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Best travel system with light car seat

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purpleviolet1 Sun 18-Dec-16 10:51:45

Hi, hoping someone can offer some advice please!

Looking for a pram with car seat

-not bothered about the carry cot basket
- car seat needs to be light as we live on 2nd floor with no lift
- car seat preferably has a isofix thing so it can easily be fitted into the car
- pram to be easily foldable with adjusting handle bars as I am rather short at 5'3

Have looked at mama's and papa's and mothercare but wondering if there are any other places which would be worth a look? Or any recommendations from the above places fine also.

So much choice!!!!

welshweasel Sun 18-Dec-16 10:55:13

Personally I regretted getting a carrycot at all. If I had my time again I'd get a pushchair that lies flat from birth and birth-4 ERF seat to stay in the car. In the early days I could transfer car seat to pram without waking DS and once they get a bit bigger you won't want to lug them around in a car seat anyway.

Artandco Sun 18-Dec-16 11:00:23

BAByzen yoyo
Bugaboo bee

Car seat shouldn't be use daily more than 30mins with newborn though so I wouldn't take the car seat out of the car. Just take baby out and carry them up in arms or sling. Fold pram.

Look at an extended rear facing car seat as they last 0-4/5 years so save buying again and no lifting out as stay in car. Something like cybex sirona

welshweasel Sun 18-Dec-16 11:10:47

I used to put my stretchy wrap on in the morning and leave it on all day. Then was really easy to pop the baby in and out. Didn't really use the pushchair for the first few months but DH doesn't do slings so he used it. Agree with both the above suggestions, also the icandy raspberry. I've found having a car seat that can be belted is useful as you can use it in other people's cars or on holiday too.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 18-Dec-16 11:12:49

Lifting a car seat up two floors will be really horrible really soon. Having a Carseat that fitted on pram was useless to us as I'm short and couldn't get the height to lift it off comfortably. Don't get an Armadillo from M&P they're really not as light as they seem in the shop!
In your position I'd get a Bugaboo Bee or Babyzen Yoyo0+ with infant cocoon (can get Bee second hand or reconditioned) and an erf Carseat suitable from birth.

purpleviolet1 Sun 18-Dec-16 16:07:38

Thanks. I just thought that whilst baby was very small, and sleeping for example then I wouldn't want to wake baby up to carry it up the stairs but rather just carry the car seat up. Agree it will be really difficult up two flights of stairs.

What's an erf?

I would leave pram in car or at the bottom of stairs.

purpleviolet1 Sun 18-Dec-16 16:14:23

I'm sure we saw the bugaboo bee in M&P so they must stock it right?

Where can I go and try the babyzen yoyo

JontyDoggle37 Sun 18-Dec-16 16:22:05

Out n About 3 wheeler, super light and manoeuvrable, maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat clips on top.

Artandco Sun 18-Dec-16 16:34:18

AN erf is 'extended rear facing' car seat. Ie the safest way to travel 0-4 years.

Honestly if you go and try some car seats to lift, you will see how heavy they are empty. I wouldn't to carry an empty car seat up two flights of stairs daily.

We live with 4 flights of stairs. Luckily could leave pram at bottom in cupboard. But would just carry baby up in sling or arms. It's good as they learn to settle being moved also

BAByzen and bugaboo you can find in john Lewis , mothercare and many other independent pram shops

purpleviolet1 Sat 24-Dec-16 18:04:38

Thanks for your help! I got the sola2 on offer , it was too good a deal to walk away from...£234 for the pushchair, carrycot and footmuff. Got a compatible maxi cosi with easyfix base for £170.

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