things like this and am sure I will mess it up!

Off out for dinner this eve, so so sooooooo tired. Will it be considered rude if I end up face down in my food?

boxesoffrogs Wed 19-Jul-17 18:32:51

Oh. I don't know how to edit it blush

ButterflyGem Wed 19-Jul-17 18:52:30

Think I've managed to add details ha I have no birth plan so far I'll also just be hoping for the best 😊 x

mummabubs Wed 19-Jul-17 19:32:16

I think I've managed to edit that spreadsheet, I feel very tech savvy now if I've been successful! 😂

GimbleInTheWabe Wed 19-Jul-17 20:43:50

boxes I think you just click the next available box down and type but let me know if that doesn't work. It's just a normal spreadsheet like excel. I don't think you have to click an 'edit' button or anything. I'm also bloooody knackered today envy

PingusMistress Wed 19-Jul-17 20:54:35

Thanks so much for the new thread and spreadsheet gimble! I bow down to your technical mastery.

I had to use the google sheets app to edit the sheet on my iPad.

TheLegendOfBeans Wed 19-Jul-17 21:11:12

Placemark x

KitKatSplat Wed 19-Jul-17 21:42:43

Woo hoo! New thread! Nice one on the Google Sheet. Filled in my details. Really feeling for the ladies due early October. You must be really feeling the aches and pains now! I woke up in a foul mood as my hips and back hurt AND my hormones were determined to make me feel like all was cursed with the world BUT I dragged my arse to the gym and managed a slow 20 minute run on the treadmill, so I am thrilled! Thought I was going to write off running from this point due to a couple of really crap previous attempts, so it was a nice surprise that gave me a much needed happy boost.

CarpeDiem83 Wed 19-Jul-17 21:44:54

Hi everyone,

Just jumping onto the new thread and have hopefully updated the spreadsheet with my details (I also had to download the app to edit on the iPad). I didn't post much on the last thread but have been lurking and following the discussion, will try and be more active this time!

Hope everyone is doing well, I seem to be still "low risk" with everything physical/baby related going ok, but have been struggling a bit emotionally/mentally made worse by work stress and was signed off for two weeks due to anxiety. Tomorrow is my first day back, not really looking forward to it.......

KitKatSplat Wed 19-Jul-17 22:00:21

Hi @Diem! I'm also in the low risk and stressful job category! Finished work at 8pm tonight. GRRR. I have a desk job that's alwaaaayys super busy and always means working late. I also suffered from work stress in my last job and like you was signed off for two weeks. For me, a lot of it is learning to be "selfish" and say no without feeling guilty. I think the baby is helping with that. If I often fail to prioritize my OWN health, I can at least prioritize the baby's. So despite working late tonight, my situation at work had improved and I do feel a lot less stressed than in my last job. You can do it. Don't be too hard on yourself!

pollybythesea Wed 19-Jul-17 22:26:30

Hey thanks for new thread and spreadsheet! About to set off on holiday to Italy for a couple of weeks, feel like I really need to get some R&R and birth book reading done. Bump doesnt feel huge yet but boobs are out of proportion, I can't see over them, I'm sure it's growing down there somewhere confused

leannejade Thu 20-Jul-17 06:07:56

Ooh I'll try and add my details to the spreadsheet later!

PingusMistress Thu 20-Jul-17 06:28:45

Sending sympathies to those of you in stressful jobs with long hours. I used to have one of those but after having DD my priorities changed, so I left and set up my own business. Of course, that has its own challenges, but at least any stress and extra hours are solely for the benefit of me and my family and not a giant money making corporation!

Cath1212 Thu 20-Jul-17 09:37:37

is anyone else seriously knackered today?! I wish it was a Friday

GimbleInTheWabe Thu 20-Jul-17 11:54:28

Yep @Cath1212 I am seriously knackered too. Couldn't seem to get comfortable last night no matter what position in got myself in and that made me really frustrated which added to not being able to sleep 

Enjoy your holibobs @pollybythesea!

Cath1212 Thu 20-Jul-17 13:40:07

me too, hardly managed to get any sleep - feeling very snoozy sat at my desk! Plus having to interview for my maternity cover!

TheLegendOfBeans Thu 20-Jul-17 21:31:02

Until today I was dog tired every day and then found out that I was anaemic and prescribed iron tablets about ten days ago

Double ran them with this

that I actually found on here and OH MY GOD it's like Lazarus has risen.

Sure we had to buy a nutri ninja but for the first time in - basically - 27 weeks I feel like a normal human being instead of a burst football.

Incidentally I'm 27 weeks today wink

ThreeFour Fri 21-Jul-17 17:14:52

I'm absolutely shattered most days as well, though I've had this week off which has helped somewhat - even if my exciting holiday activities have included clearing out cupboards and taking stuff to recycling! I've noticed, though, that I feel a lot worse if humidity is high - so Wednesday was hellish, but today is actually okay.

Is anyone else Rh Neg, btw? I just had my anti-d injection cancelled (and after I'd gone to all the trouble of having my week off coincide with as many appointments as possible) because they didn't have two samples or something like that? Does anyone know what that's about? I'll be so annoyed if it's because they'll only believe I'm really Rh Neg if they've got two blood samples as I've been a blood donor for 17 years!

Cineraria Sat 22-Jul-17 16:08:22

Thanks for the new thread and the spreadsheet, Gimble. I've added my details there.

Just got back from a holiday in Wales. It was lovely to have time with DH and DS and in such a beautiful location but so exhausting, mostly chasing 21 month old DS round the soft play, indoor activity centre, beach, swimming pool and playground. He loved it so much but got filthy enough to need at least two outfits a day and his potty training took a big step back too. Not fun with cloth nappies/training pants and no washing machine! At least today he's been better with three wees and four poos in the potty and just one wet accident in training pants when we were in the car. I really want him dry in the day completely by the time his brother turns up so I don't have to buy any extra nappies!

I think I need to work on him staying in his own bed too, as a new baby waking for changes and feeds is going to disrupt his sleep a lot if he continues coming in with us when we go to bed. He enjoyed sleeping in a big boy bed (single mattress on the floor) on holiday so we are going to convert his cot to a toddler bed this weekend, I think, and settle him back in that when he wakes up.

Milliemoo37 Sat 22-Jul-17 16:16:41

I'm RhNegative,ThreeFour. Had my jab last week where she took a sample before the injection. Not sure why! Found out my blood type from my first midwife appointment and went from there.
I'm 30 weeks on Sunday and I'm exhausted. I work in busy retail and was planning on working up to 38 weeks, use 2 weeks holiday and then start mat leave on my due date. But I'm so exhausted I don't know how I'm going to cope!

doomkittycleo Sun 23-Jul-17 08:11:26

Oh dear, I thought that last thread had gone quiet, only just noticed a new one had been set up.

Hope everyone is doing well, I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow 😀 Yay last trimester!!!

Finish work 7 weeks on Thursday, but that also means after next week only one more full pay day before maternity leave 😕 Boo!

I'm giving up work so once statutory maternity leave runs out it'll be all down to DP. Gonna take some getting used to as I've always worked full time and had my own money. DP is being lovely about it tho and keeps reminding me that I'm doing a good job.

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