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NCT Advice Please

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Samila Tue 03-Jan-17 10:39:06


I am just looking into NCT classes and as I want to stay local I have the option of two NCT signature courses.

My dilemma is as follows - the first course ends on the 27th June - I am due on the 7th July and am scared that it is cutting it fine and that I may be too tired at this stage?? This course is for those due in July/August but cutting it fine for me I think..

2. Option 2 is joining an early course for those due in May and June - This course would end on the 25th April with me not being due till the 7th july.

Really just after opinions based on personal experience to help me make my mind up and get one booked!!

I'm a first time mummy and don't want to miss out on any of the essential learning bits esp focusing around labour etc - Any advice much appreciated!!!

Thank you xx

Rustler74 Tue 03-Jan-17 14:36:48

Hi Samila,

I'm due end May and I don't think that 6-7 weeks difference would be huge. It is mostly the social contacts you get from it. I think you should possibly go for the course that is for earlier babies!
I have also doubted for a long time before joining a NCT course because we are as lucky as to have some courses from the NHS as well, and I'm medically trained so I was worried it would be too superficial. It's a high cost as well so it's worth some consideration really.
good luck!

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