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The Short Cervix Club cont.

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April1984 Thu 25-May-17 11:15:11

As per the original thread, here is a new group as we have almost reached 1000 in the last group. smile

FraggleRock77 Thu 25-May-17 16:17:10

Thanks April x

binza87 Sun 28-May-17 14:53:42

Hi ladies how are you all doing? I don't know about anyone else but not being able to exercise is starting to really get me down as I've put on what I feel like is a load of weight but I'm always hungry!! My hubby says it's good, the baby is getting nice and big etc etc but I just feel like the side of a house and nothing fits. Ugh. Feel guilty for moaning as know it's great the baby is staying put (I'm 25+4 today) but I just feel down.
Anyway hope you're all doing well x

FraggleRock77 Sun 28-May-17 17:12:34

Sorry to hear you're feeling down Binza. I totally understand what you're saying. It's hard trying to stay positive while slowly counting down days/weeks. Would it help at all to plan your return to exercise post pregnancy? I have a plan written down which gives me focus about getting back into running and yoga and the 5:2 diet, which i rave about. I can't wait to get started.
If one more person says to me, 'it's such a short time when you think about it!'

FraggleRock77 Tue 30-May-17 12:45:53

How you doing Binza?xxx

BellaD24 Wed 31-May-17 19:09:15

Hi, I have a short cervix and scared to do go out too much still got abt 10 - 12 weeks to go - wrk is allowed. For me to work from home.

FraggleRock77 Wed 31-May-17 20:50:31

Welcome Bella. It's a worrying time. Are you getting regular checks and support?x

BellaD24 Wed 31-May-17 22:12:40

"Fragglerock" I am getting regular checks and trying to get the support for my anxiety issues and managing them better

FraggleRock77 Wed 31-May-17 22:14:15

That's good to hear Bella. Lots of very supportive people on this thread who are in a very similar position.x

BellaD24 Sat 03-Jun-17 11:10:15

Thanks cervix this week was 24 mm I'm 27 weeks

Mummyto2monkeys2 Mon 05-Jun-17 14:43:08

Hi ladies!, not been on for ages!!!! Hope you are all doing well, ive reached 29 weeks today!, cant believe it really, got my next appiontment for my check up on thursday so fingers crossed for that one 😊

FraggleRock77 Mon 05-Jun-17 20:01:37

Well done Mummy2! 23/24 weeks seems likes a life time ago now! Gosh i was terrified back then. Are you starting to relax more? I'm still resting a lot but also getting out too now x

BellaD24 Tue 06-Jun-17 23:05:57

Fragglerock - where did you write you plan? I want to do something similar

Mummyto2monkeys2 Wed 07-Jun-17 08:31:25

Hi fraggle, i feel so much more relaxed now, relaxing but getting out a bit more at the same time, just so grateful ive got this far!, how are you keeping? X

FraggleRock77 Wed 07-Jun-17 16:20:03

Pleased to hear you're feeling more relaxed mummy2. I had a cervical scan and the FFS test done today. My cervix is still holding up and the test was negative. My consultant still wants to hold off giving my steroids and will scan again in two weeks. I will be 29 weeks on Sunday and like you starting to feel more relaxed.
Bella, i just wrote it in notes on my phone x

Mummyto2monkeys2 Thu 08-Jun-17 14:43:30

Thats great fraggle that your cervix is still holding on 😀 ive just got bk from my check up, cervix is measuring 20mm and funneling so doctor wasnt to happy with that, so hes booked me in for another check up in 4 weeks to check the cervical length (thought it would of been sooner) he says im not allowed to go any longer than 38 weeks as if i went into labour it could damage the cervix but he says he highly doubts ill get that far, so at my next appiontment if the cervix length is lower he is going to start steriod injections for the baby, she was also measuring quite small (27 weeks) and im 29+4, so i dont really know how to feel, i was in shock to be honest as i expected everything to be fine, but im just thankful weve got this far and she has a great chance x

FraggleRock77 Thu 08-Jun-17 19:08:33

Sorry to hear that Mummy2. Would he see you any earlier if he's worried? In regards to your cervix mine is just the same and my consultant isn't too worried. Could you have the FFS test to query labour? Hang in there, you're already at a great stage x

Mummyto2monkeys2 Thu 08-Jun-17 21:06:35

Aw thanks so much fraggle, i feel a bit better now its all settled in, think i was just in a bit of a panic when i left the hospital, just gonna chill and take everyday as it comes ☺ xx

JOMH1982 Mon 12-Jun-17 19:31:06

Just checking in, so happy to see you're all still hanging in there! Well done ladies 😊 Xx

binza87 Wed 14-Jun-17 20:42:08

Hi all, just seeing how everyone is! I realised I dont have notifications set up for this board so will need to do that - only the original thread.
I am now 28 weeks - so pleased!! Just want to get to 34, when my dd was born, and anything past that is a bonus! I have split my tummy muscles though which means they are very sore by the end of the day. Still, only 2 weeks of term left and then summer holidays at home! X

Mummyto2monkeys2 Thu 15-Jun-17 07:16:08

Hi jomh1982 how are you?, thats great youve reached 28 weeks binza!, i was 30 weeks o monday, still cant believe it, never thought id get this far, just had to have another hospital stay though with my colitis this time, and get this!, the only medication they can give me to calm the flare is a medicine that can cause premature labour!! What am i supposed to do with that! confused x

April1984 Thu 22-Jun-17 06:23:38

Hi all, I couldn't find this thread for ages, despite setting it up! confused

Great to hear so many people are reaching fab milestones. Keep cooking ladies!

I'm 31 weeks tomorrow so I think at a very similar stage to a few of you smile

I don't get my cervix measured, but have two weekly scans to keep an eye on things (but not internal do not that accurate). I had a Shirodkar stitch at 12 weeks. Trying to let myself enjoy this pregnancy but I find it so stressful and worry about everything even tho I am now past 30 weeks so a good gestation. Feels very surreal too, haven't really let myself believe I am going to have a baby soon, haven't made any preparations or bought anything! Tho I have a toddler at home so have most stuff already.

Hoping I can enjoy this last couple of months as much as poss. Will prob be my last, not sure I can do this again.

Those of you who have lost babies, so you feel incomplete? I keep thinking I want more babies but know how ever many I have I know I can't replace my first boy. X

AgainPlease Thu 22-Jun-17 07:45:27

Hi everyone and thanks @April1984 for directing me to the new thread.

I'm looking for shared experiences - I had my stitch put in yesterday at 12+3 and once the spinal block anaesthetic wore off I was in a world of pain. Like excruciating pain. The cramps were so bad it felt like I was going in to labour and my lower back felt like it was ripping in to two. I thought I was miscarrying but the doctors didn't seem concerned at all (still in hospital). Was anyone else in a lot of pain?

Have been to the toilet this morning and every time I wipe there is blood and a little bit of stringy mucus. It's not enough blood to show up on my hospital pad in a big way but it's there is full colour when I wipe, every time I wipe. Is this normal?

The pain is still here this morning. All I can take is paracetamol and it doesn't even touch the sides!! I was prescribed something stronger but was told it causes constipation which sounds unpleasant so never took it.

I've been googling loads and finding conflicting information: some say pain is a cause for concern and other say pain is normal confused

AgainPlease Thu 22-Jun-17 07:47:58

I should mention I lost my son last year at 20 weeks due to hospital missing the fact I told them I had a LLETZ and was bleeding well in to 2nd trimester which indicated infection which wasn't picked up, so I'm paranoid about EVERYTHING. No way can I bury another healthy child. Especially given they are IVF babies.

Mummyto2monkeys2 Thu 22-Jun-17 12:47:00

Hi Againplease, so sorry for your loss and everything youve been through, i had an emergengy stitch placed at 18 weeks and had lots and lots of pain straight after procedure like i was going into labour also, and cramped on and off for a couple of days after too, i also had bleeding with the mucus like you mentioned for about 2-3 days, i am now coming up for 32 weeks, really hope it all works out for you, take care xx

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