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Am I being over sensitive?

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Carolann8584 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:32:53

I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my first child, due to finish work in 4 weeks.

Last week I was feeling really drained, I had 3 days off work as a result. Back in the office today and the atmosphere is shall we say frosty. My Manager has barely said anything to me all morning, no back to work chat, no asking how I am, nothing. I haven't really had a lot of understanding/support from work while I've been pregnant, they haven't had to deal with a pregnancy in the company before now (young company)

Anyway, caught up on what task had been left for me, as I didn't have a back to work I had to work out which of my emails had been dealt with and which hadn't.

I have 2 days holidays I need to take before I go off on Mat leave, my OH and I need to buy a bigger car so we decided to book a Friday off to go look all in one day. We chose next Friday (3rd), I filled in the form and handed to my manager, she said I couldn't have it as she is off - added with a tone - I had to change it from last Friday to cover for when you were off. So I asked is she off the following Friday as well, after a lot of umming and arrring she said no, so I'm having it off.

I just feel with this convo(the only one of the day) and the atmosphere that is really making me paranoid is it worth starting my MAT leave now or should I just bit my tongue and wait out the 4 weeks left. WWYD?

Johno85 Fri 27-Jan-17 17:48:07

I don't think you're being oversensitive. I work In the Nhs and my manager has been really supportive, as have my team of colleagues. She sounds like she's just being a bit of a cow tbh. Under regulations you have to have a return to work completed so it's not right that she hasn't done this. It's your annual leave and you're totally entitled to take it when it's available; any sick leave shouldn't come into it. If it were me I'd make a point of sticking it out (if you're feeling up to it medically) for the remainder. But life is too short and your baby too important for you to be made to feel bad. Bullying and discrimination come in many forms; someone should remind her of that. Hand hold for you x

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