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Any foolproof morning sickness remedies?

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crazylazydaisy Sat 24-Mar-07 21:11:45

My poor SIL is 28 weeks preg and still retching every morning, though not actually being sick every day. She has tried all the usual - ginger, rich tea biscuits, eating little and often, but nothing helps.
Anyone have a secret remedy they can share and make a lady happy! thanks xx

lulumama Sat 24-Mar-07 21:12:06

giving birth

crazylazydaisy Sat 24-Mar-07 21:13:14

LOL! Dont tempt her, I think she would be up for it!

Nikki76 Sat 24-Mar-07 21:13:34

Sickness bands - you can get them from Boots - I found they helped loads! Also eating little and often empty tummy makes the sickness worse even though you don't feel as if you can stomach anything...weird I know!

lulumama Sat 24-Mar-07 21:15:17

bless her...sadly, some women are just sick / nauseous a lot more ! with DS, i vomited 3 times a day, every day , from week 5 until week 34, then had a break, and then retched my way through labour <<note to self : opiates not good!! >>

seabands can be good, work on accupressure

eating / drinking before she actually gets out of bed

crazylazydaisy Sat 24-Mar-07 21:20:23

I forgot to ask her if she had tried the bands. Thanks, i'll get her some.Must be sooo tiring feeling yuk day after day after........ good birth control for me when i get broody though!

Nikki76 Sat 24-Mar-07 21:23:02

Its very tiring! I felt so sick in those early days I couldn't even stomach the smell of DH!I nearly heaved over a colleague who had rank garlic breath also!!!

I still want another one though!

Nikki76 Sat 24-Mar-07 21:24:23

PS Waking up in night to eat helps as well - I found going all night with nothing to eat wasn't good for me. Kept a box of crackers by my bed and would nibble quietly around 3am and then DH would be showered in crumbs when I finally turned over to go back to sleep!

NewDKmum Sat 24-Mar-07 21:43:27

I find that drinking sips of (classic) coke and chewing gum helps me. Hope your SIL gets better soon!

crazylazydaisy Sun 25-Mar-07 17:47:32

Thanks for all the tips - you poor ladies suffering like that! Makes me realise how lucky I was xx

beckybrastraps Sun 25-Mar-07 17:49:38

Sniffing a cut lemon. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it got me through disecting a pair of lungs at 9am, so there must be something in it...

Hopeitwontbebig Sun 25-Mar-07 20:47:57

I second NewDK's advice about (regular) Coke. Worked brilliantly for me. Just needed a couple of sips. Trick is also to not go too long without eating. Good luck x

nickytwotimes Sun 25-Mar-07 20:52:16

the foolproof way to get rid of morning sickness?
why, giving birth, of course.

jellybabe83 Thu 28-Jun-07 20:54:59

I used Preggie Pop Drops when I was pregnant with my son. They worked pretty well for me and I know other people who've used them before! Just tried to find a link to them for you and found this... and they're selling them 3 for 2 at the moment!

Hope this is of some use to some of you


TippiHedren Thu 28-Jun-07 20:56:05

Not getting pregnant in the first place?!

picopooki Mon 25-Feb-08 22:36:11

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picopooki Fri 07-Mar-08 07:30:14

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picopooki Tue 18-Mar-08 20:30:29

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annalouise19 Mon 21-Dec-09 11:03:32


I had "morning" sickness until weeks 20 and 24 with both babies. I have since set up Mama Tea, a range of pregnancy and nursing herbal teas.

You should try some "Morning Mama" - it is a ginger herbal tea that has been blended with chamomile, lemon balm, lemon peel and orange peel to make it both effective and tasty.

Have a look at

Good luck!
Anna Louise
The Mama

Stigaloid Mon 21-Dec-09 11:08:06

I am 41 weeks pregnant and am still throwing up! The only thing that works for me (only some of the time) is sucking on glacier mints/boiled mints or chewing gum for a short while. (i hate gum BTW but it is the only thing that helps)

Otherwise just waiting till giving birth.

Fandango Mon 21-Dec-09 11:15:18

morning well cd and acupunture.

ButterPie Mon 21-Dec-09 11:36:15

I found mini cheddars a lifesaver for some reason. Them and cordial. I would also get up and eat at around 5/6am, then go back to bed. A handheld fan seemed to help too, not sure if it was just distracting or if I was getting too hot. Any kind of distraction didn't stop me being sick, but made me feel a lot less horrible. Trashy tv, books and radio works best I found, I was in no fit state for anything clever. And Gaviscon. God bless gaviscon. (you can get it for free on prescription when pregnant. Just swig from the bottle whenever you feel acidy)

The worst thing? People telling me "you're not ill, you're just pregnant" as if constantly throwing up is some kind of picnic. Glad I've finished my babymaking now.

Alicehasamincepieintheoven Mon 21-Dec-09 11:39:34

Jaffa cakes!!! They seem to really help me. I have also got the sea sickness bands which are really working, but need to put them on before i get out of bed.

luwy Wed 11-Jan-12 14:03:08

I had terrible hyperemesis from week 6 to week 16. I had to stay in hospital on two different occasions so they could deal with my dehydration/ketones. Nothing worked for me.

My sister-in-law had morning sickness as well (not hyperemesis). She read this book and swears the natural remedies discussed in it works. I have pasted the link below. Good luck!

vanimal Wed 11-Jan-12 14:12:28

Had hyperemesis with DD1 and DD2, now pregnant again.

Eating boiled sweets and sipping Ribena seems to be helping today.

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