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Due April 2007 - No sex marriages here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!

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EllieKwithaHUGEbump Wed 14-Feb-07 20:18:24

i thought it was funny, hope it doesn't offend anyone

maveta Wed 14-Feb-07 20:29:38


Bugmum Wed 14-Feb-07 20:31:39

People aren't posting, as they are off having their no-sex, Valentine's Day pregnancies... I really don't think you need worry, Ellie. Not here, really, but I didn't want you to feel all cold-shouldered

EllieKwithaHUGEbump Wed 14-Feb-07 20:35:43


Stephen thinks we're all completely mad

eca Wed 14-Feb-07 20:46:03

just popping back to say thanks for the sympathy! Havn't been sick for 3 hours now, so hoping for some sleep tonight!

Can't remember much but 1b3 - wow at 7lb twins!! You're amazing ! And at you not wanting to know after all your attempts to find out! Ha! Will be a lovely surprise!

And GMM - hope you are ok after your tri[ to hospital. Glad to hear they looked after you so well.

Enjoy your valentines evening poeple. Def no sex here Ellie, either! L'eau d'sick is never a big turn on!

1becomes3 Wed 14-Feb-07 20:47:19

Love the new title.
I'm struggling to keep up with everything going on round here, will try harder on this new thread, I promise.

I have decided on the no sex marriage, the only time DH will be getting any is to try and prompt the DT's to make a move.

Think I can last a few more weeks?!?

Off to bed now!

1becomes3 Wed 14-Feb-07 20:50:13

Eca- xposted you then, I'm so terrible at knowing what is going on. Hope you feel better soon (what ever's wrong with you.)

AGAIN I apologise for being SOOOOOOO crap

AngeG Wed 14-Feb-07 20:52:52

Great thread title EllieK!

Just had to post to say that DH came home with roses for me tonight First time in 9 years he has actually bought me real flowers He once bought me some silk ones which I still have but otherwise this is the first time.

zazas Wed 14-Feb-07 20:59:01

and if you are not married.....that means it won't be the case for us then I won't be letting DP see this tread's title!

8weekscounting - yes I have those slim fitting fleece ones, I have nothing to compare them to but they seem quite compact. Also have a softie which is a fluffy fleece for nightimes? And a bamboo one which is very cute! We were all gooing over them until the children mentioned that they will get wee and poo on them - seems a shame they said!!!!

Hope eveyone is feelng is a yuck time for colds and flu - my sympathies to all!

EllieKwithaHUGEbump Wed 14-Feb-07 21:01:49

"low-sex or no-sex marriage: low is defined as making love every other week, no sex as less than ten times a year"

discussing it with Stephen as we read the papers, said I thought once every two weeks was quite alot really tho not compared to what we get up to now , and he looked at me in absolute horror

Sexonslightlypuffylegs Wed 14-Feb-07 21:05:10

Love the new thread title!!

Ange, really pleased your dh came up with the goods!

Eca, you poor wee hen. So hope you feel better soon.

Slobbing in front of the telly tonight watching the Brits. Makes me feel old as I haven't heard of a lot of them!

If I am not back on tonight, wishing you all nights full of sleep and without pain or illness. Lots of love. xx

Katy44 Thu 15-Feb-07 07:41:46

Morning! Very tired.........

maveta Thu 15-Feb-07 08:14:13

Morning! Wow it was quiet last night! Pulled my finger out and made a card for dh last night which turned out rather well I might add..and popped out to buy some yummy chocolate caramel truffle ice cream. Glad I did because he arrived back with a card for me and a rose. Aaaaww.

Watched World Trade Center (dhs choice) which was not the most romantic of films to say the least but thought it was quite good actually.

Today is beautiful again. Currently need good sunny days when I work as I am supposed to be taking photos of locations but so far it´s gloomy and grey when I´m at work, hence I have little to do, and beautiful when I´m off. Not sure if I should be happy or annoyed

8andahalfweeksandcounting Thu 15-Feb-07 08:26:09

Morning ladies

Had 10 hours sleep! yipppeeee

Sorry for abandoning you last night Ellie - love the new thread title

zazas - those three nappies are all new ones - I have them too - so should be interesting to see how we get on with them.

Hope everyone is feeling better today - I feel sooo much better for a good sleep - and it is MY LAST DAY AT WORK HOOOOORRRRRRAAAAYYY!

Going out for chinese tonight - 17 of us! Should be fun .... must make sure get out a few more times in March! and have lots of lunch dates etc.

We had just got really active again when this pg happened so would like to get back on track - another reason for an elective section - half joking btw - not opting for section to protect fanjo!

Just watching advert for a pooing barbie dog - nice!

Have good day everyone xoxoxoxoxoxox

maveta Thu 15-Feb-07 08:28:16

8weeksxdayssomanyminutesandfewseconds -

I GOT MY PARCEL!!! Thank you SO SO SO much! That wrap is the cutest thing! You are a total sweetheart, thank you. Quick question for you... based on an ´average´ sized you think the small rikki would fit over muslins or terries (if I am feeling brave) or should I get a couple of extra small just in case?

I pulled out a muslin and was trying a couple of folds recommended on the nappy lady site, what was the other site you recommended? Anyone else tried the chinese fold? Couldn´t make heads nor tails of it. The Jo fold seemed quite good and the newborn fold was well easy but looked like everything would just fall out again? Oh well, I can see it will very much be trial and error! xxxxx

liath Thu 15-Feb-07 08:30:56

Very apt thread title! Have come to the conclusion that I must just be very unattractive to DH while pregnant, although maybe it might be healthier to discuss it with him rather than going to bed early in a strop like I did last night, oops. In my defence I'd had no valentine's card & he spent the evening on the computer before turning on fecking football . At least he'd stopped vomiting.....

GMM, hope you're feeling better. Hugs to CD too - with a haemaglobin of 8 and reaction to iron - no wonder she's feeling crap, poor thing. Hope evryone else with lurgies are on the mend.

Glad your appointment went so well, 1b3, those twins sound very happy!

Task for today is getting mine & dd's hair cut as my hairdresser will do toddlers for free if you both come at the same time. Could be entertaining as dd isn't too keen on hair cuts!!

maveta Thu 15-Feb-07 08:32:10

Last day of work??!! hhhhaarrrrrrumph! Good on you, enjoy the (relative) peace while you can xx

Katy44 Thu 15-Feb-07 08:43:07

Enjoy your last day at wotk 8andahalf...

8andahalfweeksandcounting Thu 15-Feb-07 08:46:26

Liath - I don't think I would have let a vomiting dh within 50 paces - or anyone tbh! I have a much larger personal space these days!!

Maveta - glad the parcel arrived safely - can use on either terries or muslins - try for nappy info too - lady called Jo Tubb runs it. I will email you a nappy folding sheet - I like the triple fold and Jo fold (named after Jo Tubb!) on newborns. If you wanted a really small wrap then you could try an Eenee Snib - they tie on rather than velcro and they are quite cheap - last in weight to about 8-9lbs.

DH has taken boys off to school and playgroup so off to have bath in peace!

Quite excited about finishing work!

8andahalfweeksandcounting Thu 15-Feb-07 08:49:44

Have been sent some money off vouchers for Babies R Us - in store only - anything from £1.50 off nappies to £15 off a travel system - let me know if you want them and will post.

8andahalfweeksandcounting Thu 15-Feb-07 08:52:23

Maveta - just re-read message and pg brain activated - no need to get xs rikkis - waste of time really - small rikkis will fit from 6lbs. Eenee snibs are cute but won't really last a long time.

I haven't got anything for a baby less than 10lbs in clothing - do have a couple of xs sandys but don't think they will fit for long so will be selling them on pretty quick I would imagine.

bigandround Thu 15-Feb-07 09:03:38

Morning all. Just a quick pop in before I head off for a shower. I actually feel better today as have managed a few hours of unbroken sleep and less coughing. Hoping I will now be on the way back up again!

8weeks, enjoy your last day at work and even more so the time off that comes next!

CD, hope you are doing ok, thinking of you.

SOL, believe me I am no domestic goddess. I actually quite like cooking. The meatball recipe is one that I got from Nigella Lawson and I have made it so many times that I can put it together pretty quickly and the cheesecake was really easy too. Bit rich for me though made with loads of dark chocolate so I ended up with heartburn. Cant win eh!

I am in the sexless marriage camp I think, especially just now. Dh is so scared of me hurting myself (what with my poor muscles) that he wouldnt even think about coming anywhere near me!!

Have a good day all!

maveta Thu 15-Feb-07 09:06:32

8.5 weeks.. thanks for that..would be good to get some trial runs on my old cabbage patch doll before the real thing..

I agree re. the sizing..babies seem so big these days, my mum is convinced mine will be about 7lbs as we all were, which of course it could be, BUT most people I know seem to have whoppers these days. Mum has bought a ton of newborn clothes and it just seems like a waste as he´ll probably be out of them in no time. Luckily have also stocked up on 1-3months just to hedge my bets.

It´s really creeping up on us now...

maveta Thu 15-Feb-07 09:44:42

why why WHY?? Here I am, off and ready for a chat and you´re all BUSY. You have left me no choice but to go shower. Be very ashamed..

weeonion Thu 15-Feb-07 09:48:38

morning folks - a grey day here!
love the new thread title - think i am falling into the no sex category but do fumbles count?????

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