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May 2017 #6........ 'Half way there and trips to Mothercare'

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Adventuregame Wed 04-Jan-17 14:07:49

And the chat/moans/advice/excitement continues.............any newbies welcome !

Adventuregame Wed 04-Jan-17 14:11:29

Raspberry you're on for posting the list !

IAmSeriousAndDontCallMeShirley Wed 04-Jan-17 14:15:18

Just commenting to make sure I don't lose you all smile xx

EsmesBees Wed 04-Jan-17 14:19:12

Thanks for the new thread. Just marking my place...

Teaspoon74 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:25:17

Oops - posted to old thread sorry!
Reposting here:

Seems hope all went well today!

Hi MrsCroco - we've not started buying yet either, unless you count the super soft kitten, golden retriever and fox toys we couldn't resist in Ikea last week ;).

For anyone in East London/ close to Stratford the Mamas&Papas store have 3 open events coming up where they do talks on stuff and give discounts. As a first timer I figure it's worth going along to see what it's like. They're on 5/2, 9/2 and 12/2.

MissMoo am also in love with the Egg pram!! If you don't mind "gothic purple" you can get a package of bassinet, stroller & seat, footed bag, fleece liner, change bag for £599. Cheapest we saw instore at Mothercare was far more for just the pram!

MrsJW I was told the 25w should be with GP by both mw and consultant. Assumed it was part of transitioning care and getting pregnancy formally onto GP records (all my care & contact to date has been via hospital team). Am also doing birth/ hospital stuff out of area and jabs (flu &!whooping cough) need to be at GP - heading there now to try and book.

Cinnamon hell yeah. Totally knackered/fatigued most of the time. And Gurtie I can empathise - so acid-y!! Lovely combination! Add to that drinking about 5l water each day to counteract latter, so constant need to pee, and I'm a dream shopping partner (as OH has recently discovered ;)

Good luck tomoz R*asperry*!

& great news IAmSerious & Esme.

Rabbitykins55 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:28:09

Marking my place! smilethanks for the new thread!

MissMooMoo Wed 04-Jan-17 14:32:09

teaspoon I am in the Stratford area,glad to hear about the events.
Are you saying that the egg will be £599 at m&P?
I was going to go to the Romford mothercare shop to have a look at it with DH but will just go to westfield if m&p have it. I LOVE purple but we haven't found out the sex and I know DH will make a face if I suggest that our potential son go in a purple pram,maybe I can convince him!

Teaspoon74 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:38:43

MissMoo the purple was online - M&P don't stock Egg. We "test drove" Egg in a different colour at the weekend in Lakeside at Mothercare (full price there) then found reduced online here :

Rustler74 Wed 04-Jan-17 15:36:48

Much needed new thread! Hello all x
Scan tomorrow yay!

Acorncat Wed 04-Jan-17 15:43:15

I find it weird how much maternity appointments vary around the country. I don't see the GP at all. Midwife appointment at booking, 16, 22 then 28 weeks (and after of course). I got my Matb1 at 22 week appointment.

Real talc isn't recommend I don't think as there's a cancer link, but that's probably rubbish and I've never bothered checking as I don't use it anyway. Worth double checking.

Adventuregame Wed 04-Jan-17 15:52:17

I've had a right hoo ha calling round making sure I can get issued my MATB1 form. Gets complicated as the midwives that see you at my GP are from a different hospital from the one where I am registered for the birth !

PeachIcedT Wed 04-Jan-17 15:56:15

Hello new thread smile I had the whooping cough vaccine today so anticipating an even more uncomfortable night's sleep tonight! Tried to book in for 24 week appointment at the same time whilst there but it seems 3 weeks before is too early for appointments to be released, they don't make this straightforward.

MrsJW15 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:20:17

Thanks for the new thread and the advice on the appointment all. I will call and double check with the midwives tomorrow, but it sounds like the GP may be wrong on this one. I quite like my GP actually so I hope I get to see him!

Tea are there any online details about those M&P events? That's near us, although we may be away all that week.

Teaspoon74 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:22:52

Just went into GP to book jabs (in for Friday) and 25 week (flat refusal from receptionist "GPs don't see you - all via your midwife". Unloved by my explanation that I'd challenged me and consultant as I work with primary care and they'd both confirmed the need for GP appt. So confusing!!

Teaspoon74 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:26:57

MrsJW the guy helping us in M&P last night told us and registered us for the 5th whilst we were there but think they've yet to advertise them as we were the first/ only booked on any of the three dates. Sure if you call them they could book you on. Think it's 10am for the two Sunday dates and 6pm for the Thursday eve. Sessions last 2hours.

McBaby Wed 04-Jan-17 16:45:08

Everyone's midwife care is different depending on location, hospital, gp, community midwives and if there is a gp midwife. And becomes more complicated if you are at a hospital that is in a different area to your gp!!

First 2 pregnancies I had shared care between hospital and gp. 3rd time it was supposed to be community midwives but they phoned me when I would have been 12 weeks to say it was now shared care and to make next appointment with gp. This time I am with the community midwives and don't have to seee the gp at all!

The whole system is far too complicated!!

RasperryInAMelon Wed 04-Jan-17 16:54:49

My midwife is doing a drop in session tomorrow at a local Mothercare and said I can go get my MatB1 form anytime after 20 weeks and pick it up there!

1004Rise Wed 04-Jan-17 17:05:47

Just marking my place!

Congratulations on all the good scans today, feel a bit jealous of the extra scans some of you will get.grin

Must be nearly everyone had their scans now?

Barnes79 Wed 04-Jan-17 17:13:47

Just place marking smile

Barnes79 Wed 04-Jan-17 17:17:28

1004 - mines on Monday confused

EsmesBees Wed 04-Jan-17 17:20:13

I need to work out when and where I get my whooping cough injection. My midwife said I might be able to have it at the same time as the anti-D injection, but that's not til 28 wks.

Teaspoon74 Wed 04-Jan-17 17:25:15

Esmes what's the anti-D injection?

EsmesBees Wed 04-Jan-17 17:47:02

It's if you've got a negative blood type. It's incase the baby has positive blood and there are clotting issues (I think). If they haven't mentioned it you probably don't need it.

lucieloos Wed 04-Jan-17 18:20:02

Place marking

jennymac31 Wed 04-Jan-17 18:27:47

Thanks for the new thread.

Had 20 week scan today. Everything looks well and definitely having a boy!

Regarding 25 week appointment, I was under the impression that I didn't need to have an appointment until 28 weeks as this is my second pregnancy but I was told yesterday by the midwife that I should see them at 25 and 28 weeks so need to book those appointments soon.

Anyone started looking into ante-natal classes?

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