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December 2017 babies #7 - 2nd trimester, gender reveals & 20 week scans this way!

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Carley27 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:08:48

Thread #7 (!!!) for mumsnetters expecting in December 2017.

Join us for chat about the second trimester, teams pink, blue and yellow, 20 week scans and as always... food.

We also have a secret group on facebook - if you would like to join please ask to be added smile


Carley27 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:11:29

Oops - spreadsheet here

ScotsLamb Fri 23-Jun-17 19:16:19


Chamonix1 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:19:33


Brens13 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:32:18


rebs1993 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:44:03

Hi All!! Been quiet for a few days! Hope your all keeping well.
Was wondering if anyone has suffered a tight stretching feeling in their tummys! I'm 14+2 and been feeling really uncomfortable last two days! My friend who's 8 months pregnant says it's normal and that it's just the muscles and ligaments stretching. Has anyone else had this ? X

Royalsteph Fri 23-Jun-17 19:54:06

is there a way of editing the spreadsheet? i'm still not on it!

dirtygrubbybikerchick Fri 23-Jun-17 19:56:47

Yes @rebs1993 - definitely!

rebs1993 Fri 23-Jun-17 20:01:33

@dirtygrubbybikerchick glad I'm not alone! It's so uncomfortable! My OH keeps laughing and saying I will never survive childbirth! Starting to believe him! Lol!

Oysterbabe Fri 23-Jun-17 20:37:26

Place marking.

ScotsLamb Fri 23-Jun-17 20:42:51

Hi RoyalSteph I can update it for you if you want. Just let me know what you would like me to put in. My phone allows me to edit when I click on the link.

rebs1993 Fri 23-Jun-17 20:59:39

Was wondering if anyone could add me to the Facebook group ?smile

Royalsteph Fri 23-Jun-17 21:07:56

Thanks Scots smile i think i've managed to update it now.
What has everyone got planned for the weekend?

StumpyScot92 Fri 23-Jun-17 21:56:36

Aw jeezo I can't keep with these threads haha

Carley27 Fri 23-Jun-17 22:16:13

Rebs I'm 14+3 and started getting feelings like that a few days ago - I've definitely expanded a bit over the last couple of days! Now a bit sore at my ribs.

Lixon Fri 23-Jun-17 22:48:13

Wow, another thread!

I've had lots of weird pains last few days at 15w2 - including some sharp stabbing when i bent over earlier, I'm taking it as normal/a sign I need to slow down rather than anything bad (or trying anyway).

Rebs if you pm me your email address I can add you to the Facebook group 🙂

glastogal Fri 23-Jun-17 23:04:08

Evening.. just placemarking as I'm utterly pooped 😴😴

TootsyBella84 Fri 23-Jun-17 23:18:14

Just placemarking. Thread #7 wow.
15+2 here I've started feeling gentle baby flutters and pushing feelings, can't wait for them to get stronger. Also found baby's heartbeat on the doppler this evening. Eek. It may be starting to feel a little real that this one is sticking ❤️🌈

Mrsbluebell17 Fri 23-Jun-17 23:48:48

Rebs yes I definitely had this feeling. Now it feels like I'm going to explode (yes I am exaggerating slightly), it feels really tight shock

Mrsbluebell17 Sat 24-Jun-17 04:52:40

So here I am, awake again. My tummy has felt really tender and like its churning a bit, and I have felt a little bit sick with the feeling ever since lunch time yesterday. I'm really worried something is wrong sad

Miami81 Sat 24-Jun-17 05:22:57

Morning mrsb. Sorry you are awake and a bit stressed. Me too. Felt funny most of yesterday, just slightly out of sorts and crampy. Slept a bit but am now wide awake. I am starving though so I am going to have to start taking something to bed with me as I really think it might help.
In terms of tight tummy, is it maybe just everything popping out properly and did Glasto or someone else mention that braxton hicks start really early actually but nobody realises what they are? Anyway I hope you settle down for more sleep.

fishfingerSarnies Sat 24-Jun-17 05:59:17

Just wrote a big message and it's gone... just place marking till I can be arsed to write properly.

CarlottaJo Sat 24-Jun-17 06:32:00

Hiiiii All! 1.5 hours til my run of nights is over, love going in on a Sat and OH being in for a snuggle smile beautiful day seems to be occurring! 15+3 and had a weird wave feeling during my night tonight all over my lower abdomen, interesting to see if it turns into anything movement wise x

EROD Sat 24-Jun-17 06:45:21

Hi I'm 16 weeks and due on 9th December with my 3rd, DD is 5 and DS is 3. Please can I be added to the Facebook page?

EROD Sat 24-Jun-17 06:49:45

Has anyone brought their car seats yet? We need a new one as our maxi cosi pebble is past it's expiry date and looking very well used. I was thinking of going for a Kiddy as I've read they can be reclined. Has anyone got one or can recommend any other car seat?

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